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Idol Meter: Searching for inspiration among contestants

Though Adam Lambert’s mentoring led to no stage spectaculars (he saved those for himself), there were pleasant surprises during Elvis Week.

But Tuesday night, the going gets tough: The Idols choose from “inspirational” songs so sanctimonious they’d make Mother Teresa cringe — a theme that could trip up absolutely anyone.

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Did Seacrest plant article painting him as hero?

In the item, Seacrest talks to homesick Crystal Bowersox after an “Idol” show and tells her that she shouldn’t leave the show, no matter how much she misses her family. He tells her that he made enough money to buy his mother a house, and that if she stays and wins, she can do the same.

To those familiar with the Seacrest PR machine, the item had Seacrest’s fingerprints all over it.


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Confession: Why I Can’t Help Falling in Love With Tim Urban

Tim Urban, the whimsical innocent with a style all his own, wasn’t even supposed to make it to the big stage this season on ‘American Idol.’

His presence alone was a fluke, after the surprise disqualification of another contestant in the eleventh hour, and it seems that even the judges don’t like him at times.

Is Tim this year’s Sanjaya on ‘Idol’?

Emily Bierman thought Tim Urban was cute but “awful” the first time she watched him sing on American Idol. Now, the high school junior, 17, from Turnersville, N.J., is coming around. “He’s improved the most, ” she says, “and I always go for the underdog.”

With at least a seventh-place finish assured, Urban has lasted as long on Idol (Fox, tonight, 8 ET/PT) as the previous contestant to whom he’s most often compared: Sanjaya Malakar, whose bizarre antics and marginal vocals put him in the show’s Season 6 spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

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Michael Sarver offers his 2 cents on Seacrest

Michael calls the Seacrest shenanigans “interesting, ” but sympathizes with Tim. “As an artist sitting up there trying to captivate everyone’s attention, I’m sure that for Tim, it could have been a little bit distracting. I would have a problem wondering if they’re listening to me sing.” Still, he can’t say whether the mysterious audience dude bears a strong resemblance. “I never got a good look at him, ” Michael says. “He’s obviously a stocky fella from behind, so if there’s any resemblance, it’s that we’re both stocky. That’s the nice way to say, you could lose some weight. [Laughs] But I will say this, I’m not upset about it. I appreciate the plug.”

Indeed, with Michael’s self-titled debut slated for release in July, and his single, “Ferris Wheel, ” out on iTunes on Tuesday, the timing couldn’t have been better. And if the opportunity arose again (perhaps at the finale?), Michael says he’d gladly join Ryan for a twirl.

LA Times

REPORTERS NOTEBOOK: Tabloids dig for dirt on Crystal Bowersox

Ottawa County native Crystal Bowersox grows more famous each time she graces the stage of “American Idol.” Now among the top seven, she’ll no doubt survive future elimination rounds and has a serious shot at winning the competition.

So it’s no wonder celebrity gossip magazines and Web sites are digging for all the dirt they can find on our local star, who recently had a sign posted in her honor in her hometown of Elliston.

Sandusky Register

Adam Lambert Promises ‘Theatrical’ Glam Nation Tour, Talks Next Single

“I hope to use some special-effects lighting like that, sure, ” Lambert told MTV News on the red carpet of the GLAAD Media Awards this past Saturday. “The Glam Nation Tour is going to be very theatrical. People won’t be let down in the glam department; it’ll definitely be something to look at as well as listen to.”

And when the Glam Nation Tour kicks off (the first date is tentatively June 4 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Lambert will also have a brand-new single to promote: the strutting and sparkly “If I Had You, ” which he’s planning to shoot a video for next month. The song, written by the Swedish hitmaking team of Max Martin and Shellback, is a favorite of Lambert’s, not just because of its top-flight pedigree, but because of the message it contains.


Adam Lambert: Vampire Rocker?

Those who think Ryan Seacrest should change his send off from “Seacrest Out” to “Seacrest Out-of-it!”—back off! According to one famous American Idol alum, the host’s odd on-screen antics were the result of multi-tasking.

“He’s a hard worker, ” Adam Lambert told TV Guide Magazine. “He’s got a really busy schedule. I’m sure every once in a while, he gets tired. I’m sure that’s the explanation.”

The season eight standout, who was on hand for last week’s questionable behavior, admitted he was just happy to be back. “It was really exciting, ” he said. “It was like a homecoming seeing all the familiar faces and the crew and the judges. It was awesome!”

TV Guide Magazine

Kris Allen — Dripping with … Muscles?!

The married 24-year-old showed off his buff and mostly smooth torso while on vacation in the Bahamas this weekend.


Former ‘American Idol’ Finalists ‘Give Back’

The ninth season of “American Idol” marks the return of “Idol Gives Back, ” airing on Wednesday, and last week to get ready for the big night, former “American Idol” finalists from around the country volunteered at food banks to help support Feeding America.

At the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, ET caught up with Amy Adams (season 3), Didi Benami (season 9), Kevin Covais (season 5), Chikezie (season 7), Mikalah Gordon (season 4), David Hernandez (season 7), Kimberley Locke (season 2), LaToya London (season 3), Brandon Rogers (season 6) and Elliott Yamin (season 5).

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Bucky Covington’s album available on iTunes April 27

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BUCKY COVINGTON’s new album available on iTunes Apr 27.


David Archuleta prepares for memoir release

Celebra recently brought David Archuleta to New York, as the publisher prepares to release his book Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song, and the Power of Perseverance. While there, he got to watch his first book covers come off the press.

Chords of Strength comes out June 1, and each of the book’s chapters begins with one of David’s favorite inspirational quotes, such as this one from author J.K. Rowling: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

USA Today

Simon Cowell planning ‘multiple weddings’

Simon Cowell is planning to marry fiancee Mezghan Hussainy four times – he will have several wedding ceremonies across the globe, according to the music mogul’s brother.

The “American Idol” judge confirmed last month that he will exchange vows with make-up artist Hussainy after their whirlwind romance.

A date for the nuptials has not been set – but Cowell’s brother Tony revealed on Monday that the couple is planning extravagant weddings in Britain, the U.S., and the Caribbean

SF Gate

Kate Gosselin’s kids want her on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Though she says she’d trade places with her babysitter “in a micro-millisecond” to be home with her kids rather than learning to tango, Gosselin faces the same dilemma as other single moms. “You have to be at work because you have to provide for your kids, ” she said, “but really my heart is at home with them.”

Luckily, her eight children support her decision to do “Dancing.” “This is the first and only thing I have ever done that my kids care about, ” Gosselin said. “It pushes me on to do better, to stay on the show, to get voted through because, honestly, they count down the days until Monday.”


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