Adam Lambert ‘If I Had You’ Remixes Available Now

The “If I Had You” remixes are now available on

  • Download them HERE.

The EP features remixes by Jason Nevins, Dangerous Muse and Morgan Page.  Get the tunes, and dance away!

Next Tuesday, 8/24, the “If I Had You” remixes will be available on iTunes.

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  1. Not a big fan of the remixes, but they’re for the clubgoers. I would love a rap type remix though :)

    BTW not sure if anyone knew but Lady Gaga had a remix EP out last week. That didn’t go burning up the charts either despite a huge banner and it’s at #50 on Itunes a week later.

  2. Remember to not buy more than three from any one vendor if you want them to count as singles- and you do :)

  3. I like two out of the three remixes. Hope to see the song hopefully make it out of the twenties on itunes by this weekend. Thank goodness for more radio play.

  4. BTW not sure if anyone knew but Lady Gaga had a remix EP out last week. That didn’t go burning up the charts either despite a huge banner and it’s at #50 on Itunes a week later.

    exactly — digital only dance remix eps are NEVER big sellers, for any artist. but they are cheap to produce, can be inexpensively marketed to the hard core fan base, make money for the label and the artist, and are another way for the song to be heard. There are radio stations that like to play dance music and remixes — WKTU in NYC for instance. Big market station, big AI, plays tons of remixes. They just added IIHY last week, and will likely start playing a remix for some of the spins (they played remixed WWFM a lot). Plus they are played in the clubs which gives the song more promo. I think RCA/19 are really smart to put out remix eps.

  5. Remixes can be cool and effective marketing tools, but an artist has to be careful that an EP like this doesn’t appear to be a cash grab toward their die-hard fans. Lady Gaga has been gently rapped on the knuckles for her remix EP for that very reason, at least according to Entertainment Weekly. But if hard-core fans are happy, that’s all that matters with something like this.

  6. I like remixes just for listening only when they clearly improve on the original. A couple of these sound great for dancing, though.

    Assuming he could handle the technical aspects, Adam could probably create some interesting remixes in the studio.

  7. I really like some of these remixes….Adam had said in an interview that the radio edit remix was harder then the original…I don’t sense it but maybe when I hear the whole song…I’ll get back to you. Just like the WWFM remixes each one bought separately will be counted towards IIHY total sales numbers. Now he only needs a TV show to sing it on and maybe lightning will be striking twice and another 100K sales week for Adam….WooHoo (I can dream big)

  8. The Dangerous Muse remix is my favorite so far. I’ll give it another chance, but I wasn’t crazy about the Morgan Page one at all on first listen.

  9. Loved them all. They’re perfect for the morning drive to work. I dance in my car to wake up. But my favorite part is the cool screen cap from the video used as the cover. May have to make that my cellphone wallpaper.

  10. Yes, I love this IIHY remixes! I just bought all 5’s, I’m greedy. And by far, my favs are the Jason Nevins Ext. & Dangerous Muse versions.

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