Billboard – 12/11/10

Today’s theme is Billboard Charts. There are 7 billion BB Charts, so if I missed your favourite on the “Hot 10 Songs At Your Kid’s Christmas Concert” chart, please feel free to post it.

This is the daily number threads, so all current numbers are welcome. Nobody gets left behind.

Adam Lambert:
Adult Top 40: 27 IIHY

BB200: 66 PO
Hot 100: 59 MS
Country (Albums): 16 PO
CCA (Country Catalog): 9 SH, 15 CR
Adult Top 40: 38 UI
Country (Singles): 8 MS
Hot 100 Airplay: 38 MS

Chris Sligh:
Christian AC: 16 OYCS
Christian Songs: 18 OYCS

Danny Gokey:
Country Albums: 50 MBD

Hot 100: 69 S
Adult Top 40: 8 S
AC: 8 LAY , 9 S
Hot 100 Airplay: 43 S

BB200: 106 BTM
R&B Album: 15 BTM
Adult R&B: 7 IDM
Hot 100 Airplay: 69 IDM
R&B Airplay: 14 IDM, 29 B
R&B: 14 IDM, 30 B

Jason Castro:
Christian Albums: 23 WIM
Christian Songs: 19 YA

Katharine McPhee:

Lee DeWyze:
BB200: 93 LIU
Adult Top 40: 38 SS

Matt Giraud:
AC: 26 TY

B: Bittersweet
BTM: Back To Me
CC: Carnival Ride
CITTTS: Christmas is the Time To Say
D: Daughtry (Album)
HYAMLC: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
IDM: I Do Me
IIHY: If I Had You
IWNSG: I Will Not Say Goodbye”:
LAY: Life After You
LIU: Live it Up
MBD: My Best Days
MS: Mama’s Song
OYCS: Only You Can Save
PO: Play On
S: September
SS: Sweet Serendipity
SH: Some Hearts
TAOB: The Anatomy Of Broken
TH: Temporary Home
TY: Thank You
UI: Undo It
WIM: Who I Am
YA: You Are

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