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American Idol Countdown Week Monday: #2 & #1- Murtz Jaffer Interviews 2007 American Idol Jordin Sparks & Melinda Doolittle

It’s not often that you get the chance to talk to the winner of American Idol and I received my first opportunity to do so when I talked to the Idols before they took to the stage in Toronto as part of their North American Tour. In addition to talking to Jordin Sparks, I also had the pleasure of speaking with Melinda Doolittle as well as the best friends did their press tour together. I think that your friend and mine, Eliza Orlins (Survivor Vanuatu) will especially enjoy this article.

(Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks bring over chair to my table to conduct the interview together)…….

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American Idol Countdown Week Saturday: #4 – Murtz Jaffer Interviews LaKisha Jones

For a long time, LaKisha Jones was heavily favored to win American Idol. She was eliminated right before the finale. When I talked to her before the Idols performed in Toronto, she talked about knowing that she wouldn’t win and when she plans on releasing her album…….

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American Idol Countdown Week Friday: #5 – Murtz Jaffer Interviews Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson almost made it to the end of American Idol and has constantly been in the news since then. He has been compared to Justin Timberlake and rumored to be dating Lauren Conrad from The Hills. I asked him about all of these things when I had the chance to talk to him before the American Idols performed in Toronto.

Murtz Jaffer: So out of everyone, I think your first question was the easiest for me to write. When I first saw Chris Richardson on the show and I said ‘I have seen this guy, he is pretty good on the show’ they are all like ‘oh, you mean the Justin Timberlake guy.’ I am sure you get that a lot….

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‘Idol’ Chris Richardson comes back to town

Pop culture moves at such a dizzying pace, it’s easy to forget that just three months ago Chris Richardson was the official talk of Hampton Roads.

The Chesapeake native captivated America – but especially the Seven Cities – with his passionate performances on Fox’s “American Idol” singing competition. There were pep rallies in Portsmouth and viewing parties so packed at the Chesapeake Hooters where he worked as a kitchen manager that a person practically needed a stun gun to guarantee a seat….

Hampton Roads

Meet DAUGHTRY’s No. 1 fan

When one thinks of a person being obsessed with something, one sees images of that person decked out in the obsession’s gear and having posters related to said obsession scattered throughout his bedroom.

And while senior public relations major Nicki Rumanek actually does describe herself as “obsessed” with Chris Daughtry, the above description does not apply to her. Instead, Rumanek’s obsession shows itself through her actions…..

The Crimson White

He’s a one-band man

(Chris) Daughtry update

Anything cookin’ with Chris Daughtry these days? ‘ Miss N. Idol

Miss: First, Ace will assume you mean Daughtry, the band created by Fluvanna County product and ex-“American Idol” contestant Chris Daughtry, and not simply Daughtry himself, though answering this question in reference to one would pretty much clear up the question of the whereabouts of the other……..


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Chase’s parting shots at Emmys

…Speaking of hosting, Ryan Seacrest was still awaiting a critique from his “American Idol” foil Simon Cowell at the Governor’s Ball, where Seacrest sat with a bunch of good buddies. “Simon is miserable, ” he deadpanned. “He skipped out on the dinner to sit by himself and sulk.” Seacrest and Cowell partied together later at the TV Guide bash…

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DAVE KOZ FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Smooth Jazz Christmas 10th Anniversary Tour Has A Musical Treat From Mr. Saxophonist Extraordinaire Himself

…Scheduled for release on September 18th by Capitol Music Group, Memories of A Winter’s Night features the Koz-penned title track plus 12 holiday standards. Highlights include two brand new duets: first single “White Christmas” with Kelly Sweet, who scored a Top Ten hit at both Adult Contemporary and Smooth Jazz radio with “Raincoat” the first single from her debut album and “Please Come Home For Christmas” with Christmas tour mate Kimberley Locke, who has topped the AC charts for the past two holiday seasons with singles “Up on the Housetop” and “Jingle Bells.”

