New Issue of American Idol Magazine

A picture named AI_Mag.jpg

I just received the new AI magazine in the mail. (Yes, I have a subscription–shut up.)  The new American Idol, Taylor Hicks graces this latest issue.  Season 5 is reviewed in pictures, and there is a recap of the Season Finale with some nice photos.  Also in the issue:

  • An ad for American Idol Rewind which debuts this fall.  It’s a weekly 1 hour show that will run on the weekends.  It’s touted as a “brand new look at the very first season–featuring new episodes, behind the scenes trivia and fascinating updates, and plenty of never-before-seen footage…”
  • A first-person article from Carrie Underwood.
  • Updates on Idol alumni
  • A review of Taylor Hicks’ CD “Under the Radar”. Seriously.  Plus, there are reviews of Taylor Hicks’ and Katharine McPhee’s coronation singles.
  • An update on artists from American Idol Underground.
  • Articles on Josh Gracin and Kimberly Caldwell

And because YOU asked for it…

I hope I don’t get in trouble with the copywrite police but here is a scan of the page with reviews of both Under the Radar and the coronation singles.  And just for the heck of it (ok, I’ll confess, it’s really because an Idol I really really like is featured…) here is more news about Idol releases…