Idol Headlines for 6/19/08

Mario Lopez People’s Hottest Bachelor; David Cook Also Makes the Cut

NEW YORK ‘  He didn’t come in first place this time, but “American Idol” winner David Cook is on People magazine’s list of the hottest bachelors.

The rocker, 25, told People that he is not as confident off-stage as he is performing.

“Looking a pretty woman in the eye and convincing her I’m worth taking a chance on takes a specific brand of guts, and it’s not the kind I have, ” he said.

Fox News

Travesty: ‹People Names David Cook One of World Hottest Bachelors

In keeping with the magazine’s official policy of artificially inflating the romantic prospects of American Idol winners of dubious appeal and singing ability, People has inexplicably named oft-pitchy Nickelback fan David Cook one of their Hottest Bachelors of 2008. While we don’t want to imply that we’re upset over the omission of Cook’s vastly superior co-finalist, David Archuleta (David is only 17 and needs to focus on his music right now ‘  not scoring with chicks), we find it hard to believe that, of all the nation’s balding, caterwauling former bartenders, People could’ve possibly selected a less-qualified one to stand alongside such highly coveted single gentlemen as Bret Michaels and Britney Spears’s unfamous older brother ‘  and we’ll tell you why!

New York Magazine

People Names David Cook One of the Hottest 2008 Bachelors

KANSAS CITY, MO. — From star singer… to sex symbol. People Magazine has named American Idol David Cook one of its hottest bachelors of 2008.

So, Cook has managed to go from Tulsa bartender with a two-tone hairstyle to hot Hollywood bachelor in less than one year.

Cook, 25, told People Magazine that his confidence doesn’t always carry over into the romantic area of his life. He said he has serenaded a woman before. But, he admitted to, “it’s much more intimidating to sing to one person than 1, 000.” He admitted he gets nervous singing to women.


David Cook Could Boost Profile of Local High School Game on ESPN

BLUE SPRINGS, MO. — Two Kansas City area high schools are going to be getting national attention in August on ESPN. And, one of the schools is hoping to use its connections to get a major star to appear at the event.

On Sunday, August 31, ESPN will carry the high school football game between Rockhurst and Blue Springs South. The two schools were scheduled to meet the previous Friday. But, when ESPN called, the game got moved to Sunday.

My Fox KC

Why does Google think I know about the American Idol winner’s private parts?

The most interesting part of Mr. Manber’s speech was when he described the difficulties in understanding even searches that seem abundantly clear, like “hairstyles for ears that stick out.”

Which led me to wish I had been at the Gilbane Conference.

Because the question I would have asked would have been: “Why, sir, do you think I know about David Cook’s nether regions?”


Why I Give Jeff Archuleta Such A Hard Time

Every time I write a post about “American Idol” shirts_luv_dad_close.jpgrunner-up David Archuleta, I can’t help but mention, and softly insult, his father, Jeff. In turn, Archie fans comment or email in droves to tell me what an awful person I am and accuse me of being bias, a father-hater and more.

I may be bias (David Cook was my man from the beginning, or at least right after he got his haircut) but I’m neither a father-hater nor “more” (unless by “more” you mean irresistibly adorable and smart). I like David Archuleta! I haven’t personally met him, but from his television appearances and having been on a conference call with him during the “Idol” days, I think that he comes off as a sweet, genuine teenager just trying to make his way doing something that he loves. And that’s great.

New York Daily News

David Archuleta Answers Fans Questions On MySpace

“American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta has taken to his MySpace to answer his fans burning questions. Archuleta appears in a video, laughing and talking about his life.

Archie, as his fans call him, answers questions sent in to him, including fans wondering if he has any pets. The singer reveals he has a Poodle named Teddy, who only knows how to shake hands and dance a little, and a goldfish named Conditioner which is the size of his hand.

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American Idol David Archuleta May Be Ditching High School For Good

David Archuleta had the kind of life changing experience over the past year that could forever change his perception on life. His run on American Idol made him so in demand, that he might be ditching high school for good.

Archuleta already withdrew from classes last year to continue his journey through the American Idol process. Having not finished last year, there was no certainty he would go back at all.

As of now, Archuleta has not signed up for classes at Murray High School. Classes are scheduled to begin on August 25th, and the school is not going to wait for Archuleta to finish his American Idol tour to begin a new year.


Brooke White Sweet on Saving the World

Brooke White will be taking the stage with a message this summer.

The season-seven American Idol finalist has teamed with Idol Gives Back and the aid group Malaria No More to encourage kids to spend their vacations not only having fun but to do their part to make the world a better place, as well.

In addition to doling out tips on how they can help those less fortunate, the Save the World Summer campaign is offering two tickets to next year’s Idol finale for the youngster who raises the most funds to buy mosquito-blocking bed nets for children in Africa.


Jessica Simpson Mistaken For Carrie Underwood By Fan


Jessica Simpson, who is dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, was recently mistaken for possibly the last person in the world she would like to be confused with– Tony ex-girlfriend, Carrie Underwood.

