Alek and Lindsay – Waltz

Alek’s buddies from the train attack talking about him. His mother and father as well. Alek discusses him time overseas. Alek’s pop tears up just talking about him. Many other veterans and army people talking about Alek’s achievements. Nice stuff all around. That’s got to make him feel good before dancing. How does one judge this? Alek is doing a waltz to “America The Beautiful.” I mean, it feels like if I say anything that has criticism, it would be wrong. LOL. Alright, this is a nice dance. Elegant and flowing, as it should be. Alek is so strong in ballroom routines when you compare it to latin. He is definitely in the moment here and I love the simple but beautiful choreography by Lindsay here. Well, doesn’t look like I need to critique anything because these dances are quite short and this waltz was very nice indeed.

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Bruno loved the attention to detail in the footwork. He can’t believe how far Alek has come. Carrie Ann thinks this is where Alek shines his brightest. She also thought it was his best performance tonight. Julianne is glad Alek had a ballroom dance tonight. The difference tonight was in comfort.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 30/30
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