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adam lambert

Adam Lambert
More Info
He got the 70 heavy-metal androgyny deal going on, and itll be interesting to see how far he gets. He got crazy insane vocal ability, with an amazing range, but due to his …quirks, my bet is that he been cast as a …personality type who isnt meant to advance very far.   His MySpace is dismantled, but there are still plenty of videos on the net.
Hometown: Los Angeles

angela martin

Angela Martin
Mom from Season 7 whose kid has Rhett syndrome.   She featured in one of the AI Season 8 commercial spots. She a second chancer ¦well see how far she gets this time ¦
Residency: Chicago, IL
Audition City: NJ/NY

ann marie boskovich

Ann Marie Boskovich
She’s a Nashville-based singer songwriter. Sang the theme for Little Mermaid 2, and “God Bless America” for the NBA All Star Game in 2003

anoop desai

Anoop Desai
Anoop “Noop Dawg” auditioned in Kansas City, and he’s already a fan favorite. He’s currently earning a post-graduate degree at the University of North Carolina. As an undergraduate, he performed with the a’cappela group, the Clefhangers.
Age: 21
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Audition City: KC
Audition Photo

brent keith smith

Brent Keith Smith
More info HERE
He was a contestant on Nashville Star 2,   Here’s his page, he had a song on the Dale soundtrack (a movie about the late race car driver, Dale Earnhardt Sr.–here’s the video) Here’s an amateur video of a performance (“Found” recorded by Josh Gracin). And his CMT music page.   He’s already got a fan base. Here’s Brent’s MySpace.

cody sheldon

Cody Sheldon
Age: 17
Hometown: Detroit MI
Audition City: Phoenix
Audition He the Phoenix auditioner who makes gory movies.

danny gokey

Daniel “Danny” Gokey
Danny is the contestant whose wife died 4 weeks before his Kansas City audition.
Age: 28
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Audition City: KC

felicia barton

Felicia Barton
Lot’s of buzz around this talented singer/songwriter. All of her videos, but one, have been removed. She also performs Christian music, posted at her church website HERE.
Hometown: Virgina Beach, VA
Audition City: Louisville

jackie midkiff

Jackie Midkiff
(A Guy)
Age: 17
Hometown: Alcoa, TN
Audition City: Louisville
Audition Song: Bless The Broken Road, ” by Rascal Flatts.

jackie tohn

Jacklyn …Jackie Tohn
She has a Wikipedia page, and a list of credits for small TV and film roles, including The Nanny, The Sopranos, Strangers with Candy, Angel, Veronica Mars and It Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She done musical theater, released an EP in 2005, and performed acoustic shows in and around LA and NYC.
MySpace , Wikipedia, Website
Photos: ¦ie_tohn_258.jpg ¦rson/Jack00.gif ¦al-09_03369.jpg ¦-6-52-15328.jpg ¦01c1892.jpg?v=0

jacob mckay

Jakob McKay
Age: 23
Hometown: Houston, TX
Audition City: Glendale, AZ
Audition Song: Against All Odds

jesse mccullagh

Jesse McCullagh
This acoustic singer/songwriter is in an adventurous acoustic/electric band called The Gentleman Outfit.
Hometomn: Westdale, NY
Audition City: NJ/NY
MySpace, My Space Band

junot joyner

Junot Joyner
Made it to Hollywood Season 7. On his MySpace, there are pictures of him hanging out during his audition with Carly Smithson.
Age: 26
Residency: Bowie, MD/Baltimore, MD

Justin Williams
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Audition City: Phoenix
Videos: Video1, Video2, Video3

kendall beard

Kendall Beard
More Info
Watch for her dad–he was caught doing the “gator” on film.
Hometown: Austin, TX
CD Baby

kristen mcnamara

Kristen McNamara – She was a previous Star Search and Nashville Star contestant. ( Her music ? Not very country, although she does yodel) She boasts a 4 octave range and has been a regular National Anthem singer at 49er games. Her bio says she working/writing with Chris Trevett, (Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney Spears, Aaron Carter) finishing and indie record. Her Nashville Star Star profile says she opened for Lonestar, Collin Raye, Diamond Rio, Montgomery Gentry, Travis Tritt, Kenny Chesney, Kevin Sharp, and Glen Campbell. Recording with John Stewart – Video.
Age: 23
Hometown: Northern California
Audition City: San Francisco
Videos: Video1, Video2, Video3

lenesha young

Lanesha Young
Age 18
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Audition City: Louisville

lil rounds

Lil Rounds
More Info
African American gal with a short blond and black haircut. (Shown in this commercial). Rumor has it, she got a standing ovation from the judges.
Hometown: Tennessee

Megan Bohls

Michael Bartul
Made it to Hollywood Season 5
Age: 26
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Audition City: Glendale, AZ.
Audition Song: Enrique Iglesias – Escape (written by Kara Dioguardi)

Reggi Beasley
Age: 21

ryan johnson

Ryan P.A. Johnson
His band, In Stereo, perform Contemporary Christian music
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH/Hamilton, OH
Audition City: Louisville KY
Band MySpace, Band website, Video, Music, Music, Source

scott macintyre

Scott Douglas MacIntyre
He the piano playing blind guy. His songs are piano-ballady, and his bio claims he produced and recorded 6 albums!
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Audition City: Phoenix
MySpace, Website, Audition.