Jessica, who recently left the world of pop for her country roots, was approached by a fan after leaving lunch at Dos Caminos in NYC SoHo on June 11, according to OK! Magazine.

But the fan wasnt seeking Jessica Simpson autograph, she was hoping to nab country cutie Carrie Underwood signature.

…She said she was her number one fan from back in the ‹Idol days, an eyewitness told the mag. …Jessica smiled politely and didnt correct her, and she started to laugh when the girl asked how she was doing since her devastating split from Chace [Crawford].

Access Hollywood

Jennifer Hudson: Call Me, Barack!

Jennifer Hudson would love to hear from you. The Oscar-winning actress and singer from Chicago (yes, she still lives there) says she’s ready to do what she can to get her senator elected president.

“I sang for Obama after I did Idol, ” Hudson says. “I’m so proud and excited for him. I haven’t gotten a call from them yet, but he does have my support.”


Rainbow Bright: Gays get lots of love at Pride, green theme not so much

LGBT people and their allies turned out en masse for the first Boston Pride Parade in several years that wasnt dampened by downpours and chilly weather; the Boston Pride Committee estimates that about a half-million people watched the parade as it wound its way from the South End to City Hall, and that about 100, 000 people gathered on City Hall Plaza for the post-parade festival, which included performances from Kimberly Locke and Kat DeLuna. Boston Pride Committee President Linda DeMarco said the turnout was the largest she seen in her 11 years on the committee, and credited Boston gay-friendly attitude — and the warm, sunny weather — with bringing people out to enjoy this year Pride.

Bay Windows

‹Baby V apologizes for taking gun to airport

Former “American Idol” finalist Vonzell Solomon has apologized for bringing a handgun to the airport last week.

“Baby V” posted the apology on her MySpace page, where she calls her June 10 detainment an “unfortunate incident” and “an honest mistake.”

“I in no way intended to enter the plane with a firearm, ” Solomon says in her statement. “I was rushing to make a scheduled flight and simply did not realize it was in my handbag until I went through security.”

Security officials discovered the unloaded gun at a Southwest Florida International Airport checkpoint, according to Lee Port Authority spokeswoman Barbara-Ann Urrutia. Solomon, 24, told authorities she’d forgotten about the gun.

Summer officially arrives on Saturday, so get out there and do something fun. Here are a few suggestions:

After a few years on hiatus, the FLY SummerJam is back on Saturday, and the Altamont Fairgrounds will resonate with the sounds of Natasha Bedingfield, Simple Plan, Coolio, Sum 41, Metro Station, Ferras, Kate Voegele, C+C Music Factory and …American Idol finalists Blake Lewis and Ace Young. Local faves jvii and Teej, the Audiostars and Ten Year Vamp also perform.


RIHANNA has been giving tips to former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, who heading for the Top 10 this week with No Air, her tune with Rih boyfriend Chris Brown, 19.

The kind-hearted Umbrella minx, 20, went to the video set to meet Jordin and shared her tips on handling fame.


Music Briefs 6/19

Her stint as the reigning “American Idol” champ may now be over, but Jordin Sparks still holds the title of youngest winner ever — 17 years old — on the hit television show.
Local fans will have the opportunity to experience Sparks’s big voice, cool vibe and contagious enthusiasm Wednesday when the 2007 “Idol” winner appears in a headline concert at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre.

“We consider it a real coup to have Jordin stop in Orem during her busy touring schedule, ” said Adam Robertson, SCERA president and CEO. “Her vocal power is going to blow people away.”

Tickets for Sparks’s concert, which is set to begin at 8 p.m., are available at the SCERA Center (745 S. State, Orem), by calling 225-ARTS or online at General admission tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children. Reserved seats are sold out.

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Weekend Hot List

Pride in the Street rocks out 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Saturday between Ninth and 10th streets on Liberty Avenue. The 18 and older event includes dancing, imbibing and general merriment. DJ Escape, Frederick Ford and Kimberley Locke of “American Idol” fame will provide the party’s soundtrack. Tickets are $15 advance, $20 at the gate.

After flashing all that Southern rock grit during his season as runner-up to Carrie Underwood on “American Idol, ” Bo Bice released an album called “The Real Thing” that was anything but.

Bice says now that his first album isn’t what he wanted it to be and that he’s made amends with the follow-up, “See the Light.”

Bice plays the South Park Amphitheatre Friday at 7:30 p.m. It’s free.


A measure of success

Winckler is joined in the cast by season four “American Idol” contestant Anwar Robinson in the role of Tom Collins, the MIT professor. Because of the impending close of the New York show, Winckler and the rest of the touring cast have seen increased audiences on the road.

Stamford Advocate

Hot acts at cool event

Justin Guarini may have been runner-up to Kelly Clarkson on the first season of “American Idol, ” but the entertainer says the hit talent competition changed his life.

“It opened so many doors it’s not even funny. It’s given me the key to everything I need to be a successful entertainer. … Now the rest is up to me, ” says Guarini, who performs a free concert Saturday night at Jordan Valley Park as part of the seventh annual SnowFest, a free event.

