PJ’s Rosemont IL Idols Recap

The Idols hit Chicago (err Rosemont) last night and I attended my very last concert of the AI6 tour. Sniff. Sniff. The place was pretty full, but obviously not sold out as I was able to score two floor tickets for $39 off eBay. Granted, I was about 25 rows back, but I had two seats! One for me and one for my bag! My one local friend who admits to watching AI lost interest this season. Last year she made me swear on my dead grandmother grave not to tell anyone we went to the AI concert, so I decided it wasnt worth even trying.

My first stop was the concession stand. Gina BF Joe was in line in front of me, purchasing a beer. Hee. Little did I know then what I know now! When I took my seat, I noticed Gina mom sitting about ten rows ahead of me. I was hoping Gina would get a lot of hometown love and she did. When her part of the trivia montage came on the big screen, the crowed exploded.

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I then noticed a Pop Tart working the crowd and taking pictures. Could it be Blake? It wasnt. He came out in his janitor uniform, short blonde wig, fake brown beard and stache. It all came off and he told the arena to get up as the Idols got things started with some Black Eyed Peas. Suddenly, everyone on the floor was on their feet and pretty much stayed that way throughout the first half.

Unfortunately, the riser in the center of the stage didnt work for Lakisha and Melinda. We could hear them singing, but didnt see anything. Finally, they walked on stage and continued their number. Roundhead emerged in his suit to a bunch of screams. Melinda did a good job channeling Tina Turner during …Proud Mary with Sanjaya, who still seemed a little awkward when ripping her skirt off. After the number, Sanjy sweetly kissed Mindy Doo forehead and they introduced each other. Aww.

Next came Phil in a leather-clad Blaze of Glory. He sounded good and the crowd loved him. They loved him even more when he mentioned Rosemont. They loved him EVEN MORE when he mentioned Chicago. Phil knows how to suck up to a crowd! They went nuts when he mentioned Gina, and out she came with Sligh for their duet. Im not sure if Im digging Gina extensions. I like her hair short. But I digress. At the end of the number, Sligh got down on his knees and did the …Im Not Worthy bow to Gina. The crowd ate that up, too. When were not jumping on baseball fields starting brawls, were an easy bunch here in Chi-Town.

I think Haley was next. Yes, because Gina told the crowd Haley is her BFF. Yo, Haley, it was just awwright for me. After Haley, we heard the first few bars of Thriller as the riser (fixed just in time) revealed Sanjaya in tight red pants. The crowd loved it! He totally embraced the cheese in his version of Michael Jackson …The Way You Make Me Feel. I was surrounded by little girls. On the right, on the left, and in front of me. I dont mean tweens. I mean 5-10 year olds. Let just say little girls love them some Sanjaya. He a STAH!

At each show, Sanjaya challenges the crowd to an applause-o-meter contest. This time he asked us if we liked Pop Tarts and was met with a smattering of boos. Sanjaya told the crowd not to boo PopTarts or they wont get to tour anymore. Heh. The crowd obeyed. My section won the applause-o-meter contest. Did I mention I was surrounded by little girls?

One little girl in front of me LOVED Chris Sligh. She stood on her chair and rocked out to …Typical. Unfortunately, a lot of peeps chose this song to sit down and take a break. They were back on their feet for Lady Marmalade, however.

Next was Comedy Hour with Phil, Sligh and Sanjaya. You know the drill. They talk about forming a boyband and start singing some BackStreet Boys number. Well, last night the crowd loved it and even sang along. I swear, Sanjy is a STAH.

Next up: Jordin and Roundhead. They actually harmonized well. A woman to my right mentioned that Jordin is ONLY 17. Really? Who would have thunk it.

Finally, the moment the crowd seemed to be waiting for ¦ Blake! Did I mention the crowd was lively? Well, it went ape-sh*t for Blake. I counted about four different …I Love You Blake shouts during …Time of the Season alone. Blake sounded really good on all three songs. He asked the audience to pull out their cell phones during …You Will Be Loved and almost everyone did. I scanned the crowd and it was a lovely sight and sound. I really love his looping and he didnt disappoint. He did end it with …With or Without You just as he did in Seattle. Blake had the crowd in the palm of his hand. He mentioned that Chicago was the birthplace of House music and incorporated some House beats into his freestyle beatboxing. He then delivered with …You Give Love a Bad Name. Chicago hearts Blake big time. That is all.

After the break is where I tend to get the order of stuff confused, so Im not going to even try. The lift was still working for Phil and the girls to do Boogie Boogie Bugle Boy/America. They sounded great, especially Phil. Most people were sitting during Lakisha …I Will Always Love You but were on their feet by the end of the song to give her a standing ovation. She literally gives me chills when she sings that song and Im not a fan of belters. She knows how to use dynamics to her advantage. The first evah …Idol band did their thing with …Crazy and …Hey Jude. I dug it. And while I have developed a surprising fondness for Roundhead, I prefer Blake version of …This Love. The …Cake duet continues to impress, however. Chris R and Blake have a ton of chemistry on stage. This time, they worked a little …Sexyback into the mix with Blake beatboxing and Chris singing. Yes, it was HAWT.

The crowd LOVED home girl Gina and she sounded great on the Pink song and during her duet with Phil. After the duet finished, Phil introduced her boyfriend, Joe, who came out on stage. At this moment, I knew what was going to happen. I just knew it! He started babbling and got down on one knee and presented her with a ring. She sunk to her knees and hugged him. Im sure it will find it way to youtube if it hasnt already. What a moment for Gina. I almost teared up. Okay, I did tear up. Chicago loves it some Gina.

Because it was a school night, I left right after Melinda …Natural Woman. I wanted to get a jump on the crowd as I was taking public transportation. Sorry Jordin!

Crowd-O-Meter: Chicago > Seattle > Tampa. Im not sure if it sitting further back, but the crowd was loving almost everyone last night.

Sidenotes: Gina fiancà © band was playing later that night at Joe on Weed Street. Yes, Joe was playing at Joe. I didnt go, but I hope someone did and will write a recap. Also, Blake was spotted at a local theater Monday night and apparently joined in with some improv.

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