Stephen Fowler
He plays the piano and rumor has it he’s blind. Not much else is known about him.

taylor vaifanua

Taylor Vaifanua
Age: 16
Hometown: SLC
Audition City: SLC
Photo, MySpace, Website

terrence t.k. hash

Terrence T.K. Hash
Made it to Hollywood Season 7.   This link hints that T.K. may be a Christian music artist.
Age: 23
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
MySpace: ¦iendID=86640518
Photo of AI7 Audition:

von lee smith

Von Lee Smith – His over-the-top video performance of …And I Am Telling You went viral and he became something of a You Tube star. Consequently, he was invited to perform on The View and BET 106 and Park. My Space, Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4, Video5
Age: 23
Hometown: Kansas City
Audition City: Kansas City
Videos: Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4, Video5

Notable Hollywood Contestants

  • Deanna Brown 25, from Louisville, KY, auditioned in Phoenix.   Check out her videos. I like her. (Cut in Hollywood)
  • Arianna Asfar 16 from San Diego, CA, auditioned in Phoenix.   Her videos.
  • J.B. Ahfua, 16, from Taylorsville, Utah auditioned in Phoenix. Video1, imeem
  • Otto Malone – This contestant should get a ton of screen time. He a chief warrant officer in his National Guard unit, and was seriously wounded in the leg by enemy fire late last year while piloting an Apache helicopter over Musa Qala in Afghanistan. He auditioned on crutches. MySpace.
  • Alexander Green – Alexander is part of a duo called James Alexander. They play kinda John Mayer-ish jazz pop, and Alexander appears to know his way around a guitar. James Alexander, Alexander.
  • Jacquelyn …Jackie Mendez – According to VFTW, Jackie was a contestant on that failed ABC show The One that also featured Syesha Mercado, and Kara DioGuardi as a judge. Check out her video HERE. Jackie performed with Ricky Martin in the past and had a 5 year recoding contract with Elektra Records.
  • Mishavonna Henson – She made it to Hollywood last year too. Here her Myspace music page. She got a good recording/pop voice, and she looks like she might have some personality.
  • Joanna Pacitti is already causing a stir. Her family sued when, at the age of 12, she was fired from a Broadway productionof Annie. She was previously singed to A&M and Geffen Records and had a song that was covered by Britney Spears. She this year …plant a la Carly Smithson last year. Also, rumor has it she broke up DWTS pro Mark Ballas and his girlfriend. Wiki, MySpace, Video1, Video2, Video3.
  • Danielle …Danni Roundtree – Danni was Miss New York, USA 2008. Links: My Space My Space Music Miss USA NBC. She’s rumored to have been cut in Hollywood.
  • David Osmond – Yep, he from THAT Osmond family. David lives in Provo Utah, is the 4th son of Alan and Suzanne Osmond, nephew of Donny and Marie Osmond, and the lead singer of the Osmond Second Generation since he was 4. On a serious note, he battled the West Nile Virus, leaving him with a form of MS. And he married. Check out his website for more, right HERE and HERE. Official site of the Osmond Family HERE. I ran a domain search on davidosmond, and he got as many iterations of his name registered as he could think of, including, and He’s rumored to have been cut in Hollywood.
  • Emily Wynne-Hughes – She from Los Angeles, and plays in a pop/punk band called Go Betty Go’they just finished a European tour. She worked at the salon where Britney Spears shaved her head, and was present at the time. Singing …Baracuda outside the stadium HERE. You Tube channel HERE. Her MySpace. She the blond singing …Baracuda in this AI promo HERE. Check out Go Betty Go MySpace Page. She’s rumored to be cut in Hollywood.
  • Michael Castro, is Jason Castro younger brother. He’s rumored to have been cut in Hollywood.
  • John Twiford – His ex-band B.O.L.T (short for Breath of Life Tribe) are a bunch of new new-ager types, singing a bunch of jam-band hippie crap. The hilariously OTT concept theyve got going is worth checking out. MySpace.
  • Perrie Cataldo (Also from S7’He the single dad with a young daughter, and an arrest record)
  • Jenisis Samoranos – Piano-playing R&B singer. My Space Midomi Video page
  • Natasha Valentin – According to IDF and VFTW, she was a contestant on Nashville Star. Her Videos and MySpace
  • Allison Iraheta – She got her own fansite, if that means anything. She won the …Celebrate Life with Hope award from Children Hospital in Los Angeles, and sang at the benefit with Babyface. She won a Telemundo reality show called Quinceaà ±era in 2006.
  • Aubrey Logan – She has a full scholarship to the Berklee School of Music. The Jazz/a Capella version of Radiohead …High and Dry she got up on her Myspace could have been dialed back a few notches.
  • Ashley Anderson -She another singer/songwriter type. She really good! My Space
  • Phoebe Holiday – Yet another singer/songwriter
  • Tatiana Nicole Del ToroEspanol!
  • Nate Marshall – Seriously annoying music. But, this isnt too bad
  • Lacey Brown – Seriously NOT annoying music. check her out, she good