X Factor UK Season 9: Week 7 Results

Is it Rylan’s time to go?

According to TV Guide, tonight’s show airs at 8:00pm BST (3:00pm EDT, 12:00pm PDT) on ITV1 (60min). The Xtra Factor airs at 09:00pm BST (60min) on ITV2.

Where to watch the show? If you are in the UK or can get UK IP, watch on ITV.com. Possible alternatives: TV Nutters, TVPC.com.

Please post working live feed links in the comments section below as you find them!

Weeks ago, a psychic told Rylan Clark that this will be his final week on X Factor UK. Did she get it right?

I would prefer to see Christopher Maloney leave. If he ends up in the bottom, he won’t survive the sing off, not even with Rylan.

Alicia Keys and Olly Murs perform tonight. Olly Murs is in a singles chart battle with Cheryl Cole’s girlband, Girls Aloud. Olly is performing on the X Factor and Girls Aloud are performing on Strictly Come Dancing tonight. Olly is currently in the lead on iTunes, so fingers crossed.

The show starts with cold opening again. Dermot stands in the circle of all remaining acts.

The judges enter the studio.

And now it’s time for terrible group song. TOP 6 sing Tulisa’s #1 hit, “Young”. I think the original song choice was Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”, but Jahmene refused to sing a song about drinking alcohol.

Recap of last night’s performances and comments.

Next, Xtra Factor host and pop star Olly Murs performs his new single “Troublemaker”.

And now … I’m sorry guys. All live feeds are dead. :(

I caught a glimpse of Alicia Keys, so I guess it’s her turn now. Her new single “Girl on Fire” was released in the UK today, so I’m sure she is performing that tonight.

Union J
Rylan Clark
Jahmene Douglas
Christopher Maloney

Bottom 2:
Ella Henderson
James Arthur

DAMN. At least Rylan survived. I mean, he was soooo sure he was going tonight.

Ella Henderson

James Arthur – “Falling” by Alicia Keys

Tulisa sends home: James
Nicole sends home: Ella
Louis sends home: James
Gary sends home: Ella


Going home: Ella Henderson

The last female in the competition eliminated. It’s sausage fest all the way. This season is a disaster.
Apart from Olly Murs, solo males just don’t do well after the show. And I don’t think Union J can do anything really. We have three more weeks to suffer through.

Next week’s themes: Abba and Motown
Next week’s guest performances: Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Tulisa

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  • Oldhag

    Jahmene is a good singer but I’m not sure how commerical he will be. 

  • Amber Alk

     I agree even though I love his voice

  • Mateja Praznik

     That’s always the problem of all solo males on XF UK.

  • Listening

    Here’s the link i’m on.  http://www.justin.tv/wmc_tv2#/w/4203263520/3

    That Brad Pitt Chanel No5 commercials make me LOL so much. It’s like he’s just rambling. You gotta watch the Saturday Night Live Spoof of it, it was so funny.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    Let’s go, brits! Christopher and Rylan in the finale! Put a fork in this show!

  • shell29


  • Oldhag

    Well, well, well.  Bet Nicole isn’t too happy about Rylan right now.

  • elliegrll

    It’s a shame that either James Arthur or Ella will leave, but Rylan will still be on the show.  Each week that he stays hurts the show.  And I’m not afraid to say that I’m happy that Christopher is still on the show.

    I’d rather that Tulisa’s last act leaves than have Ryland outlast Christopher.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    I want a reality show with the producers of this show. They must be so p.. off. lol

  • Oldhag

    I am very happy about Union J, if for no other reason than I didn’t want them to go home the week Jaymi officially came out, despite the X Factor PR machine’s best attempts at hiding it.  I think the kid is an incredible singer, probably the best in the competition.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IYMZ43XMLLAE6RVHJS4M6KNC5Y Dennis

     Neither is Tulisa, she voted him to stay before. See if they just got rid of Rylan before like they were suppose to.

