Glee The 3d Concert Movie Premiere – Photos and Interviews

All the Glee stars came out for the The Glee 3D Concert Movie premiere in Westwood, CA last night.  Also on hand to watch the Glee kids sing and dance their hearts out on the big screen were the So You Think You Can Dance final 4, Melanie Moore Sasha Mallory, Tadd Gadduang and Marko Germar.  Also, The Glee Project contestants, Samuel, Damien, Hannah, Cameron and Alex were tweeting from the premiere. Ha ha. Rebecca Black was there too. Dot Marie Jones is hella strong–check her out lifting Kathy Griffin while on crutches!

Unfortunately, I could only find HQ photos of the Glee kids, so check those out below. What I did find are pretty adorable. Klaine, people KLAINE!  Oh, and the pretty girl with Chris Colfer is Sarah Hyland from Modern Family, who was cast in his movie Struck By Lightning.  The film written and co-produced by Chris, just wrapped on Thursday.

Glee the 3D Concert Movie opens in theaters August 12.

EOnline Interviews:

Chris Colfer

Doesn’t know if he’s a senior. (Yes he does, he’s probably too traumatized to answer questions about the new season at this point). Wants to play “Guylinda” in “Wicked”

Ryan Murphy

Is still an asshat. Whining about how “freaked out” he was by cast members who said they didn’t know what’s going on.

Diana Agron – Loves her hair! Says she’s a senior next year.

Darren Criss

Adorbs. Loves Klaine

Amber Riley

Thinks she’s a senior

Jenna Ushkowitz

Glad she’s a junior. Looking forward to an expanded storyline

Kevin McHale

NICE SHOES. Notice Chris hugging Darren Criss’s parents in the background

Pre-premiere press

From Jake the Movie Guy – Would the characters they play in Glee be friends with their real-life high school selves? (Pretty much no!)

Jake the Movie Guy

From Kevin McCarthy – On music, being role models, insrpirations.


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  1. Chris Colfer and Chord Overstreet on one picture : So hot ! *melt*. This girl’s heart misses Chord already and Glee has not even started yet…
    Such a charming date : Chris and Sarah. And I love me some Chris-Criss and Cochelle ! Still, I think the most fabulous of them all on the red carpet is Amber Riley…

  2. The guys all look so handsome and Chord is looking really hot and at peace with his decision. Good Luck Chord! And look at RM doing the make-up kiss for the camera.

  3. @bentley1530 Yeah… Good luck Chord !
    And RM should have done a grouphug with Lea, Cory and Chris.. naah too cheesy :-)

    @MJ: Chris seems more subdued… I also think he is still traumatized by the whole public relations fiasco. At least he feels more comfortable when he talks about Target.

  4. Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit was there as well. Remember, she was filming the movie on the same lot as Glee and approched Lea Michele and was rebuffed. I wonder if she can sing as well as she acts? Chris is still his same happy self and Darren is just too giddy. Nobody has informed him yet that we works for an asshat. Speaking of asshat, he told E lady that none of the core couples will break up? Doesn’t she know he makes this sh&t up as he goes? Still don’t know if Blaine transfers or what. Surprised Chord was there, I would think it would be awkward. Apparently not. Still think he didn’t get a fair shake.

  5. I don’t know, but I see this show totally bouncing back. The kids are just way too talented and charming. I will always heart Glee.
    Ohhh, have I mentioned how much I adore Cory Monteith?? Thank you MJ, for including these pictures and clips.
    Now I won’t have such a boring Monday morning. :)

  6. Heather Morris, I see a Fashion Police in your future. Gurlllll?
    Jenna U. looked hot. Dianna, nice, love the dress and cut. Rebecca Black, age-appropriate.

  7. Why did Chris Colfer not join the group of Darren Criss, Ashley Fink and Mark Salling ? Chris and Ashley are good friends. I almost never see an interview where Chris and Darren are seated together…

  8. After watching similar interviews on access hollywood, I came to the conclusion that they put Chris Colfer in one group with Lea Michelle so that Lea can help him in tackling sensitive questions like the “graduation controversy” .

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