HDD – Album Sales Prediction : Dec 16-22

HDD is taking the holidays off, so there is no building chart to discuss. They did take time off from sipping eggnog to let us know that Bey is predicted to have sold 100K in physical units and about 375K for the week. That’s pretty good, but when you consider they shipped 500K and sales fall off a cliff next week, that’s a lot of stock to be holding. In other news, here is their top 15 at their “weakend” update:

1. Beyoncé (Columbia) 260-280k
2. Garth Brooks (Pearl) 190-210k
3. One Direction (SYCO/Columbia) 165-175k
4. Kelly Clarkson (RCA) 130-140k
5. The Robertsons (EMI Nashville) 125-135k
6. Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 110-120k
7. Katy Perry (Capitol) 90-100k
8. Lorde (Lava/Republic) 65-75k
9. Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 65-75k
10. Now 48 (UMe) 60-70k
11. Michael Buble (Reprise) 60-70k
12. Frozen (Disney) 60-70k
13. Mary J. Blige (Verve) 55-65k
14. R. Kelly (RCA) 50-60k
15. Florida Georgia Line (Republic Nashville) 50-60k

Since then, Beyonce’s predictions have gone up and the controversy that erupted around Duck Dynasty also boosted their sales.

All fall, I’ve been jokingly feuding with the Duck Dudes about their Christmas CD in competition with Kelly’s. That’s back when I just thought the Robertson family were a bunch of loveable goofs with a penchant for making hay while the sun shines (I’ll let Billy Mack explain in his own colourful way the inner-biz thoughts on such Christmas albums). But this week, the Ducks showed that they had teeth and were angry that their patriarch’s wisdom was being edited out by those idiots at A&E. So, Phil found new avenues to release his homophobic, misogynistic and racist thoughts to the world. And I can’t treat this as a fun feud anymore. I can’t delude myself into thinking of them as loveable goofballs. So, the feud is over. Take it. All of you fighting for Phil’s “rights” to force A&E to produce the show he wants can rush out and buy this family’s Christmas CD that makes a very mockery of the songs that celebrate the season. “Hairy Christmas” and “Duck the Halls” sung with new lyrics hilariously by people who know they can’t sing. Where did we leave that reason for the season, Phil? But, maybe, just maybe, Phil’s brain isn’t two sizes too small. Maybe, marketing doesn’t always come from TV. Maybe marketing…perhaps…needs a little bit more. Maybe it needs a controversy. Well timed, sir.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Added by Mateja:
HDD posted some numbers from the past week anyway.

YOUR HOLIDAY TOP 25: Beyoncé occupies the #1 spot again this week and just touches the 1 million mark in her sophomore week. Meanwhile, here’s this week’s Top 25, with extra tinsel. Due to the holiday, these numbers are more approximate than usual.

Beyoncé (Columbia) 383k
Garth Brooks (Pearl) 200k
One Direction (SYCO/Columbia) 168k
The Robertsons (EMI Nashville) 129k
Kelly Clarkson (RCA) 123k
Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 119k
Katy Perry (Capitol) 101k
Frozen (Disney) 82k
Lorde (Lava/Republic) 69k
Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 69k
Michael Buble (Reprise) 66k
Now 48 (UMe) 65k
R. Kelly (RCA) 62k
Mary J. Blige (Verve) 62k
Florida Georgia Line (Republic Nashville) 61k
Imagine Dragons (KidinaKorner/Interscope) 53k
Lady Gaga (Interscope) 53k
Miley Cyrus (RCA) 51k
Justin Timberlake (RCA) 46k
*B.o.B. (Atlantic) 40k
Drake (YM/CM/Republic) 39k
Susan Boyle (SYCO/Columbia) 35k
Pentatonix (Madison Gate) 30k
Celine Dion (Columbia) 28k
Britney Spears (RCA) 27k

* Debut

Now get those gift cards ready, because we’re going on a rampage. (12/24a)

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