Guess who's back

…back again…GC's back…tell a friend.

Yep, Gray Charles is blogging again.  And in this brave, new, post-season-5-Idol world, Gray will be posting regular news updates on Taylor Hicks' career that will come straight from Taylor himself. 

It's called keeping the fanbase informed, and in my opinion, it's a Very Good Thing. Because a fanbase kept informed–regularly and consistently–is a HAPPY fanbase.  Happy happy. Joy joy.  Oh yeah.  Puppies, Rainbows and Unicorns for everybody!

Ok,  a few tidbits from Taylor via Gray:

  • Taylor's single “Do I Make You Proud” has been certified GOLD.  Yay Taylor.
  • Recording on the upcoming album will happen in both LA and NYC
  • Release date for upcoming album–as of now–December 5th.

Ya have to check out the site, though.  The updates are so much more than the bulleted items I just presented.  They are brought to you in Gray's inimitable style with Taylor's voice laced liberally throughout.  Good stuff.  Don't miss it.