Idols In Concert – Stats – 05/09/13

Carrie Underwood continues selling out arenas around the land. This week, she’s in the South (South as in direction, not in the ever-changeable definition of State classification).

This is the daily numbers thread. Please post numbers as you find them. Thanks!

Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hayes
April 20, 2013:Jacksonville, Fla.; Veterans Memorial Arena; 10,221 of 10,221 (SOLD-OUT): $562,284
April 16, 2013: Greenville, S.C.; Bi-Lo Center; 9,695 of 9,695 (SOLD-OUT): $541,443
April 23, 2013: Houston, Texas; Toyota Center; 8,246 of 8,246 (SOLD-OUT): $493,596
April 17, 2013: Columbia, S.C.; Colonial Life Arena; 8,357 of 8,357 (SOLD-OUT): $438,030
April 19, 2013: Augusta, Ga.; James Brown Arena; 6,093 of 6,093 (SOLD-OUT): $356,436

Here is an interesting article about how the Rolling Stones are using “flexible pricing” for their current tour (Billboard). Tired of watching their loyal fans get screwed over by ticket brokers, the Rolling Stones have decided to screw them themselves. Hey, if some fans are willing to pay $600 tickets, that money might as well go in Mick Jaggers’ pants. What is really raising the ire of fans is those that rushed to buy tickets on release day for $600 now find themselves sitting in worse seats than those being released for $200 three weeks later now that all the big fish have been caught. Maybe it will reduce the hits on ticketmaster on ticket release date as people play chicken with the promoters hoping the ticket prices will eventually drop.

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