Season 7 Top 10 – Results Recap

Chikezie is Eliminated Tonight…

In the Bottom 3

  • Chikezie
  • Syesha Mercado
  • Jason Castro


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I have to hand it to Chikezie, he clawed his way into the Top 12 and fought to stick around til the Top 10. But, he was living on borrowed time.   The crazy upbeat deal wasn’t going keep him in the game week after week, and as we saw tonight, ballads are deadly to poor Chikezie.   Ballads are boring, indeed.

The Top 10 elimination–not a night of surprises.

Even Jason Castro joining returnees Chikezie and Syesha Mercado in the Bottom 3 isn’t really a shock.   He had a terrible performance position,  (second)  his performance was meh, and the judges were critical. Of course, (donning tin foil hat) the producers could have arbitrarily put him there for entertainment value, and to give him a swift kick in the rear. It might have been Simon’s idea. Happy Birthday Jason!

Also not surprising: Kristy Lee Cook’s walk straight to the couches of safety tonight, thanks to her clever use of the Patriots Card Tuesday night. UGH! Next week is Dolly Parton week. Dolly and her fabulous country tunes will probably save  Kristy Lee  for yet another week. Curse you Dolly! Dang.

He’s a cruel one, that Ryan Seacrest, teasing Jason (what up Jason?) and Syesha (“ohhh looohh, ” Ryan mimicked) as he walks the contestant line at the top of the show. Both Jason and Syesha end up in the B3 later on. If Ryan singles out contestants next week, they’ll be peeing their pants (as will their fans at home) on Tee Vee. Clean up on center stage!

Ryan says 30 million people (30 million last year for the Top 10) voted Tuesday night–the highest vote total for the Top 12.

I can see Amy Davis, David Hernandez and Danny Noriega sitting behind the judges as Ryan introduces them.

Ryan brags about the awesome song that won last year’s Songwriting Contest. It was the unforgettable “This is My Now.” Barf. The results were so good last year (!!??!??!) the producers decided to do it all again this year. Check out the website for details!

Tonight’s group sing is extry goopy cheese with a cherry on top. “Right Back Where We Started From” features singing and dancing Idols! Jason Castro galloping goofily out on to the stage! OMG David Cook and Micheal Johns do a giant chest bump! Carly Smithson trips as she throws her hand in the air for The Pose, but she recovers! That girl’s got game! LOVE IT! This is way more than I deserve tonight! Thank you Pointy Pose gods!

Ryan introduces a full-on advertisement for iTunes video package  featuring the kids recording their songs for  iTunes.   He explains  that the downloads don’t chart because it wouldn’t be fair to the competition. But, he swears that if they did, the songs would take up the first 5 positions.  Really?   For like, maybe, the first 5 minutes they are available for download? Cut me a break.   David Cook explains how he uses iTunes to steal get ideas for songs.   I’m kidding!   I really think the whole flapdoodle around David covering covers is ridiculous. Is he going to have to keep explaining himself? Brook White gets nervous when she has to record. Carly Smithson is all “OMG, there’s the big huge desk, and all these buttons…” as if she’s never recorded before. Hm. Young David Archuleta sounds like a pro as he explains how he likes to use only one headphone–so he can hear both the tracks and himself–as he records.

After the boring-ass re-cap, the eliminations begin.

Same setup as last week: The couches of safety on one side, the cruel stools of defeat on the other.     Chikezie is the first one out.   And he’s the first one to hit the stools.   Brook White is next, and she’s sent to safety. Carly Smithson takes center stage. She addresses rumors that she’s pregnant.   She’s not.   She admits she was in a grumpy mood last night due to a tight-fitting pair of Spanks–I kid you not.  And it turns out she’s safe.   She celebrates all the way to the couches.

After the break, there’s the Ford commercial, the kids sing Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me” as they are superimposed on t-shirts, CDs and wall posters. Eh.

David Archuleta steps out to center stage. The girls scream, he giggles. Of course he’s safe. Off to the couches goes young David.   David Cook is next.   He looks really nervous.   Crazy, I know, after last night’s stellar performance. Ryan says that Chris Cornell called to say he loved his performance.   It would have been funny–and creepy–if the caller  had been  Micheal Jackson.

Syesha Mercado takes the stage.   Ryan rattles off her stats, then sends her promptly to the Bottom 3.   She takes a seat next to Chikezie.

Michael Johns is next.   He tells Ryan the performance was overwhelming, and he  is “just glad I got through it.”   He’s safe. Ryan sends him to the sofas.  Time for a break.   Kimberly Locke and the time-wasting filler called Viewer Questions is next.

Before he begins Lame Viewer Questions, Ryan pimps American Idol Extra as co-host Constantine stares into the camera.   Ew.   Fellow co-host, Gina Glocksen, is sitting beside him. Lucky! Not. Ryan says they’ve put everyone back on the sofas of safety, which is crap, because this portion of the show is pre-recorded before the live telecast starts. The only interesting thing worth reporting here, is David Archuleta’s answer to the girl who asks him about his song choice.   For the second time tonight (the first was during the re-cap) David explains that HE chose the song, not anybody else,  as Simon suggested in his critique.   The look on Simon’s face is priceless.   I’m guessing he had some ‘splainin to do to the producers after the show Tuesday night.

Next up, Kimberley Locke.   In her video package, she talks about her career since she placed third Season 2 in 2003.   What she doesn’t address is why she’s had so many hits on the Adult Contemporary charts, but can barely sell any records.   Ponder that! Afterward, she takes the stage to perform her newest single, “Fall”.   It’s perfectly treacly, but she sounds great singing it.   Unfortunately she’s wearing a fugly dress, a big gold monstrosity, designed by this guy. The upside–the fug will be auctioned off for charity. Nice.

Before we can get to more eliminations Ryan has to pimp the big charity event, Idol Gives Back, with a video featuring some places in the USA where IGB funds were spent.  Ryan tells us  that Exxon Mobile gave a bunch of money. Yay capitalism!

Finally, it’s time.   Ramiele Malubay takes center stage.    She says she “pushed out what she could for the performance last night.” Ryan says she pushed out enough, cause tonight she is safe. “Blah!!!” she exhales, as she heads over to the couches.

Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro are left.   Jason says he’s nervous. Aw, man, there’s no way Kristy is in the B3 this week after her calculated move the night before.   She’s not.   She heads straight to the couches for the first time in weeks, and Jason takes his place in the Bottom 3 for the first time ever.   Syesha and Chikezie join him center stage.   Jason tells Ryan that he knew he was in the Bottom 3, and that he was freaked out all day.   Jason’s time in the B3 is short.   Ryan sends him right over to the couches.

We come back from break to Syesha and Chikezie still standing center stage.   Simon tells Chikezie that he chose the wrong song last night.   The lights dim, and Ryan quickly declares Syesha Mercado safe.   Chikezie is going home tonight.   Chikezie’s video package plays,  while Ruben Studdard sings, and then Chikezie gets a full sing-out.   Not before Ryan gets in another plug for Exxon Mobile! Chikezie sings sadly as he walks over to touch his castmates’ hands.   He goes into the audience.   Take that Simon!   As it often is with departing contestants, Chikezie’s performance is better  than it was the night before. And we’re out.

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