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At the fair, ‘American Idols’ show saves the best for last

‘American Idol’ contestants bonding while they tour

If you find yourself chatting with “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks these days, don’t be surprised if another “Idol” joins in the conversation.

A minute after starting a conversation with Inside TV & Radio before Sunday’s “American Idols” concert at the Bradley Center, No. 3 finalist Melinda Doolittle came out of nowhere, producing a squeal out of the 17-year-old Sparks.

“Jeez, you scared me, ” Sparks told her, quickly regaining her composure.

Doolittle is usually right behind Sparks…..

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Just don’t call me a celebrity

Grammy winner and former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson has hit out at the notion of being a celebrity, saying she is sick of fake stars.

Clarkson refuses to put on a public persona that is different to the way she behaves behind the scenes……..

Daughtry fans come from all over for show

Hotel room for two for a weekend: $640.

Daughtry concert tickets: $200.

Seeing “American Idol” phenom Chris Daughtry and his band perform live Saturday night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino mere feet from you: priceless.

That’s the impression Charlotte and Kathy Belala of New Orleans had from their front-row position when the triple platinum-selling band played to a crowd of more than 1, 400. Daughtry himself was relaxed and talkative throughout the concert, at one point having a short conversation with some of the more amorous fans near the front row….

…”We’ve been to over thirty Daughtry shows, ” Lauren Reccio and Angel Smith said. “It’s very surreal, but they’re fun guys. We saw the very first show this band did, and we’ve got plans to see five or six more shows this year. We’ll be there till the end.”…

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‘Idol’ hopefuls line up for a date with Simon

Deanna DeBellis was rejected in her first American Idol audition three years ago in Cleveland. Last year, the same fate occurred at a New York audition.

But two rejections and the cost of a plane ticket here from her hometown of Rochester, N.Y., were not enough to stop her from trying one more time.

“Third time is a charm, I guess, ” said Ms. DeBellis, 19, who traveled with a friend.

More than 10, 000 aspiring American Idol contestants, some from the North Texas area and others from as far away as Virginia, stood in line Saturday at Texas Stadium to get wristbands for auditions, which begin Monday morning…..

Central Texas American Idol wannabes head to Dallas competition
Hewitt singer, YouTube fixture ShaDana Jones back for 2nd year of ‹American Idol auditions

At last year …American Idol auditions, ShaDana Jones wore high heels.

She made sure her hair and outfit were just right. She belted out her best Whitney Houston.

But not this time. No way. Not after what happened last year…..

‘Idol’ contestants ready for fame

After the cameras are off, the pressure is on to entice TV fans to buy records

Nikki McKibbin thought her dreams for stardom were about to come true when she won a spot on the 2002 inaugural season of American Idol.

Each week, millions of viewers watched as the 23-year-old Grand Prairie singer made her way to third place, right behind winner Kelly Clarkson of Burleson and runner-up Justin Guarini.

But for Ms. McKibbin and many other American Idol contestants, being successful on television and even signing a recording contract didn’t bring instant stardom in the real world….

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Emmys: Putting It Together
Veteran Emmycast Producer Ehrlich Steps In After ‘Idol’s’ Lythgoe and Warwick Withdraw, and He’s Ready to Roll Out a Unique Show

…Back in February, Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori announced that Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick, the producers behind the ratings-rich “American Idol, ” would take on the Emmys broadcast. In May, the “American Idol” duo withdrew from the project, saying, “After we wrapped the enormous effort of ‘Idol Gives Back, ‘ we looked at our upcoming slate of projects … and realized that we could not devote the creative energy and time necessary to make the Emmys outstanding for the Television Academy and Fox.”

Ken Ehrlich Productions stepped in and is now overseeing preparations for the broadcast.

“I’m really pleased that the academy called us when the other guys bowed out, ” Mr. Ehrlich said. “They told us they really liked what we did with the last two Emmy shows, but the network, Fox, had chosen those other guys. But we’re big boys, so we understood that was what it was. All this really did was put us back into a time period that we’re used to working with. I kind of turned my head away from working, so the one thing it did do was give me a little whiplash. But we were ready for it.”…


Text messaging moves beyond teenagers

…AT&T sponsored the cell phone voting for American Idol, which resulted in 64.5 million text messages sent in 2006…

Former “Idol” contestant living dream come “True”

The fifth season of “American Idol” has spawned a bumper crop of artists who have landed deals with country, rock and pop labels. Now, with the July 31 release of “True Beauty, ” Mandisa is hoping to become the latest success story.

Her debut single, “Only the World, ” spent five weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart…..

‘American Idol’: Auditioning for the dream of a lifetime

…Lachney is one of three Mississippians who believe their third try may lead to a spot on the popular Fox show that will air in January.

Thanks to Season 7 auditions held throughout the summer in seven national locations, Dinah Lachney, Shad Green and Rob Mortimer have the same opportunity as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Jordin Sparks to potentially become household names.


Lachney was motivated to audition two previous times by the prospect of being a small-town girl plucked from obscurity who makes it big sharing her talent with the world.

Her first try was in Greensboro, N.C., for the Season 5 show that concluded with Taylor Hicks’ win. Lachney didn’t make it past the first round, but momentarily befriended Kellie Pickler, who became an American Idol finalist and launched her country music career on the show.

Last year, Lachney traveled to Birmingham and advanced to the second round, where she met American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe and host Ryan Seacrest. She sang Christina Aguilera’s Reflection and was told her song wasn’t memorable, so this year, she’ll sing Queen’s The Show Must Go On, hoping the selection is deemed unique….

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Before you belt it out …

TV: With tryouts looming Monday, we offer helpful hints for ‘Idol’ wannabes

Oh, American Idol hopefuls.

Now that the show is in its seventh season, you’ll have to do more to impress the judges (and viewers) than ever before. It’s like ice skating: In olden times, a sweet little single axel could take home gold. Now, you’re going to need to quadruple that.

For those getting ready to line up at Texas Stadium for the big auditions (which officially begin at 8 a.m. Monday), it’s not just your vocals that need to impress.History teaches us that many other variables go into a successful Idol audition. So if you want to be one of the lucky ones busting out of that room and hollering about going to Hollywood, do your homework first……..

Daughtry rides Idol wave to Robinson

Someday, decades from now, well be shopping in some gigantic supermarket and one of Chris Daughtry songs will play over the loudspeakers, broadcasting into the aisles.

It could be …Home, it could be …It Not Over. It wont really matter. Our ears will perk up at the drifting guitar loops and imploring vocals. Is it Creed ? Nickelback ?

…This is so early 2000 s, well say to ourselves….

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