Taylor Hicks on GMA

Taylor Hicks on GMA

Taylor Hicks will be making an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America to sing a few tunes, this morning,  7-9am.

Debs recap of the GMA Concert:

I just returned from the GMA concert. I was waiting for a 4:45am train and the only company I had were three raccoons. I arrived in the city at 6PM to a small line of people. After a 5 minute downpour and some conversation I realized I was in the VIP Line. The regular line eventually lined up around the corner.

It was an amazing opportunity to watch Taylor, his backup singers and AI band prepare for a concert. The band is great. That is one serious bass player (I love the bass) with his Yankee cap on. It is believable that he ordered Taylor to wear it at the game, j/k. The Soul Patrol was there in force. When Taylor came out the crowd went crazy, but was very respectful to him as he was doing sound checks and run throughs.

Taylor has an aptitude for compartmentalizing activities. He has a laser (taser) beam focus on the task at hand. He definitely runs his show, not GMA. Taylor executes his game plan very well. They appeared to switch the guitar, he wanted more “band” I believe he got it. He would smile to us very warmly, and I appreciated how his fans behaved themselves. When I saw the mini me guitar I thought, okay an acoustic “Don’t Let Me Down”. I would never hope for an original song.

Here is the best part, when he did the sound check on the first chord. Much of the audience reacted knowing it was “Hell of a Day”! I hope that was a great shift in the scheme of things for Taylor.

He literally glides about the stage at this point so effortlessly. When he interacted with the audience it was as if he were among old friends.
Towards the end he shouted out to us. Thank you Big Apple, take a bite, peace!

“Hell of a Day” was robustly sung beautifully. Nothing compares for me when he sings his own material. Many were singing his song with him.

There was no one interesting on the VIP lines, mostly family of GMA.

More snippets: Everytime Taylor cleared his throat in run throughs, the audience moaned in “mock” horror.  Everytime, the production person adjusted the “mic” on the back of his pants the audience leched in genuine fashion.;0)

He changed from the dark brown untucked shirt during sound checks to the untucked dark plum shirt for television (Mariah has nothing on Taylor).

We had an F2 tornado here last week. When he sang HOAD, and we were waving our hands you could feel a cold wind, which was eery since it was really hot and humid. I thought Toto was going to fall into my lap. Taylor was facing all of those black clouds. No one budged with that threatening weather despite last week.  I was holding up my UTR and waving it, and I noticed many others were as well. I believe he saw them.

He sang the whole song. It was strong and fantastic. He is so commanding when it comes to his own material. You can sense the electricity, actually maybe he was stirring those cold winds!