• TwigLA

    That’s a really nice picture of Archie. He doesn’t look like a little kid in it.

  • kmd

    Nice picture and videos of Archie.

  • HappyDaisy

    TOSOD and Falling Stars! Yay! My two favorite songs on the album, in addition to other cool songs. David did a great job on both. So glad that they brought the band — these songs are perfect with the band and it’s a more exciting presentation with the band. Keeping my fingers crossed that FS can be a single. TOSOD would be nice, too.

    Thanks MJ!

  • KathyH

    Darn it, I have company and can’t watch vids until tomorrow. Glad he sang Falling Stars and TOSOD. I think he sang Stomping the Roses too? I hope so. I love that one live and on the album. He seemed to enjoy his last few days and he crammed a lot of promo/sightseeing/enjoying into them.

  • kaycee

    Such a great guy! Such a great cause!

  • heidijoy

    David was thrilled to perform for this crowd and remarked about their high spirits. Loved all the performances and especially the dance steps to the Other Side of Down. Fans that were there said that the audience was dancing and jumping up and down and this was after their race!!! Lots of energy to fuel the audience, band and Archie. Lots of buzz of touring and sounds like California and Asia will be next stops. He will also be performing for the Children’s Miracle Network mid Nov. and Christmas special Thanksgiving weekend on PBS (already taped with Celtic women) plus performance in Dec. with Morman Tabernacle Choir.

  • oza902

    How many charity events has David done this year alone? He must be so happy to be able to give back and support all of these wonderful organizations. I’m so happy and proud of him.

    Love these performances! I wasn’t watching the video for the first part of TOSOD and I thought they were playing his cd version. That song is a beautiful fit for David. FS is gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind hearing that on the radio. Not at all.

  • iluvai

    My daughter who is 15, has spent the last 3 years (in middle school) as a volunteer for Special Olympics in nj. I give kudos to the non famous kids who volunteer their time. That being said, it’s awesome to see young celebs supporting the cause. Just wanted to give a shout out to regular kids who do a lot of good. :)

  • LCT

    David does look older.

  • Suzanne

    Okay–the “Falling Stores” heading above the video for Falling Stars is pretty funny.

    I’ve been thinking about David Archuleta lately because we’re playing his CD in the car. My kids, 9 and 6, love the most (by far) the two songs that Jive put out as singles, Something Bout Love and Elevator. I, on the other hand, think the strongest songs on the CD are Stomping the Roses and The Other Side of Down. (I also think My Kind of Perfect is a really heartwarming song.) I only have a sample size of two, but I do wonder if the label was trying to pick songs for singles that particularly appeal to children? (They aren’t bad songs; I just wouldn’t pick them as 1 and 2 from this CD.)

    I’m also kind of worried for David. This CD is, to me, a much stronger CD than his first pop album but people aren’t very aware of it. I think that he’s really talented, and it’s frustrating that the album isn’t selling. And since Allison Iraheta was dropped from Jive, I hope that David isn’t in jeopardy. some folks have commented that leaving Jive would help David, but I think it would only help David if he left to go to another major.

  • Davidx2

    I’m so proud that David does so much for so many charities. He is such a great role model for today’s young people….just wish there were more his age that followed his example. He is so talented and so caring…David is such a gem!

  • oza902

    I don’t think Jive would drop David and I don’t think David would leave Jive so easily. David may not have gangbuster numbers in sales, but he has a solid following that supports his tours/events. What Jive has in David is a young and mega talented artist who happens to be one of the sweetest persons in the world. I think David is versatile enough to keep Jive interested. I know i’m looking forward to his Spanish cd and I’m loving the heck out of TOSOD.

  • sue

    I don’t think Jive would drop David and I don’t think David would leave Jive so easily.

    I hope you are right. I hope sales do go up for David. He needs a radio hit ASAP. They need to release a 3rd single. “Falling Stars” would be great. David sounds great in the vids. He is looking more mature these days.

  • kmd

    David does need to increase his sales and his fan base. I still don’t understand why SBL was not a big hit. I can understand Elevator not doing well but not SBL. I guess lack of promo and money. Elevator was the wrong direction to go in. I hope that he is making some changes to increase sales as he needs to. I do like Falling Stars and TOSOD.