X Factor UK – Week 5 Auditions – Part 1

The last week of X Factor UK season 8 auditions is here.

Tonight’s highlights:

Natasha Paton Ali, 23, from Swansea
Umm, ummm, ummmm. Is she drunk? She sings “Every Time We Touch” by Cascada. My poor ears … and eyes. This is just embarrassing. Louis sums it up: “I’m not saying no, I’m saying never!”

John Adams, 23, maths teacher
Tulisa thinks he’s handsome. Ohh, yeah. He sings “Cannonball” by Damien Rice. Lovely tone. 4 yeses from the judges.

Michelle Barrett, 31, mother of 4 from Ireland
She sings “All The Man I Need” by Whitney Houston and brings Tulisa to tears: “You remind me of my mum. Just like you she had such a beautiful voice and she didn’t do anything with it and this is a mummy and daughter thing going on. It’s just, you know, like standing in the kitchen listening to her sing, she just had the most amazing voice.” Tulisa’s mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder.

2 shoes, female duo (Lucy Texeria, 22, and Charley Bird, 23), from Essex.
Ugh, fake tan and make up gone wrong. They sing “All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo. Okay, it could be way worse than this. Kelly says no, but the other 3 put them through.

John Wilding, 18
You might remember him from last year. He made it to Dannii Minogue’s judges houses in Melbourne. In the past year, he reportedly spent 7 thousand pounds on a makeover. Well, his face certainly looks better than it did last year. Much better.
He sings “Love You I Do” by Jennifer Hudson. The audience and the judges give him a standing ovation.

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  • tomr

    John Adams = WOW!

  • ericascher93

    While I know this is exactly what the producers want me to say, it has to be said. John Wilding is the first serious threat from the guys as far as I can tell. Personality, confidence, and a killer voice? I think he could go far. John Adams was also great. Jade and Sami Brooks have been my favorites so far.

  • tomr

    Why is it that these shows always cater to those that scream?

  • BAPC

    Loved John Adams. One of my favorites so far.

  • Ratna12

    Can John Adams plays the guitar ? he’ll win most likely.

    I had problem connecting to watch the stream live today .
    I don’t know why. I went to tvpc.com, LIVE, ITV1 and nothing, just frozen picture of some football or something..

  • kcostell

    Just as long as John Adams stays far, far away from “Blue Skies”. He did his best to hide it by clipping most of the held notes short, but it sounded like he was approaching Casey James levels of vibrato.

  • chessguy99

    I have to say the two Johns are the top of what has been a sub par group of boys this season. The three girl montage of auditions was probably the best of the show; mainly the first and last ones, Melanie and Sophie. At least they made the main show, meaning they could make lives with a good Boot Camp. I wish they could have cut some of the bad audition filler material and given those two girls a proper audition segment.

  • davedpg

    Did anyone see the Xtra Factor? One couple sang an Olly Murs song who was pretty excited at the side of the stage.