Happy Birthday….Blog!

Happy Birthday….Blog!

I was looking through the archives tonight and just realized, that one year ago today, November 13, 2005 I posted here for the very first time.

Back then, I was just fooling around with some blogging software.  I thought it would be cool to post about Idol, and other pop culture topics, just like a diary. Something I could look back on like a history. 

I certainly got that, and so much more.  I’m not sure when I became really serious about what I was doing.  Maybe when I noticed that people other than my friends and family were actually reading this thing.  It kinda blew my mind.

And then, the last thing I ever expected–not only were people reading–people started commenting.  A wonderful little community sprung up in my comments section.  I expected comments to be a place where people would either WORD me, or tell me I was full of crap. It started out that way.  But, much to my surprise, folks began talking to each other.  Lively discussions began to take place (sometimes real lively. Heh).  And then folks started dropping by with links to stories, info and music, chart numbers, gossip and stories.  The real good stuff started happening in comments.

In the meantime, I got to know other bloggers and forum owners and my blog became part of the Idol Internet fan community–in no small part because of the smart, savvy, knowledgeable and incredibly hilarious folks who post in comments.  So, if y’all have a minute, stop in comments and say hey.  I’d be especially thrilled if some of the lurkers came out of hiding to say a few words.  They don’t even have to be nice words, I’d just like to hear from you…

To all of you who have been kind enough to visit and participate–thanks for a fantastic year.  You have no idea what this experience has meant to me.  You all RAWK!

Now, on to Season 6!