Track Lists For You

Track Lists For You

Check out for a peak at a few song titles from Taylor Hicks’ debut album:

The album, produced by Matt Serletic, features 12 brand new recordings with titles to include: “Run Around, ” “Dream Myself Awake, ” “Wherever I Lay My Hat, ” “Gonna Move, ” and “The Right Place.”

“Gonna Move” is a cover Taylor performs with his old band, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, and it’s just fabulous.

Update:  Interesting info on Gray Charles.  There are more songs than will make it on the album, so some on this list could be cut, possibly.

Here’s the Track list for Chris Daughtry’s CD, due to drop on November 21:

It’s Not Over – Chris Daughtry, Gregg Wattenberg, Mark Wilkerson, Brett Young
Used To – Zac Maloy, Chris Daughtry, Howard Benson
Home – Chris Daughtry
Over You – Chris Daughtry, Brian Howes
Crashed – Nina Ossof, Dana Calitri, Kathy Sommer, Chris Daughtry
Feels Like Tonight – Martin Sandberg, Lucasz Gottwald, Shep Solomon
What I Want – Chris Daughtry, Brian Howes
Breakdown – Chris Daughtry
There and Back Again – Chris Daughtry, Brent Smith
All These Lives – Chris Daughtry, Mitch Allan
What About Now – Ben Moody, David Hodges

Notice that credit on “It’s Not Over”–Brett Young–that would be Ace Young, who is a songwriter as well.  He gave Chris a hand with this song, which will be released as DAUGHTRY’s first single.

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