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Dave Koz and Friends A Smooth Jazz Christmas Tour, so you can be sure Dave and his guests will be pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone gets into the holiday spirit!

Tour dates are as follows. All dates are subject to change. Dave Koz and Friends A Smooth Jazz Christmas 10th Anniversary Tour With Special Guests Jonathan Butler, Wayman Tisdale & Kimberley Locke…


Kinesys Moves Trusses on American Idol Tour

American Idol successful North American tour commenced in July in Sunrise, FL and runs until September 23, when the tour closes in Manchester, NH.
Lighting designer Alex Reardon worked with Upstaging, Inc. to meet the various artistic demands of the show. The tour features the TV show American Idol …Final 10 contestants with the design process beginning, by necessity, long before the finalists were chosen. Thus Reardon had to design the show based on themes rather than personalities. Furthermore, without knowing who the performers were, a certain …talent contingency existed, placing even greater demands on the tour production aspects. Reardon specified a Kinesys motor control system to move the show lighting rig during the show, providing added design flexibility and also some unique effects…….


KT Tunstall – Drastic Fantastic Review

…In the spring of 2006, …American Idol contestant Katherine McPhee contacted Tunstall about licensing …Black Horse & The Cherry Tree for use on the show. Tunstall, who had made several public statements about her negative feelings towards shows like …Idol, decided to allow McPhee to sing her song anyway. In Tunstall own words, …The major problem I have [with …American Idolo is that it’s completely controlled… they’re told what to say. They’re told how to sing ¦no one on that show told Katharine McPhee to sing my song because no one f**king knew it”. The week after McPhee sang …Black Horse on A.I. the song was a Top 40 hit on the US charts….

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Hollywood stars reflect on their night in the limelight

…Idol’ chat

It wasn’t a winner Sunday, but “American Idol” ‘  losing its best reality series bid to “The Amazing Race” ‘  was the subject of plenty of buzz; its Season 7 premieres in January on Fox.

Nigel Lithgow said the series will go back to focusing more on the contestants than the mentors, with more taped feature stories. And he said the series will try to put more emphasis on talent than weirdness…

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Former EVANESCENCE Members Writing, Producing Material For CELINE DION

…This is not the first time these two have teamed together outside of their work with EVANESCENCE. The duo also collaborated on KELLY CLARKSON’s “Breakaway” album where they wrote CLARKSON’s “Because of You” and “Addicted”. In addition, they also worked together writing for such artists as BO BICE, CHRIS DAUGHTRY, LINDSAY LOHAN and ANASTACIA…


Mike Darnell dispells ‘myth’ that Fox ordered ‘Idol’ at Murdoch’s behest

Just as American Idol hopefuls have a tale to tell about how they came to appear on the show, Idol too has a story about how it landed on Fox — however according to Fox reality chief Mike Darnell, it’s different than the “myth” that has circulated for years…..

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Carla Marinucci: Maria attacts big names to conference

…Let’s not forget the entertainment/fashion world: singer Joan Baez, American Idol runner up Katherine McPhee, actresses Vanessa Williams, Jamie Lee Curtis and Susan St. James, uber-fashion designer Dianne von Furstenberg, and teen TV star Raven Symone…


‘Hits They Missed’ showcases songs that didn’t make the cut on Idol show

There he was: A hip, beat-box singer warbling …This Is My Now, the winning entry of the American Idol Season 6 song competition. While the tune was ill-suited for Blake Lewis, 17-year-old phenom Jordin Sparks grabbed hold of the syrupy ballad and rode it all the way to victory.

Perhaps, some American Idol observers later suggested, …This Is My Now wasnt really the songwriting contest top song. Luanne Hunt, a Hesperia songwriter, speaker and author, believes the best of the bunch never made their way to Idol contestants lips.

…They were lacking, Hunt said of the official top 20 songs…..

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