Interviews With Elliott Yamin and Taylor Hicks

Here’s an interesting interview with Elliott Yamin from The Jewish Journal:

In addition to trying to keep up with his work schedule, Yamin said he keeps abreast of the political situation in Israel, a matter of personal concern to him because so much of his family lives there.

“I have a huge family out there, some of whom are … fighting this battle. I just want to tell them how much I love them and God keep them safe, ” he said. And while he may be suffering from midtour fatigue, Yamin says the love shown by Jewish fans has meant a lot.

And then there’s the “great T-shirt” Yamin received from an 11-year-old boy one night on the show. With the Star of David superimposed on the Superman emblem, it reads “You’re My SuperJew.”

“All the guys call me SuperJew when I wear it, ” Yamin said.

Such a nice boy!  Hee.

And this short interview with Taylor Hicks from The Columbus Dispatch.  The Idols will be playing a show in Columbus, OH tonight:

“I think you need experiences to connect with the audience, ” said Hicks, who will turn 30 on Oct. 7, “because the audience is going to have been through their experiences — and anything you can draw comparisons to or relate to and be on the same page, the better off you’re going to be.”

Without a doubt, he stood out among his friends — who were drawn to the more contemporary sounds of Blind Melon, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

“I thought those were all great bands, ” he said. “I was just on a completely different planet, musically. I mean, I would get VHS copies of The Dick Cavett Show (1975-82) with Sly & the Family Stone, and I would run them over to different people’s houses and watch them.

“They didn’t understand it, but their parents did.”

Interesting article–worth checking out.