Weekend Countdown Shows – 10/23/10

Every weekend, there are countless countdown shows. VH1’s top 20 videos. Ryan’s American Top 40. Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40 and many more. If you find an Idol on one of these shows, please post it here!

This is the general numbers thread for the weekend. So, if you find some cool numbers, this is the thread for posting them.

BWW Video Show Preview: November
BWW Video Show Preview: November

VH1 Top 20 Music Video Countdown 10/23 (thanks tripp_ncwy)
#02 September – Daughtry (-1)(lw #1)

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  1. Kris AWM is on the Mediabase POP chart
    217 KRIS ALLEN Alright With Me 6 0 6 0.013

  2. Alright with Me is on the Mediabase POP chart

    217 KRIS ALLEN Alright With Me 6 0 6 0.013

    It’s got to be on the Hot AC chart as well, but I don’t have access to that full chart.

    Both Lee & Kris are on the All-Access Hot AC Taking Off chart

    New Station New Spins
    KRIS ALLEN Alright With Me 2 21
    LEE DEWYZE Sweet Serendipity 1 9

    Kris is also on the Hot AC Spincrease chart

    Move Stations
    KRIS ALLEN Alright With Me 34 7

  3. CHUM just played Sleepwalker on their Top 30 countdown show as a new song.

    IIHY remains #15 on HAC

  4. I am pulling for AWM. Hope it can Kris’s next little song that could.

  5. HotHotHot:
    10/23/2010 at 1:08 pm

    CHUM just played Sleepwalker on their Top 30 countdown show as a new song.

    IIHY remains #15 on HAC

    CHUM played the album track of Sleepwalker — cutting off the last 5 or 6 seconds. The DJ talked over the first 20 seconds of the intro but it still just doesn’t work for radio like this — IMO. I hope there is a radio edit for Monday’s release and CHUM just wanted to be first.

    In any case, it caused Sleepwalker to trend on YT.

    ETA: CHUM FM has confirmed that they do not know if there will be a radio edit of Sleepwalker.

  6. adam album turn gold in australia,double platinium for wwfm,platinium for iihy.yay

  7. Kris has cracked the Top 200 on the mediabase POP chart

    — 184 KRIS ALLEN Alright With Me 10 0 10 0.029

    Also, LLWD is closing in on one year on the Hot AC Top 40 Countdown show. I think it needs 2 or 3 more weeks?

  8. Also, LLWD is closing in on one year on the Hot AC Top 40 Countdown show. I think it needs 2 or 3 more weeks?

    If it makes a year, will it be removed?

  9. nope — as far as I know, won’t be removed until it falls out of Top 40

  10. This post was moved from headlines thread.

    And I don’t think Crystal is any more visible than Lee. We only see and hear about her because we visit MJs where the Idol business is reported. To the rest of the country, neither of them are very visible. I doubt anybody outside of the Idol-sphere know what Crystal or Lee have been up to, and they won’t until they hear their songs on the radio or see their CDs in the stores.

    IMO it will all come down to the quality of the music for Crystal and Lee.

    USA Today puts together a Heat Index. It confirms that they are both below the radar for the general public. Lee in particular. http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/celebrity-heat-index.htm

    Here is their description:

    The Index ranks celebrities according to the media exposure they’ve received. To do this, USA TODAY tracks their appearances in print, online and on TV by monitoring 12 entertainment news outlets. Each week, we note when a celeb appeared on a magazine cover or was among the top stories on a TV news report or a website. Points are awarded for each appearance based on the prominence of each outlet. Outlets tracked include TV’s Entertainment Tonight, websites USATODAY.com, PopSugar.com, tmz.com and x17online, and publications In Touch, Life & Style, National Enquirer, OK!, People, Star and Us Weekly.

    We may not loves these media outlets but they cover the people who are making news. Neither Lee or Crystal are on the list for the past 30 days.

