My trip to DC and Richmond kept me too busy to post much news this weekend. I’m just catching up now.

The Idols meet the President

At the DC show, the Idols spoke about how unbelievably cool and overwhelming it was to be received in the White House by President Bush.

A picture named Prez_Idols_Dont_Hot_Link_Pls_1.jpg

Here’s a picture from of the Idols meeting the president.  Elliott and Taylor look sharp, don’t they?

Apparently, Elliott overslept and was late for the Idols’ appointment with the President:

“I had press to do this morning, ” Yamin said, the New York Post reported. “My sleep was interrupted, and I was trying to make up for it. The tour manager called me at the last minute (Friday) and said, ‘We’ll have a taxi to take you there for the photo.’ And that’s what I did.” said Yamin showed up sprinting to the Oval Office about five minutes after nine other Idol finalists were introduced to the president. the Post said.

Oops! Heh.