  • Listening

    I can’t help but chuckle over the fact that Rylan and especially Christopher aren’t in the bottom 2. I say Christopher b/c I feel like the producers want him gone and were messing around w/ his staging last night.

    But i’m a little bit bummed and nervous that my favorite James is in the bottom. I would of much preferred it was Ella and Jahmene. I hope James doesn’t get knocked out by Ella. It looks like it will go to deadlock and down to the public. Definitively Tulisa’s worst nightmare she loves them both. Gary will save James and Nicole will save James. Nicole will save Ella, Louis’s vote is up in the air but I think he goes to save Ella.

     I think Ella stays after deadlock. I pray it’s James though.

  • shell29

    Chris winning might put the nail in the coffin for this show.

  • Listening

    Ella’s putting a hurting on this song, it’s a mess. This could sway Louis. James has a real shot now as long as he’s just okay.

  • Oldhag

    If I were the last judge I would take it to deadlock. 

  • elliegrll

    I think that James is going to be gone.  He’s good, but Ella has been the front runner.  She and Jahmene are miles better than anyone else on the show, so it would be embarrassing to lose her (and still have Rylan on the show).

  • wordnerdarchie

    Just checking in…. are the voters on crack?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    I like the fact that people like Chris and Rylan are still in this show.
    TPTB think they can put “TV acts” like Chris and Rylan to make good TV
    and somehow get rid of them during the middle of the competition. It
    proves that once the PUBLIC is in control, anything can happen. 

    One day a Rylan, or Jedward or a Wagner will win this show.

  • Listening

    Hmm James is really eating that mic. It’s real muffled in the beginning and a bit lazy. It’s gotten much better after though when he started projecting but at times it’s kind of garbled like he’s got to much saliva in his mouth. But despite all that he beat Ella in the sing off.

  • Oldhag

    Tulisa has zero right to complain.  She didn’t mind sticking it to Kye Sones.

  • elliegrll

    Oh shut the heck up Tulisa.  You put Rylan through instead of better singers, so how can you fuss at the voting public.

    I can’t stand that woman, she’s a joke.  She also gave Ella songs that didn’t showcase all of her talent, so this is partly her fault.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IYMZ43XMLLAE6RVHJS4M6KNC5Y Dennis

    Tulisa is real mad well if she sent home Rylan weeks ago, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pietro-Matos/100000170166826 Pietro Matos

    SAUSAGE FEST LOL !!!!! james is overrated … the end.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    eta, wrong reply

  • Listening

    Yes! so happy James made it i’m a little surprised thought the public would go for the ballad girl.

    Gary was right the other judges got what they deserved for repeatedly telling the public it’s down to entertainment when they kept saving Rylan over Gary’s acts. Well the public listened to you guys and voted for the entertainer which kept Rylan out of the bottom two. HA HA

  • Oldhag

    I expected people to vote for Rylan because of the Gary thing, but seriously, who is voting for Chris?

  • SullyD

    This season is so bad that it’s entertaining.

  • elliegrll

    Ella showed a lot of class, but it’s too bad that her mentor can’t do the same thing.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro



    It’s the XY-Factor. lol

  • elliegrll

    I thought that Chris was good yesterday.  Besides, it’s hard to understand the constant refrain from the mentors that Chris is too cabaret or old sounding, but not hear them them say the same things to Rylan, who is about as cabaret as a person can get, or Jahmene, who is amazing, but has a style that’s isn’t exactly popular right now.

  • tomr

    This result is a crime!  She was by far the best.

  • Karen C

    I’m very surprised at the results, they were my two favorites left.  It really does seem like UK voters like something different than US.  Ryland would never go this far in the US shows, while James would most likely be at the top.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    The live shows are boring, but the results shows are amazingly entertaining.

  • Amber Alk

    I’m sad that Ella went home but at least I still have James,Jahmene and Union J.

