Mark grew up in England and his parents had to sacrifice a lot for dance. Mark is dedicating this dance to his parents and Alexa wants to make it special for him. So pretty. Nice and elegant. I think Alexa was even able to somewhat successfully pull off that very hard move that Mark’s mother perfected. I see some weird hip movements at times (I found that last night too with Alexa). She might just need to work on that because proper hip movement is so paramount in many dances. But a really nice and elegant routine.

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Bruno found it proper, romantic, and sensual. Carrie Ann loves hearing the dancer’s stories. She does think Alexa felt a little stiff in the beginning and the hips were going the wrong way at times. Julianne enjoyed that tonight was all about class. She does agree with Carrie Ann. But she thought it was beautiful.
Carrie Ann- 7
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 8
Total: 22/30