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Who Will Win American Idol Season 10?

This week’s final power list is pretty simple. My powers of prognostication have been pretty lousy lately-I was so sure Lauren Alaina would get the boot last week, but here she is in the final. But, I don’t think she’s going to win.

Who do you think will win American Idol Season 10?

American Idol 10

A Season 10 Mixed Tape

Back before iTunes took over the music business, 19R used to release a compilation album each year. These made great souvenirs for many and some people still miss them. If somebody wanted to create their own mixed tape Season 10 compilation album, what should they have on it? What is the one song from your favourites that everybody should own? What hidden gems are there that need to be discovered? What songs should be avoided at all cost? What would everybody put on their own mixed tape?

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    American Idol 10

    Idol Superstitions – Accurate Predictors, Crazy or Just Plain Fun?

    As any pregnant lady can tell you, there are a dozens of superstitions that predict the sex of your child. Some are coincidences. Some are ridiculous. Most of them are downright bizarre. Best of all, they frequently contradict each other. Predicting the winner on Idol is no different. To wile away the last few days of the season, let’s take a look at the weird and wonderful world of Idol Final Two Superstitions and discover who will win crown.

    American Idol

    Idol Finalists Tour Contract – $1000 per Show?

    The figures TMZ is quoting from the Idol tour contracts they supposedly got a hold of are significantly lower than what I’ve heard in the past–$3k per show, with the winners earning more than the also rans.

    It’s hard to believe, frankly, that everyone on the tour is making the same. The winner and runner-ups are the stars of the show, with more stage time than the others.

    American Idol

    American Idol 10 Top 3 – The Results!

    UPDATE: Scotty McCreery Wins Coin Toss on ‘American Idol, ‘ But Lets Lauren Alaina Choose Shirley Halperin was there,

    “After Reinhart’s elimination, host Ryan Seacrest tossed a coin to determine who would get to choose whether to perform first or second on Wednesday’s finale. The coin featured a picture of McCreery’s face on one side and Alaina’s on the other. It landed on McCreery. But the singer decided to defer to his competitor: In a gentlemanly manner, he asked her if she preferred to go first or second. She chose second.”

    Your Top 2: Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina – Youngest matchup in Idol history. Yipee. All country All teen finale. I couldn’t be more excited. /sarcasm.

    Eliminated: Haley Reinhart

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