Charlotte, NC AI Live! Show – Desi’s Recap

Desi and her friends made the umbrellas David Cook and Michael Johns danced with during “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. Read her “epic” account, below. OMG! Heh.

royal mavidian army: the battle of charlotte.
or, under my mavebrella.. ella… ella….

okay. so. the weekend started pretty fabulously- i arrived at the airport in detroit and got bumped into first class. you drink free there, so they kept filling my wine glass. i was sufficiently buzzed when i got to new york.

but then, my plane from laguardia from charlotte was overbooked. CUTE. so i cried and kara calmed me down and i told the airline people that i had to be there for a wedding at 11am the next day because they didn’t want to fly me out until 2pm the day of the show. unacceptable. so then i talk to kara again, and her luggage was lost on her flight, and she had all the mavid shirts. i get on a plane to atlanta and cry for pretty much the whole thing. haha.

more recap after the jump…

then i got to atlanta, the girls were in the hotel room making replacement mave shirts, and i was shoving a pizza down my throat before my flight to greensboro. it was a good thing i decided to eat there because everything in the greensboro airport was closed. so then the airline paid for a cab to take me from greensboro to charlotte, which is like 100 miles. which wouldn’t be bad except that i had the worst driver in the history of cabs. i’m not lying. painted lines on the road were just a suggestion for him. they were optional. his speed limit fluctuated between 10mph and 60, which is epic slowness since i live in michigan and usually drive about 90 on the highway.

anyway, i finally get to the hotel at like 11. epic drunkeness ensues. i don’t think anyone else expected anything different from us.

we decided that we should put paint handprints on our mave shirts like that one ford video, and so we do, and in the process pretty much repaint the hotel room.


this is also where the epic sign began. kara and i made signs about our travel plights, sarah made one about her surgery, and then we look down at anita. and she’s making probably the most epic sign that’s ever been at any idol show. and the wine didn’t even make me think anything of it. haha.

as far as the “tripod” reference, dave got it. someone brought the sign back to show him and anita got the poster back and david had signed it, and he and michael kept looking at it and laughing during the show. just to get that out there because i’ll prolly forget to write it later.

we go to bed and allegedly rachel called at like 6:30am. i did not hear it. kara got up to answer it and guide her to the hotel and the mave army was complete.

so then we set out to our next hotel, and our luck hasn’t been bad enough, and sarah locks her keys in her car. the cops won’t come open it and all the locksmiths are going to take far too long, so we finally get the fire department to come and it is good. anita didn’t feel well, so she met us at the buses later. it’s weird to say at the buses because we were nowhere near buses, but whatever.

we set up camp mavid, and it was epic. we had a cooler, our signs, music, the royal mavidian crest.. kara and i sang for a good part of the day and for all the haters, you should probably just lighten up and have some fun. kthnxbai.

okay, buses. um. carly and dave came out first, and omg kara and i freaked out because carly didn’t come out at our other shows. we had her sign the RMA sign and she took it over to dave and kept laughing about it.

carly: “royal mavidian army…”
dave: “that’s right.”
carly: “to protect and SERVE!”
dave, military voice: “THAT’S RIGHT.”


then….. i think archuleta came out. i don’t know because i had already met everyone, so i only got carly and jason’s autographs because i didn’t see them in detroit. but sarah loves jason so he was by us for awhile, and i go “hey jason, do you know if chikezie is coming out?” and he goes, “i don’t know, but he did buses last night, ” which was like the first time he’d done buses after the show in awhile. so i had hope.

and then.


HE COMES WALKING OUT AND I LOST MY SH*TTTTTTT. haaaaa. mj came out a little after him, and omg they were both by us so sarah had both pictures out, one of mike and one of chikezie. mj got to us first, and he goes “oh that’s a new combination, ” and then something like “it’s over with dave cook, ” and makes like, flirty eyes at chikezie who is just laughing and laughing at him. i wish i would have been videoing because it was epic mikezie.

so, oh kara had been holding a mavebrella, and then she goes “let’s just give it to him.” i was in the front to talk to chikezie so i was holding it, and it was sort of poking mike in the crotch. sorry bud. so then, i can’t remember if it was me or kara but someone goes “we have something for you!” and we give him the umbrella and takes it and walks down a bit twirling it. and he says something like, “we can use these.” and we say, ON STAGE?! and he says, i’ll try. and we say, “do you want one for dave cook?” and he says yes. he takes them and it is EPIC good. we scream, we cry, we text everyone we know.

and then chikezie comes over, and omg. i had made him a card (i forgot to take pictures of it) but it was so funny. the front was a house and a sidewalk and a yard, and it said “i heard you aren’t feeling well, ” then the inside it was the same scene but a window was missing from the house and i was running down the sidewalk and it said “wish i could take away your pane.”

at least i think i am funny.

so i give it to him, and omg the look on his face. like recounting it now i’m melting into this airport chair. he’s the sweetest person in the world, ever. kara told him about deskezie, and he wrote a note in my journal, and he hugged me for like. an hour. srsly. i melted.

then brooke came out, but chikezie was pretty much the only person i wanted real face time with so i scampered off to recount the umbrella tale to kathleen.

so then mike was making his way back up the line, and we go, mikey can we all get a picture with you? and he says he doesn’t have time, then turns around and says okay. and it is good.

then we went to the hotel, food, blah blah. people kept asking us what a “mavid” is while we were sitting on the dunkin’ donuts windowsill eating.

oh, i forgot, when kristy was walking back up the line to go inside, in true fangirl fashion, i yelled “have a good show, kristy!” she turned and waved. she loves me.

i had gotten my ticket from someone on an lj community and it was first row of the nosebleeds. which wasn’t bad. i was going to sneak down to the floor during ramiele, but i started cellcasting and didn’t move until intermission.

chikezie’s set was amazing, i sang all through ramiele’s so i apologize to the people sitting next to me, i don’t need to say that mj was phenom (and mmm no jacket, ) and i was so amped for carly that i forgot all about klc. oops. i cried during “let it be, ” who does that shock, and of course michael goddamn johns and the american idol backup singers were amazing.

i moved on down at intermission, kara came out to bring me to the front and we were RIGHT. IN FRONT. OF MAVE DANCE. rachel and anita came up to join us too.

sarah swooned all through jason’s set, kara and i sang all through optional’s, i was not choked by archuleta’s smoke but i was angry that i couldn’t see him during “apologize, ” and apparently dave cook was epic sick and i didn’t even know. i think it was during syesha’s set that the guy brought the tripod sign back to dave, and it was right on the front railing and he kept looking at us and just laughing and laughing.

and omg, PDSTM. we were all buzzing with such excitement that, like, i’m surprised we didn’t combust, especially after the luck we’d had all weekend. but mikey saw the tripod sign, and pointed at us and gave us a nod. he kept looking at us and giggling too. jason just didn’t sing. it was beyond funny.

and then.


two people had come out through the curtain in front of us but we were engrossed with the stage so we didn’t see that they had the umbrellas. so dave walks up to mike, AND THE UMBRELLAS GET TOSSED UP.





we literally watched the video like twelve times before we left the stadium.


so after all the bad luck, lost luggage, rerouting, being sick, keys locked, getting lost, it was all worth it, because srsly, is there anything more epic than that?!

vids taken before intermission are blurry cause my camera sucks but the audio is good, and my pics are here. they’re pretty much all chikezie. no, i’m not sorry. i’m also not sorry for screaming my head off in the PDSTM video. thankyou haveaniceday. :]

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