Taylor Hicks and John Mayer co-write a tune

From RollingStone’s Fall Music Preview:

Though recording won’t kick into high gear until after the AI tour wraps in late Sept, Hicks already knows exactly what he wants to do on his post-Idol debut. “It will have brass-with ass, ” he says, “And I’d like to record in ‘rooms’ – like Muscle Shoals or the Record Plant in Sausalito (California).” Hicks recently co-wrote a tune with John Mayer and is working on polishing up some of his own songs for potential inclusion. In the end, though, he says he’s fine with singing stuff someone else rote. “Look at Ray Charles with ‘Georgia on my Mind, ‘ he says. “Hoagy Carmichael wrote that song but what’s more important is what you do as a singer when you sink your teeth into it.

It’s listed under the November releases.  But, Taylor has said repeatedly that date is too soon.  He expects the album to come out just before Christmas…

John Mayer co-writing a tune with the American Idol winner?  Who woulda thunk it.  Wouldn’t it be cool if Mayer played guitar on Taylor’s album?  For those of you not familiar with John Mayer, he’s an extremely talented lead guitarist, as well as singer/songwriter.  This is good stuff.

Thanks griz