X Factor UK – Week 4 Auditions – Part 1

This week we go from 1 to 2 X Factor UK episodes per week. Another episode of auditions is scheduled for tomorrow night.
Bonus: One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful – Red or Black performance

One Direction performed “What Makes You Beautiful” on Red or Black tonight. The single drops in the UK in a couple of hours, the pre-orders are reportedly record breaking. The boys hold #1 spot on iTunes Ireland. Their music video has over 6 million views on Vevo. Well done, Simon.

Here are the highlights of tonight’s X Factor UK audition episode:

Kendro, male duo. They sing Born This Way by Lady Gaga. Don’t miss the lip gloss moment before they attempt to sing. And they get through to the bootcamp. I miss Jedward. Hell, I miss last year’s Diva Fever.

Samantha (Sami) Brookes, 31. Sings One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston. I think she is this year’s Mary Byrne for Louis Walsh.

Twisted, a girlband. The girls sing Someone Like You by Adele. One of them, Chrissie Pitt, made it to bootcamp last year. This year she is back with 3 other girls and the girlband sucks. But the judges think Chrissie is good and want her to audition as a solo singer. She sings “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green and gets through. How appropriate that Kelly Rowland is mentoring the girls this year.

Lascel Wood, 20. Sings Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.
Wooohoooo. I think this guy will make it to the live shows. Sad backstory, good audition, the judges love him.

Mateja Praznik

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  • davedpg

    Watching Red or Black, the one with curly hair from One Direction couldn’t stop shaking during his part of the song!

  • bentley1530

    So someone old enough to remember the early Beatles produce this number for the show. I wonder if it cost as much as LL’s from a week or so ago? They are a perfect boy band, young, cute and very non-threatening. It will be interesting to see how they hold up and together as their star rises.

  • Elliegrll

    It’s so funny how this show always amps up the music to hide the fact that some of the contestants who they are going to let through, like Kendro, aren’t good singers. But, for others who won’t be making it through, the music is barely audible.

  • blueperiwinkle

    This performance was PERFECT ! (stolen from one Taylor Swift did, but that doesn’t matter ;) ) The song is perfect for them and it is really, really good. Doesn’t really matter if they couldn’t sing that well after all the running ….or even, ever ! They are all so cute and innocent-looking. With songs like this one, they will be huge, I predict.

  • Trillian

    The chorus and other bits of “What Makes You Beautiful” sound like “Windy” from The Association (channel the 60’s!) but I think this band is cute and talented. That poor curly-headed guy – he needs to get over his stage fright!

  • Valentin432

    I haven’t seen many talents this season, we’re never sure before the first live show but this could be a down year.

  • jammasta

    The brunette in the girl group had the death glare going when Chrissie was up there.

  • tomr

    Lascel is your winner…no question about it.

  • Listening

    The Red or Black performance I think Harry was the only one w/ his microphone on. And I don’t know why he was so nervous considering his done X-factor and the X-factor tour. I guess b/c they hadn’t sung live in months but still. You could see Harry’s hand shaking at the end of his first solo and then he let out a big sigh of relief after the solo. It was real endearing your like awww what a precious little baby.

    As for the actual X-Factor auditions the only star shown was Lascel Wood. He has a great voice and creative he souled up Use Somebody. I mean that was his idea right it’s not a different version sung by another artist right?

    Well regardless the voice is awesome I was captivated and was like we have a winner.

  • Ratna12

    Mateja, thank you for doing this.
    I never home to watch this live because in my area it streamed at about 12:00 noon on a Saturday.

    Can American Idol just replace Randy Jackson with Gary What’s His Name (the far left judge). I rather see him than Randy.

    Kendro was funny but can’t sing.
    Samantha Brookes will just sing the usual songs of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and all the same type of songs that Mary
    Byrne sang last year.

    I changed my mind on Kelly Rowland, I think that she is a pretty good judge, she is not afraid to say no.

  • https://twitter.com/MatejaPraznik Mateja

    Two hours and a half after the release, One Direction’s single is already #2 on iTunes UK. Wow, usually new releases near the top on Sunday afternoon. They are killing it.

  • BAPC

    I don’t get Lascel at all. I found his performance completely annoying. He put runs in all the wrong places and had a shrill tone to his voice.

    I did like Chrissie when she actually sang by herself, but her sad crying for her backup singers was a bit much. That one girl in the group looked like she wanted to kill her too.

  • Listening

    BAPC the funny thing for me w/ Lascel is I usually hate it when people put runs all over the place but I let him slide b/c I thought they were tasteful runs> I guess b/c they showed some difficulty. I couple I held my breath on b/c I thought he wouldn’t hit the right range on the runs but for me if it was off it was just a bit. Now if for every performance he just runs all over the place it will get gimmicky and annoying.

    Oh and I don’t know if it was just me but the whole scene w/ Twisted and Chrissie felt staged to me, it just kept flashing through my mind. I got the feeling they never intended to be a group that it was just a set up. Like they were like Chrissie you’re going to obviously shine and then they’ll ask you to go solo. She wasn’t even dressed like the other members they all had little showy outfits and she was in a t-shirt and jeans. The whole thing struck me as off.

  • adolf_hipster

    awww Lascel, so cute and so gay. LOVED him.

  • karenc

    I thought Lascel was terrific, loved the way he changed up Use Somebody. I’ve never heard it done like that. I think he has a really good chance of doing well in the competition.

    I don’t know if the thing with Twisted was staged, but the other girls, especially the dark haired one really looked upset. Maybe it would have been more fair to audition them all separately.

  • 10DogMom

    I just love how honest the contestants are when they get interviewed – Sami saying she was “too thick” to do anything else…

  • revolution

    Sami and Lascal were great…I disagree with the lack of talent this year comment, did you see each weeks auditions?

    Here are a few you might have missed…

    Jade Richards

    Janet Devlin

    Kitty Brucknell

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