Idol Headlines for 03/25/11 – The Evening Edition

A Kelly Clarkson bandmember confirms, via twitter, that she will be performing on Idol. No confirmation of the date, however.

Lee DeWyze sang a brand-new song  he wrote this week called “Pretty Eyes” in concert at the Univ of IA tonight (via @DweezySignal).

Kimberley Locke tweets, “HIGHLIGHT of my career! I just had an audition with @msdebbieallen – such an amazing woman! On cloud 9 right now!!!”

Kelly Clarkson will be taping an episode of the Ellen Degeneres Show in Orlando Florida on Sunday April 3. The show will air on Wednesday April 6.

Also, Carrie Underwood is scheduled to appear on Ellen on 4/7 to promote her new movie, Soul Surfer.

Paul McDonald tweets, “I’m pretty pumped about this week’s cover tune with producer @AlexDaKid. Should be a cool vibe.”

Crystal Bowersox tweets, “Just spent an awesome day w @BrianWalkerLive at the lakeview food pantry chi town Once a recipient, now a volunteer Feels pretty damn good:)”

Kellie Pickler tweets, “Ladies & Gentlemen we just found our first single!!! Country Radio here I come!!! #PickPickler :)”

Something Pitchy: Stevie Wonder, Hulk Hogan, a Haunted House and Casey Abrams Saved!

How did Casey end up on the outs? Is Stefano Langone’s spotty driving record costing him votes? How does James Durbin get his face to do that? And is the ‘Idol’ mansion really haunted? Myself, Rickey Yaneza ( and MJ Santilli (MJ’s Big Blog) discuss all these pressing ‘American Idol’ issues in this edition of ‘Something Pitchy!’

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Catching Up With ‘American Idol’ Alum Casey James

THR: If it were up to you, when would the record come out?

James: When it’s right. I know a lot of people are anxious to hear it, and I could have absolutely had a record out by now, but you know what? I want it to be deserving of the fans that put me in this position. I want it to be worth their money. I want to be able to look back on it and be proud of it. So if it takes me another six months, then OK. But it’s going to be really soon. There’s something going to radio, so start listening out for my stuff.

THR: Most Idol-affiliated labels want new music out as soon as humanly possible, but it seems yours (Sony Nashville) has been more patient…

James: They are. The label, my management, everyone who is surrounding me right now, they’re all good people and we’re all on the same page. Every single person is like, “We want this to be right.” And because of that, there’s no pressure and it’s just awesome. They understand that, for me, it’s been 12 years of playing in bars and six months in the show and here I am!

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Rebecca Black Gets Career Boost From Ryan Seacrest

13-year-old Rebecca Black — the phenom behind that “Friday” song — has a good mentor, as in Ryan Seacrest … because R.S. just helped Rebecca sign with a big music manager.

Rebecca did Ryan’s radio show on Thursday, and afterward Ryan realized Rebecca and her mom were overwhelmed by the sudden burst of attention.

Sources tell us … Ryan hooked Rebecca up with Debra Baum, a manager with DB Entertainment.

Rebecca has now signed with DB.

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CBS Sued Over Bret Michaels Tony Awards Accident

The suit, filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, states that Michaels specifically asked producers if they had any instructions about where he should or should not stand during any portion of his performance. They told him he should simply exit from the stage rear after he was done, according to the documents.

During the opening number on telecast, Michaels suffered a fractured nose and split lip after he was hit by a large sign descending from the ceiling following Poison’s performance of “Nothin’ But a Good Time” with the Rock of Ages cast.

The suit states that Michaels was never told the scenery piece would be descending or given “any warning of the existence of the dangers it presented.”

Six months after the accident, Michaels suffered a near fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage — bleeding beneath the thin tissue covering the brain — “at the hands of the Tony Awards, ” the law suit claims.

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‘American Idol’ Prediction Results: Casey Abrams Ruins The Curve, Confounds The Experts

I defy even one of you out there to tell me that you predicted wild-eyed boy Casey Abrams would potentially go home on “Idol” on Thursday night (March 24). Haley? Sure. Naima? Maybe. Thia? Good possibility. But “sexy” beardo Abrams? No way.

The good news, I guess, is that Casey was spared (even if he looked like he was going to hurl all over the stage), so next week we have two chances at getting it right. That said, none of the experts on our panel got it right, and “Idol” blogger MJ Santilli was as shocked as anyone at the results.

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‘American Idol’ Saves Casey Abrams, But Can He Win?

First, the good news for Casey Abrams. Even if voters are on the fence about the emotional bass player, the judges clearly love him and were unequivocal in deploying their once-a-season save on Thursday night’s “American Idol.”

