Taylor Hicks and Friends at Workplay

Last night, Taylor Hicks’ old band Little Memphis Blues Orchestra played a gig at Workplay in Birmingham, AL.  Taylor, Elliott Yamin, Ace Young and Bucky Covington joined them onstage for a set of songs that included “Whipping Post”, “Use Me”, “Dance to the Music” and “Gonna Move.”

Check out the local Fox coverage of the event: Taylor brings his friends to Workplay, The Morning Buzz and The Morning Buzz Two.  Taylor’s dad, Brad Hicks was interviewed here.

Blogger Emily from  Emily’s Everything Blogspot was lucky enough to attend the show last night.  Read her account of the evening  here.  And don’t miss her pictures, she scored a spot right up front and took some great photos.

Some bits of info about last night from around the net:

  • There was a professional crew at Workplay filming for a DVD
  • Arista/J Records had a film crew there, too.
  • There were tons of concert-goers with cameras, so look out for some homemade video today…
  • Taylor referred to J Records on stage.  He said, “If you want to hear these guys, email J Records”.  Hmmm….  Maybe LMBO is negotiating a deal of their own?
  • Taylor has a 3-record deal with Arista.
  • Bucky is on vocal rest, that’s why he didn’t sing a solo.

Tonight, the Idols perform a show at Birmingham’s BJCC arena.

thanks Gray Charles, Jena and Lisa B