Survivor Philippines – Week 2 – Recap

Welcome Brandon to the team! He’ll be recapping Survivor Philippines for all of you fans out there. Here’s your discussion post. But watch for Brandon’s recap later!

I want to start off by saying that so far this has been the most entertaining first two episodes of Survivor in recent memory. Malcolm and Jonathan, have already emerged as my personal favorites. This week’s episode opens up with the tribes complaining about the constant downpour and how it has brought down there moods. At Kalabaw Jonathan continues his search for the hidden immunity idol after find a clue last week, eventually he finds it when the tribe relocates to a nearby cave. Meanwhile RC and Abi-Maria find the clue for their camp and form an alliance, only to have Abi-Maria suspect RC is going behind her back almost immediately after the alliance formation. Back at Matsing Malcolm and and Angie have been cuddling at night and the rest of the tribe is suspicious and worried about about a romance.

This week’s award challenge is another puzzle, each tribe must pull a box containing puzzle pieces (two members at a time), to their respective table, once all three boxes of puzzle pieces are obtained, they may work on the puzzle. Deja Vu! Kalabaw and Tandang finish first and second place and Matsing is headed to tribal council again, and Russell is furious.

Back at the Matsing camp Roxanne and Angie arise as targets for tonight’s tribal council. Roxanne goes around stressing how dangerous a couple is and warning people that Angie and Malcolm’s potential alliance could be the downfall of everyone. Malcolm and Angie have already suspected that Roxanne is rallying for Angie’s vote, however the tribe as a whole is undecided.

At tribal council Jeff asks Roxanne and Angie each what they each would like to change about their tribe. Roxanne ignorantly answers that she would like the tribes to be less work-oriented (hello! this is Survivor,that is an integral part!). Jeff asks Angie the same question and she answers “Cookies!” Jeff is shocked at her silly answer, and the rest of the tribe looks the same. Before the vote Roxanne and Angie get into a heated argument about who should be going home, with Roxanne seeing confident that tribe will be backing her. That confidence goes to waste because Roxanne is the second person voted out of Survivor and Matsing is now down to four members.

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