Latest Spoiler Update

Latest Spoiler Update

I’ll bet you guys thought I forgot all about Elliott Yamin

I’ve received some hints regarding his song choices:

Elliott’s Clive Davis song choice:

“Elliott is so happy to have come this far on this journey of American Idol. He listened with an open mind to Clive’s song choice and I’m sure you will be very pleased with the outcome.”

Elliott’s personal song choice:

“I believe you will love this song, even if you aren’t familiar with it. Elliott has a way of picking only the best songs and this is no exception to that. Trust me, it’ll be the ray of sunshine in your day.”

I’m not very good at these…you guys are going to have to help me out…


The Judges song choices:

Randy Jackson chose for Taylor Hicks:  “You are so Beautiful” by Joe Cocker

Paula Abdul chose for Elliott Yamin: “What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell

Simon Cowell chose for Katharine McPhee:   “Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland and many others.



Taylor Hicks – “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding for his personal song choice.  I’m hearing this is a keeper.


Daniel Powter to appear on Idol

Singer/songwriter Daniel Powter will perform his song “Bad Day” on the American Idol final performance show, Tuesday May 23th.  The song currently sits at Number Two on Billboard’s Hot 100, and has held the top spot for five weeks.  They should have scheduled him for the finale where he could have serenaded the loser personally. Heh.  thanks jodaflo