American Idols Live! 2008 – Salt Lake City, UT – Day Two

ETA: Arca’s video page is HERE. Thank you Arca!

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LA's Next Great Stage Star II ...
LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

Read Davidlove’s fan encounter with Michael Johns HERE and David Cook HERE

Thread for chat, photos, recaps, videos ¦ETC.

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  1. Syesha blog

    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    SHow 11

    Hello to all my fans. You all are amazing. So, if any one took pics tonight or any other night make sure you send them to me as tagged pictures. Well, tonight was nice! I got through the entire line again. Yay! Lot’s of fan’s out tonight as usual. Second night in Utah and now our mission accomplished. This is short but will be continued……on my day off!

    Syesha’s Thoughts:
    Keep smiling!
    Get Rest when Yah can!
    Spread Love

  2. Was at the show last night. Can I say they are ALL beyond amazing? 10 beautiful and gifted individuals. I’m a fan of the Davids, but left astounded by Chikeze (boy’s the whole package of performing and singing), Jason (he’s got a special aura and I loved Crazy!) and Carly (her Heart number was beyond incredible).

    Crowd response was deafening. Utah loves Jason – big reaction! And well, the cheers were deafening throughout Archuleta’s performance and never slowed down for Cook. Utah loves D squared! Several Idols mentioned the Utah crowds have been the most awesome on the tour yet, to all of the contestants – not just David A. We def. rocked the house!

    Waited after for pics and autographs. That’s a whole story in itself! More later. I’m pooped out for now.

  3. From a David Archuleta fan at IDF:

    One other funny thing I didn’t mention. Michael Johns was wearing an “I Voted for David Archuleta” shirt. Everyone went crazy when he showed off the shirt. He was also drinking from one of the FanBlast water bottles. It was pretty funny.

    He had the shirt on under his jacket and he opened his jacket and showed off the shirt after his first or second song (I don’t remember – sorry). The crowd went nuts. Then he went over and picked up the water bottle and started drinking from it. He said something about it tasting like nectar. I don’t remember the exact quote. But the whole thing was really cute. BTW, I thought Michael was great.”

    MJ is so much fun! I would have love to see that.
    Hopefully someone caught that on video.

  4. ROTFL I love these guys! What is this about a cocunut bikini? LOLOL

    *taps nails* davidlove, you’ve had enough sleep. Come back and play with us!

  5. Utah rocked! Loved seeing the videos of the other night. The guys are really the stars of this show. The girls are good, but the guys are just a step above, all of them. Love my Carly and Sy, but these guys are all ready, even Chikeze.

  6. i heard in an interview he did that a fan sent it to him, and he didnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t know what else to do with it, so why not use it to amuse people?

    OMG I would marry him!
    You know, we could start a new trend with those instead of throwing panties on stage? hee!

  7. Does anyone have video of Michael showing off his shirt and drinking from the water bottle???
    TRying to find a vid of this for Andrew(the one who desgined the bottle)

  8. Cute Michael Johns story from last night. Post-show at the buses, a cute family asked if their kids could get their picture with him. They had four little blond headed kids. He was SO excited, exlaiming, “What a beautiful family!” They lifted the kids over the baricades and gathered round him. He crouched down to their level and said, “This is like, the most genetically perfect family I’ve ever seen!”, in his cute Aussie accent. They had the kids sing We Will Rock You with him for a minute while they filmed. He then invited the parents into the picture too. He truly looked thrilled and treated them with such respect.

    I was hoping to get my program autographed by Michael right before this happened, and he looked up at me just as the family came to him. I just smiled big and backed away, letting them go first. I ended up enjoying that interaction much more than getting an autograph! He had to run, literally, after the pictures so no autograph for me, but I left with warm fuzzies instead. Love Michael Johns!

  9. More from Utah. David Cook was a trooper after the show, signing for the crowd of 200-300. He was wearing a red Kansas City Chieftains ball cap, and may I say he looks good in red, and in a ball cap! My hubby was with me and said don’t EVER tell anybody I stood by the buses. I laughed and promised I wouldn’t. Then he saw Cook coming and said Hey, he’s wearing a Chieftains cap – cool! (haha, he’s a fan).

    The crowd was 10 deep and on a small slope, so pushing was a problem. At one point Cook said “Hey, don’t grab! Don’t grab, now”. Younger fans need to remember to be polite – Cook had to school them himself!

    I was at the far end of the line, crowd was not as deep. As he came towards us, he was saying, “Sorry, sorry, guys, I’ve got to go! Sorry, sorry”. A girl about 17 behind me offered me $5 to trade places for my front row spot. Really, you’d pay? $6 – it’s all she has. I scooted over and let her in, but she had friends behind her that pushed in too and trampled the caution tape, sending the crowd into the road. No security near. Several greedy ones pushed to David yelling “sign my shirt!”, butting in front of others. He truly had a look of panic on his face. I felt bad for what they have to put up with. ah, the price of fame.

    I held my program out, he looked at it quick and decided to sign it at the last minute, then off he ran to the buses. I was the last signature of the night.

  10. Is this the right area for this? Anyway, if you go to Herald Extra, they’ve got interview videos with David Cook, Archuleta, Castro, Syesha and Ramiele.

  11. arca, thanks for continuing to round up the vids for us. I was just checking to see if you have the newish Archie ones from Tuesday (88Aladdin’s, and of course you do) – the quality is incredible! Watching him not only sing but interact with the audience (esp. before SBM), I felt like I was watching a completely different person from the show. So happy and at ease. I feel like a proud mama. :smile1_ee:

    The Cook intro is at the end of WYSYLM is mighty cute. But the best is before SBM when he sings “UUUUUUTTAAAAAAAAAAAHH!”

  12. davidlove, thanks for your report. That’s a kind of horrifying story about the aggressvie fans. If it panicked David, it probably scared some of the other fans, too. Security, stay with him!

    That was nice of you to let the family through. :)

  13. Cook had a security guy right next to him with a flashlight, but there was no one to control the crowd t o the right of him that had pushed into the street. He was very patient and hard at work signing, too. No actual danger was apparent, but it was a pretty frenzied scene!

    mj was so enamored with that cute family, I couldn’t help but step back and enjoy the scene. They kinda reached mj at the same time as I did, so it was all good. :)

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