  • elliegrll

    I think that the lists of winners shows that our tastes aren’t too different.  I think that this year’s group has been one of the weakest groups ever, and that’s saying a lot, since last season’s was considered to be very bad.  I think that having so many weak singers, weak performance shows and weak personalities has had an impact on the voting.  

    It happens that way on AI too, it’s why people say it’s better to be horrible than boring, especially during a week where all of the performances are bad.  People are going to be more likely to vote for a performer who is being mistreated, like Christopher is, or someone who has an over the top performance, like Rylan, than they are for someone whose performances are passable, just okay, or good but nothing special.  

  • WestiesRule

    And I thought XFactor US was the big joke… this show is a trip.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5HGXDY5SA4QJRME7OQJXRJYE4M James M.

    Hahahaha, everyone good on this show is gone. Serves that crock of a judge’s panel right. 

    “Oh, but you’re so entertaining!!!!” And guess whose acts are all gone now? 

    What a disaster this season is. I can’t help but like it, it’s like the car crash you just can’t stop looking at. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Rylan and he seems like a smarmy ass but he would be such a PERFECT winner for such a crappy and disastrous series! I bet dumb and dumber regret saving him now, dumb has one act and dumber has no acts. 

    I wanted Ella to win, but this is actually more entertaining. 

  • bannanafish

    Rylan & Christopher for the Final 2

  • alain arias

    That show should be The Worst Factor and the final would be Ryalan and Christopher… The winner Christofer… as bad as The X Factor US

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IYMZ43XMLLAE6RVHJS4M6KNC5Y Dennis

     Last season was great compared to this one, the final four was awesome, Little Mix, Misha, Marcus, and Amelia, entertaining and good singers.

    The thing with Rylan, he’s not really entertaining. Last week, when he did spice girls, the was only time he had a fun performance. Without a million things behind him he’s very blah on stage. That’s what they get though, this Rylan is so entertaining BS so I have to vote for him got one of your frontrunners sent home.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5HGXDY5SA4QJRME7OQJXRJYE4M James M.

    It was a kind of rough road getting to that final 4 with Misha, Amelia, Little Mix, and Marcus, but yeah, it was pretty good. The 7th series was a real winner, though. 

  • bahogbugan_simj

    boooo Ella gone, the only REAL good singer already gone.

    oh well, at least Rylan is still there LOL.  once he is gone, i really don’t care unless there’s a rule change and Jaymi (the only REAL good male singer left) from Union J goes solo haha

    that or maybe watch Baloney win just to put icing on the cake on the most awful UK season yet

  • elliegrll

    I don’t agree with you about Chris, but I was just thinking about how funny it is that Jaymi is the only good singer in Union J.  George can’t sing at all, and  I guess the other two get a pass, since they are original group members.  

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    I can’t stand her false ass either. Hell, I’m starting to think she deserves what’s coming to her. She may have picked some decent acts like Ella and last year’s winners Little Mix, but that doesn’t change the fact that she and Louie are a bunch of scheming son of a bitches. This full of shit Chav should know what’s coming to her with how she accused someone of bullying last season, smearing someone’s name purposely for her own personal gain. 

    Go f&%k yourself, Tulisa. Nobody cares about your whiny! You have no one to blame but yourself. Karma is a real bitch! haha!

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    It’s almost like these shows are afraid to cast a marketable male singer. No one has to be Usher, God no, but it would be nice they can cast a male contestant that’s…well…Cool! Has “swag”, or something like that. LOL. But it’s really the voters who may not be interested in voting for that. Let’s face it, the younger demo of these shows don’t have as much say anymore. Because they simply don’t care. 

  • shell29

    I wouldn’t be surprised if James and Jahmene wound up in the bottom two next week.  Heads would probably explode if that happened (Nicole would lose her mind).  I think the Union J fans will keep them safe for now.

