DWTS 21 Week 5 – Bindi Irwin & Valentin Chmerkovskiy – Cha Cha

Bindi is so basking in the glow of last week. Val feels a huge responsibility to continue Bindi’s momentum. He says this is the hardest Cha-Cha-Cha he has ever done. She brought a snake into rehearsal. Val is a bit apprehensive at first. Cute. Who picked this tune? It took so long to get to the fast portion of it where the Cha-Cha-Cha steps can come into play. But alright. Good dance. Bindi keeping up with Val. Good choreography. It is fun and appropriate for Bindi. Last week may have been a bit better dance and performance wise but this was a nice shift to something more fun and easygoing. Bindi continues to ride that train toward the finale.

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Maks loved it. It was the dance of the night for him. Bruno says Bindi is the essence of joy. A tiny thing- shoulders. Carrie Ann feels that Bindi learned something from Val and that is important for the switch up. Julianne says that regardless of who she dances with, Bindi is a ray of sunshine.
Carrie Ann- 9
Maks- 10
Julianne- 9
Bruno- 9
Total: 37/40
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