Now, the bad news: It’s probably still not enough to carry him to the winner’s circle. If “Idol” history is any indication, the save is mostly a postponement of the inevitable. It helped season eight’s Matt Giraud (a wild-card pick to begin with) when he faced elimination in the top seven, but did him no good when he was booted just two weeks later in the top five. Fast-forward to last season, when Michael Lynche faced the chopping block in week nine. The judges busted out the save again, which kept Big Mike around for four more weeks, when he went down in the #4 slot.

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EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Underwood Talks Big Screen Debut In This Behind-The-Scenes ‘Soul Surfer’ Clip

“I think the most challenging aspect of making this movie, for me, is just that I’ve never done it before, ” Underwood reveals in the clip. “This is all very new to me. I know how to sing…This is something, I’m way out of my element.”

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Simon Cowell: Ready to Take on The X Factor

TV Guide Magazine: That’s up to you judges. What’s the hold up in finalizing the panel and hosts?
Cowell: First of all, nobody can agree; secondly, you’ve got to meet as many people as possible; and thirdly, I’m famous for not making my mind up until the last possible second. You’ve got to imagine working with these people for the next few months… People you genuinely think you’re going to like. We were spoiled for a while on Idol when we had Paula, Randy and Ryan. We genuinely became friends, and you want the same thing to happen again.

TV Guide Magazine: And you know most of us can tell with whom you get along… and with whom you don’t.
Cowell: I totally agree. You can tell whether there’s a real chemistry, and if you don’t like each other or there’s tension, you see that bouncing off the screen. I’ve been in that situation before when you don’t quite fit and I want to avoid that happening.

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Simon Cowell on The X Factor and the Only Contestant He Knows From This Season’s Idol

Idol is such a lovefest now. Ever tempted to throw a shoe at the TV?
If I was on the show, I don’t think I’d necessarily be on the same page as the other three. Having said that, they’re very happy with the show now. One of the producers has made it very clear and public that he’s happy I’m not on it. So I think we’re all on the same page. I’m happy to be doing something new, he’s thrilled not to have me, the contestants are happy, the judges are happy.

So no hard feelings?
Look, I left the show on fantastic terms. I still talk to Randy and Ryan on a regular basis. Other people connected to the show have made it public they think the show’s better without me. It [underscores] why I left in the first place: We were just on different pages.

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Exclusive: Ryan Seacrest to Open Media Center In Philadelphia

Although he is the center of the evil that is American Idol (especially this season… ugh!), at least Ryan Seacrest is doing some good with his vast amounts of money. According to a source familiar with the deal, the media mogul and his philanthropic arm, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, have decided to launch their second media center for kids at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Buzz Scares Bosses … Tweet Until You Bore Yourself to Sleep

You see something crazy like last night’s “American Idol” elimination show and you just have to say something to someone and more often than not lately the vastness and empty world of the Internet.

That Casey looked crazy! And — boom boom — seconds later on Facebook reaction … then debate … on Twitter: I just heard the new Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood song and it burned the speakers down on the radio. The Carrie fans jumped in first seconds later.

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Watch Laurieann Gibson Crack the Whip In An Extended Preview of ‘The Dance Scene’ [VIDEO]

“The Dance Scene” featuring well renowned choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, is not just your ordinary dancing show. This suspenseful and grueling series follows Gibson as she trains a team of five young and determined choreographers/dancers as they break into the cut-throat world of Hollywood.

Check out the all-new extended look at of “The Dance Scene” premiering April 10 at 10:30/9:30c on E!


Carrie Ann Inaba promises plenty of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ alums in ABC pilot, ‘Grace’

Not content being the even-tempered voice of reason on the “Dancing With the Stars” judges’ panel, Carrie Ann Inaba is now eying a future producing scripted television.

The dancer and choreographer currently has an ABC pilot in the works with “Grey’s Anatomy” executive producer Krista Vernoff called “Grace” — and it finds her in the familiar world of dance.

Zap2it chatted with Inaba after the premiere of “DWTS, ” and in addition to divulging her favorites for Season 12, she gave us a status update on the new project.

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Watercooler: Darren Criss Gets His Irish Up on Archer

Don’t tell the Warblers, but their main man has been doing a different kind of singing.

Last night, the teenage dream that is Glee’s Darren Criss lent his voice — sadly just his speaking one — for a guest spot on FX’s twistedly hilarious spy-toon Archer. In the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it bit, Criss got to bust out a brogue and play dumber than Puck as Mikey, a junior-league lackey for the Irish mob who spills the beans to rampaging ISIS agent Sterling Archer — understandably miffed at the kid’s bosses for swapping out his breast-cancer meds with a mix of “candy and Zima.”

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