    2010 year to date only Crystal makes the list…

    #24 Carrie Underwood 598 points (#3 musician on the list)
    #78 Jennifer Hudson 245 points
    #189 Crystal 75 points
    #329 Fantasia 28 points

    All time list has many Idol alums (All time goes back to 2006.)But Lee is not on the list, Crystal is very low.

    #34 Carrie is highest with 2,955 points
    #98 Jennifer Hudson with 1,168 points
    #178 Clay with 604 points
    #226 David Cook 451 points
    #286 Adam Lambert 326 points
    #315 David Archuleta 266 points
    #358 Kris Allen 208 points
    #382 Kellie Pickler 189 points
    #439 Katherine McPhee 156 points
    #466 Brooke White 141 points
    #633 Crystal 75 points
    #641 Taylor Hicks 74 points
    #757 Michael Johns 47 points
    #896 Fantasia 28 points
    #908 Ruben 27 points
    #969 Casey Carlson 16 points
    >1,000 Danny Gokey 12 points

    (No easy way to get stuff off this list, so I apologize if I missed someone.)

    And if you look at all Google Searches, Online News and Social Media Buzz ratings — they are also low. Here is the Google Search volume for the last 30 days — index 1 = Lee Dewyze searches.

    Lee – 1.0
    Crystal – 1.3
    Kris Allen – 1.0
    Cook – 1.3
    Archie – 3.6
    Carrie – 7.5
    Kelly – 4.6 #13 Celebrity for 2010 YTD — tied with Lindsey Lohan
    Adam – 13.6 #10 celebrity for 2010 YTD — tied with Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton

    With little mainstream press and no indication of massive online interest — going to be a challenge for both Crystal and Lee. IMO they both need to put out albums that get good reviews and that resonate with fans who are willing to pay money for music.

  11. Q3 Isn’t it weird that Adam is in the top 10 for Google searches but doesn’t make the Heat index ranking for this year?

  12. I’m only assuming that because of the lack of buzz by the entire season of Idol that RCA is holding off on the promotions so it’ll peak right around the time the album releases. Early promo didn’t seem to help Kris’s album or LLWD right away, didn’t LLWD not peak until March? I just don’t see how buzz from last Friday or whatever date you wanna put in the past would’ve sustained until now or November. He’s not Adam or Carrie.

    I just see it as, let’s amp up the promo for the album/single so that the buzz off that will help the sales? I mean if he did a bunch of promo 2 weeks ago what were people gonna do? There was no song to request on the radio or buy on iTunes. I get that doing radio tours increase exposure for the single to PDs, but who’s to say that’s not what these “upcoming things” he keeps tweeting about are? I’m just sayin, I’m not gonna start worrying about what RCA is doing until after there’s something to measure i.e. single sales, radio spins….. which is tomorrow.

  13. I haven’t done one of these for awhile, so…


    #55 – September
    #57 – IIHY
    #114 – Mama’s Song
    #156 – Undo It
    #232 – WWFM
    #709 – LLWD

    Daughtry and Carrie both have other songs in the Top 1000, but I’m just focusing on their most recent single(s). None of Archie’s or Fantasia’s songs are currently in the Top 1000

  14. iTunes (albums)

    #96 – Play On
    #166 – Back to Me
    #208/597 – Leave This Town
    #554/682 – The Other Side of Down
    #827 – FYE

  15. well technically SS was released two radio 2 weeks ago. It goes for adds tomorrow, yeah.

    good to hear that it is being put on iTunes this week. I was wondering why they didn’t send it out after it debuted on KIIS

  16. #827 – FYE

    come on FYE hang in there and hope for SW single release *fingers crossed*

  17. Crystal received a decent bit of press for her wedding so the fact that she is ranked higher in some indexes does not surprise me.

    I am glad that they didn’t release SS for sale right away. A full sales week is better than a truncated one even if there is not a huge eventual margin of difference. Though I agree they could have done it last week.

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