Idol Sales News – Week Ending 10/10/10

David Archuleta tops our Idol leaderboard with the debut of his third studio album. Sales are down sharply from his debut album (183K, BB200: 2). Mandisa saw a whopping 104% increase in sales, while all the other Idol albums saw a drop.

This is the daily numbers thread. Please post them when you find them.

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13 David Archuleta “The Other Side of Down” 24K (NEW) Total: 24K\19 Santana “Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time” 19K (-35%; lw 30K) Total: 115K (16)
31 Fantasia “Back to Me” 13k (-23%; lw 17K) Total: 262K (29)
66 Carrie Underwood “Play On” 7K (-6%; lw 7K) Total: 1.754M (63)
101 Daughtry “Leave This Town” 5K (-11%; lw 5K) Total: 1.162M (87)
144 Adam Lambert “For Your Entertainment” 3K (-5%; lw 3K) Total: 741K (158)
Mandisa “Freedom” 2K (+104; lw <1K) Total: 123K
Various “WOW Hits 2010” 2K (-29%; lw 3K) Total: 429K
Danny Gokey “My Best Days” <1K (-13%; lw <1K) Total: 187K

Rounded numbers from Brian at Idol Chatter.

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  1. It’s really interesting that Carrie’s CD is about as close to double platinum as Adam’s is to platinum and that Daughtry, with all the hits his CD has spawned, is nowhere near double platinum.

    I don’t think idolitis alone can be blamed for such falling sales. Even for such popular and proven talents, CD sales are plummeting.

  2. Mandisa FTW. Daughtry going platinum plus with his second album is actually a big deal. The drop off in sales for Idol follow up albums is downright scary. Nice to see S5 still representing ;)

  3. Good for Archie…I think all things considered he did well…Good for Carrie, Adam, Daughtry and Fantasia. I hope Adam can continue selling at least 3K a week so he can get to 750K in sales. I know it really is not much of a difference but I guess its all aesthetics :-) I like the look of 750K as compared to any number lower. It would be really nice if he can stay on the BB200 until the end of November then he would be on the charts for 1 year.. Pretty decent. Of course Carrie and Daughtry have or will be achieving that milestone easily. So Adam would be in great company. Fantasia seems to be holding. Wonder if her VH1 show helps with sales. Maybe that is what David A could do. :-) I would watch a show about David A. I am sure a lot of people would.

  4. dhunken:
    Fantasia seems to be holding. Wonder if her VH1 show helps with sales. Maybe that is what David A could do.

    I think Archie has too much dignity to do something like that. It’s a matter of type casting with Fantasia. She would even fit on The Jerry Springer Show. ;)

  5. I think Archie has too much dignity to do something like that. It’s a matter of type casting with Fantasia. She would even fit on The Jerry Springer Show. ;)

    Ha ha I never would expect Archie to have the same type of show. But I think he could do something that was fun and compelling. Not all of these shows have to be tabloid driven. But you may have a point I was just tying to think of ways David could get exposure and be more visible to help with sales. I definitely think his sales were lower for lack of visibility. Honestly I think VH1 show helps Fantasia….even if its not my cup a tea. Because I don’t see why she would sell so much more then he did. I think she is talented but David is just as talented and I think more versatile with his voice. (Please I am not taking anything away from Fantasia I just prefer David A more)

  6. I have a feeling that Archie’s biggest problem is he hasn’t realized the kind of music he needs to be singing yet. The teeny pop he seems to be aiming for now isn’t it. With his voice and control, I can see him about midway between Michael Buble and Josh Groban. Not quite as swinging as the “Bubble” and not as serious as Groban. He’s already shown some of that in the songs he has sung in Spanish. It may not be a genre that will make Archie a superstar, but there will always be a market for it and will ensure a long career for him.

  7. Huh? Daughtry are currently on their third single released a year after the album was debuted. I wouldn’t say they’ve had a lot of hits based of 2 and one currently climbing the charts. To put in perspective Carrie released her album after they did and she’s already on her fourth…

    Forgot to add I’m happy for Mandisa. :-)

  8. In yesterday’s HK press conference Adam said that the FYE acoustic EP will be released before the end of the year, he did not know the release date. That will not count as FYE album sales but if they do some kind of bundling — and at least Amazon will — it could sustain FYE album sales thru the Holidays.

  9. I would really enjoy an acoustic EP.

    Ok, if it were up to me, I would release SW to Top 40 and the acoustic version of Aftermath to HAC.

  10. I would love an Adam acoustic EP. Aftermath acoustic is one of the greatest things I’ve heard (and I wasn’t crazy about the album version).

  11. Way to go Archie at #13. I think that is pretty good. I do think his sales will pick up. He is going to do fine in the long run.

  12. I have to say, illegal downloading is the bane of an artist’s existence. I work in a hospital and overheard some of the med students laughing about EVER buying a cd. Q3, I remember the article you referred to about this. I think it was in Rolling Stone. Just shocking of how much this is going on. Wonder how anyone can ever stop this. What’s the phrase? The Horse is out of the barn? Guess touring is the only way to make money these days.

  13. On stopping piracy — the one strategy that is working is to make the ISP (Internet Service Providers) liable for the copyright violations that occur on their networks. UK passed legislation earlier this year and sales are up in the UK. Similar things all over the world. Globally and in the US piracy is over 95% of music procured in the past 12 months.

  14. I don’t think his sales are down because of illegal downloading. If anything, the illegal downloading market has dropped off a tad since his first download was released, since iTunes has become so popular and it’s cheap to buy a song.

    Having listened to his second album, it’s not even a smidge as catchy as his first.

  15. HDD article on early projections for next week’s sales. Another example of hit single not translating to album sales?:

    “Cherry Tree/Interscope’s Queens-based Asian-American hip-hop group Far*East Movement, who have the #1 single in the country in ”Like a G6,” are set for a debut of 13-18k for their debut, Free Wired, a little surprising considering the success of the hit, which has sold 1.2m digital downloads.”

  16. I’m guessing here (did no research to back up this claim) but I would think that illegal downloading might be worse in this economy. I know I have bought a few less iTunes cards for my kids — so many other needs. Guess I’ll be doing that soon. We believe in supporting our favorite artists.

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