Washington DC Idols Show

July 28 Washington,  DC Idols Show

First:  Sawry to all the folks who sent me emails.  There were a few people I tried to hunt down tonight, but couldn’t find.  Maybe we can catch up some other time.

Great show tonight.  Katharine McPhee was there.  The crowd welcomed her warmly, and she was very moved.  She sang “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”, “Over the Rainbow” and then joined the other Idols for “Living in America”.  I have to say, it was a little rough for her tonight, particularly “Rainbow”.  It’s going to take a little while for her to get her “Tour Legs” under her, as Randy would say.

Taylor seems completely over his illness.   He was chipper, smiling and in rare form.  I love that he performs the songs differently each night.  He performs as the spirit moves him.  It’s awesome.

In fact, all the idols appeared healthy tonight.

I was really pleased with my seats!  Big shout out to Cheese!  Thanks a bunch.  And uhhh, you know what we forgot?  I’ll email you…

Claudette Yamin was sitting a few rows over, and she was surrounded by people wanting her autograph and a picture taken.  She walked into the arena, and the crowd noticed and cheered for her.  She’s become a celebrity in her own right.

After the show, we hit the Hard Rock Cafe to watch the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra perform.  They were fabulous.  If they come to your tour city, make a point to check them out.  They play a funky/blues jam thing, and they’re extremely tight.  Great stuff.

Unfortunately, Taylor was unable to make the Hard Rock.  I’m not too disappointed.  Just very tired right now.  I’m going to bed.  I’ve got some goodies to post in the morning.  No Katharine fans, I didn’t forget you!

More tomorrow…