The Next Great American Band: Top 6

You watching?   Probably not.   Recap later anyway….  

I’m still working on a recap, but here is a nice picture while you wait… Light of Doom! My favorites! Not really. Go home,  little metal tots….


Is it Rolling Stones night? Well not quite. Dominic, our host says, “Tonight, we honor the partnership of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.”

This week’s video package include fun facts about YOUR band members! Not so much fun that I’ll bother to mention any of them. On with the recap…

Tres Bien! – “Get Off of My Cloud” – Yeah, the chord change and the Beatlesque “ahhs” tagged on to the end are a little twee, but I love the riff with the break. And, I don’t mind the “Satisfaction” riff tagged in the middle one bit. Overall, a good arrangement. John thinks the end is “Broadway.” Sheila, who I don’t think likes this band much, advises the guitar player to keep his guitar in tune. Dicko compliments the lead singer, calling him, “the most natural and gifted front man” in the competition.

Denver and the Mile-High Orchestra – “Free” – Denver and the band are better than last week. But, although, the horn arrangement and sax solo adds some punch (the band is better than the bland Denver) , it’s still too much cheesy lounge act. Bleah. I think this is the band that’s overstayed their welcome, personally. John likes the horn arrangement, but thinks it “seemed a little squeaky clean.” Sheila loves them. Dicko says, “Variety is good, ” but they shouldn’t be performing b sides when trying to win a competition. He said it was “labored, awkward and largely pointless.”

Sixwire – “This Will Be The Last Time” – For the first time in a few weeks, Sixwire doesn’t totally bore me. The song is propelled nicely by a driving, energetic arrangement and excellent harmonies. The band shows off their musical chops with a sweet instrumental break and guitar solo. John says, “That is exactly what I wanted to hear from you guys, you tore it up, you owned it.” Sheila says, “Incredible, so exciting, so much energy, I want to hear it again.” Dicko says, “You brought the rock tonight.”

Light of Doom – “Jumping Jack Flash” – The lead singer not only sounds young, but doesn’t have much of a range. Other than the vocals, the performance is pretty good. Dicko says the arrangement “swung more than normal.” with a “bit of a lilt.” He has a good point…their arrangements are usually pretty turgid, but tonight the boys add a little sweetening to their melody. John says, “You young punks are killing me…the song could use some harmonies.” Sheila says, “The key was too low, but it was good.” Honestly, I still think they are too young. I wouldn’t miss them if they left this week.

Clark Brothers – “Gimme Shelter” – Holy crap. Amazing. The Clark Brothers never fail to take the audience on a 3 minute journey to a place that is both soulful and intensely spiritual. The guitar and mandolin work are dark and foreboding, building to a crescendo, until Ashley finally pleads, “Peace, people, it’s gonna come some day, it’s gonna come some day…” Goosebumps, people goosebumps. I think these guys deserve to win the whole thing. A standing ovation from the judges–Dicko says it was “absolutely thrilling.” John says, “Brilliant…You guys are such monsters up there…fantastic” Sheila says, “You guys are the band to beat.”

Two bands are left. Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 and Dot Dot Dot.

The last band performing tonight are….Dot Dot Dot! Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 go home.

The hugging commences, and it’s apparent that over the weeks, the bands have become close. There’s time to kill tonight, so the band is given a proper goodbye and a chance to thank their fans.

John says he’s going to “miss their sense of humor and the chemistry between the band members.” And then asks their fans to continue to support them. Dicko thanks the band for bringing “some real variety, some real variety to this competition.”

Then, he asks the band about their ambitions. Cliff says they have “new inspiration and new ideas” from having to play outside of their box. He adds, “I think our sound is going to expand way beyond where we were before we started the competition.”

Cliff thanks the fans, “I want to thank everyone in America that voted for us, and good luck to the other bands, they’re all good friends of ours now.” Class act.

Dot Dot Dot – “Let’s Spend the Night Together ” – The lead singer is back to mugging too much for the camera, but I think he’s endearing. Love the guitars in the arrangement–Rose really plays a commanding lead guitar. Dicko complains that the keyboards should have been more “rootsy” but I don’t agree. The 80′ swirling synths is a nice underpinning for the arrangement, but not overbearing. John says, “you guys keep surprising me.” Sheila says it was “exciting” but that Adam’s vocals were a little distracting. Dicko gives the performance a b- and tells Adam that he needs to “command attention rather than be desperate for it.”

Next week–the songs of Rod Stewart. The rock songs, I hope.

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