Long Island, NY Idols Show

July 15 Long Island, NY Idols Show

Beesims review:

Back from Nassau Coliseum tonight. This is my first time posting here. I just lurk and enjoying the snark, gossip and the fighting between the Taylor/Kat/Chris/Elliott fanbases. Another reason I have been afraid to post here is because I am a diehard Bucky fan and no one ever bothers to speculate about his chances for success post idol. I never thought I would ever attend one of these concerts. I have watched the show religiously for all 5 seasons and I have the dubious distinction of actually appearing on the season 1 finale in a woman on the street interview gushing about Kelly.

As a 50 year old I felt pretty out of place amongst the glow sticks, pop tarts and 5 year olds wandering about, but I had a grand old time. Seeing them perform live gave me warm and fuzzy feelings about all of the idols, even the one that I couldn’t stand on the show (adinoidal Ace with his stupid gestures, glowering Chris and Kellie and her country bumpkin routine). I felt like I was seeing my kids in a school pageant— even the mistakes were endearing. Things I particularly enjoyed: Chris and Elliott’s duet, the power of Mandisa, Taylor just possessed by the music, spinning like a top, the sweet tone of Elliott’s voice after Chris’ RAWKER set (which was fun in it’s own way) and the way he has developed into a real performer (he moved so well on the big stage), Kellie’s genuine sweetness and charm in her between song patter, Lisa and Paris’ harmonies on Waterfalls, and the angelic blend of all the four guys voices in “Patience”. Kat who?

And yes, I need to give props to my Bucky who had the crowd on their feet during “Superstition” and singing along to “Drift Away”. He is so HAWT and sexy in his own sweet, goofy way. I love his raspy voice and the way he shakes his “my little pony” blonde mane. I truly believe that given the right material, he will make a fine country record with a good measure of Southern rock, Come on folks. Show the Buckster some love!!!