Paris Bennett interview forthcoming!

Lo and behold, season five finalist (and very briefly, a Fayetteville resident) Paris Bennett was willing to speak to me today by phone to promote her appearance this Satuday for her Philips Arena appearance at a big AARP concert with Chaka Khan, Queen Latifah, Dionne Warwick and her grandma Ann Nesby.

Access Atlanta

So You Think You Can Dance: The Judges Show a Mean Streak

Dan Karaty warned me that things would be different this week. We spoke backstage after last Thursday elimination, and Dan expressed concern that hed been too soft on the top 20 performers. From here on out, he warned, the judges were going to give it to them straight.

Dan wasnt kidding. From the very first number, it was clear that seats on the “hot tamale train” were limited, and Mary Murphy wasnt going to scream that signature scream for just anybody. If Top 20 week was the best dream youve ever had, Top 18 week was the alarm clock on Monday morning.

LA Times

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: What goes up must come down

After the high of last week, my excitement for So You Think You Can Dance has settled down to a normal level. And it looks like the dancers have settled down too. Some maybe a bit too much so…

The judges tonight are Nigel, Mary and Mia Michaels, who feels this season will be “banoodles” (meaning crazy, I assume a hybrid of “bananas” and “noodles”). Love Mia. Did I mention that lately? I think I have but I don’t care because I just want to squeeze her.


So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18 Perform

Two down and seventeen more to go until we find “America’s Favorite Dancer” for the summer of 2008. Have you found your favorite yet? I’m narrowing it down, but it’s a bit early yet to be picking favorites and there are still a ton of dancers left, as the lo-o-o-ong intro sequence showed us. Nigel and Mary were joined this week on the judge’s panel by contemporary madwoman Mia Michaels (of the inspired “Tim Burton wedding” piece last week). And her hair was shockingly bleached very blonde.

I think I prefer Michaels choreographing than judging. She focuses almost too much on her own interpretations of the emotions in the pieces rather than what the dancers had to bring. I think she’s insane and brilliant in choreography, but maybe a bit too “out there” for really constructive criticism.

TV Squad

Format change driven by competitors: Idol’s Executive Producer

Canadian Idol shocked viewers after revealing on Tuesday night’s episode there will not be a Top 22 this season. Instead, for the first time in the show’s history, there will be a Top 24 with a higher ratio of guys to girls. So what prompted this dramatic format change? According to Canadian Idol’s Executive Producer John Brunton, it was the competitors themselves.

“We always try to be led by the stars of the show and the real stars of the show at the end of the day are the singers of the program. We decided this year that we would pick the best singers that we had and not that we haven’t done that in the past, but there was a disproportionate number of good male singers than female singers, ” said Brunton.

Tuesday Recap – Canadian Idol

(andPOP) – On Tuesday episode, some of the Idol wannabes struggle to overcome nerves, get tripped up by Rihanna …Umbrella and crack under the pressure for a spot in the top 22. Make that top 24.

After the vocal showdown between Lisa Bell and Marie-Pierre Bellrose leaving the show in a cliffhanger, tonight show begins with seeing both of them make it through to Day 3, the final day of auditions.

Canadian Idol Season Six is all about talent, says Mulroney

Every season of Canadian Idol has its own signature. This year’s signature, Ben Mulroney insists, is talent. It’s of a higher calibre than it’s ever been before.

“In all honesty, ” Mulroney says, “without a hint of hyperbole, I think that if our Top 24 live up to their potential this year, we have the possibility of discovering some true talent.

Canadian Idol: Top 24 Pave Way For Potential

As we’re supposed to wind down to Canadian Idol’s top 22 contestants, the show starts with a better vibe. Knowing in advance that you don’t have to sit through an hour of horrible singers is more than relieving. Show five proved to be yet another slight improvement on the pain scale. And it turns out the judges had a trick up their sleeves: the top 22 turned out to be a top 24. Very exciting.

Mookie Morris started the night off on the right tone. His unique version of The Guess Who’s “These Eyes” was really enjoyable. His raw, grainy voice makes him a keeper in my books. The judges thought so, too.

Chart Attack

Singing the Nashville Star Blues with Ex-Contestants Third Town

Last week’s episode of Nashville Star saw country singing hopeful, Charley Jenkins, leave the show at the hands of judges Jewel, Jeffrey Steele, and John Rich. This week, in the second episode of the season that also featured a performance by the deep-voiced Darth Vader of country music, Trace Adkins, it was the fans’ turn to vote and the country trio known as Third Town were handed their walking papers after trying their hand at Alabama classic hit, “Mountain Music”. A day after being voted off the show, The Deadbolt’s Troy Rogers dusted off his cowboy hat, climbed aboard his trusty steed, and rode into a conference call with Third Town to hear the boys sing their own post-Nashville Star blues and get the scoop on what went wrong and what they have in store for the future.

The Deadbolt

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