    I don’t want to hate too much on Chris-he seems like a sweet guy and he’s doing it for his Nan and all.  He does have a decent singing voice.  But him winning would not be a good thing, I’m sorry.  I don’t even want to think about the hate he’d get.  He doesn’t need that.   He’d probably get the cold shoulder treatment they give to “winners” they don’t really want.   I don’t know if it’s Gary’s fault or not, but Chris just comes off cheezy IMO. 

  • Nasstopher

    I think it’s quite clear now that Jahmene is going straight to the final 2 now. Would be really good if James goes to the final 2 too.

  • shell29

    Tulisa is toast IMO.  I doubt she’ll be back next season (same with Gary).  Nicole (who I didn’t like on X Factor US last season) has been better on the UK version so I think she’ll stay. 

  • calliebeckett

    It seems both shows are tanking….

  • BAPC

    Wow. This is without a doubt the worst season of a singing show that I have ever watched. Ella was the only chance it had to redeem itself.

  • Nedsdag

    Wow! I saw the results show (albeit four hours ago) and I am still in shock! I never understood why people thought Rylan was entertaining. He isn’t, yet the judges (I’m looking at YOU, Tulisa) were so busy praising his “performances,” yet they encouraged him every week at the expense of better singers.

    If it is a Christopher/Rylan final, they have no one to blame but themselves for it.

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    OMG…. No words…..

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    The 2 best in the bottom 2?????!!! Wtf is wrong with UK????!!

  • kansasfemale

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I have to add my voice here….I adore what Rylan brings to the table.  I can yawn through the other’s performances while I look away from the screen and gather all I need to know about them.  With Rylan, at least I want to watch.

    I would adore it if he would win.  It’s the xfactor, not bestvoicefactor…..the ONLY thing that would “worry” me about him winning is how campy all the interviews and engagements might end up being…but hey…on second thought…that might actually keep the pot stirred and cause x factor a lot more media coverage…..hmmmmmmmm…….

  • http://twitter.com/ClaudeDee Claude Dee

    I knew she was going home. Lol Go Rylan!!! /sarc

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDYOWBIIPZU6PBRHGOPT2ZZJXQ sweetmm

    Stupid; they should have saved Ella.  Learn from the past for heavens sake; only female winners makes it after the show.  At least try to help her get to the finals as Rebecca Ferguson had.  Well I guess this is the end of XF UK :(

  • http://twitter.com/Barb0603 Barbara Rodriguez

    Wow UK wow REALLY if James hadn’t been saved I would not be watching the rest of this show * shaking my head * I really don’t get it !!!

  • hcpoirot

    Even in UK singing shows, it look like its very hard for female contestants to compete despite a joke contestant like Rylan make it to top 5 and Ella dont. X Factor Uk voters more and more like US singing shows. Not to mention whoever win this year X factor will not make it big.

    The winner will be the cheesy Christopher (he is the viewers choice and they really stand behind him)  and boring Jahmene.

  • hcpoirot

    Its not the judges fault for saving Rylan. the producer told them to save him for entertainment only. He will not win. maybe top 3.

  • springboard2

    I have given up with this show. I only watch the performances online, and only the performance, no VT (= emotional blackmail), no judge comments (= hypocritical waffle).

    Since I don’t see the performances in the context of the show, I find them even worse.
    Ella had become boring, and James isn’t cute enough to be a typical WGWG.
    Chris isn’t necessarily worse than Jahmene. They both have a good voice, but both are unmarketable. Chris is cheesy old fashioned, but Jahmene is devoid of personality.

    I hope for his own sake that James doesn’t win. It would be amusing to have either Chris or Rylan winning.


  • Valentin432

    Great another week, 3 other shows, 3 new ways to show how singing shows are male biased, women hating on women, nothing new 

  • springboard2

    I don’t think that women hate on women, but more likely, people need an incentive to pick up the phone and attraction to the other sex is one of them.
    I think that when a show is well received, the majority of people vote for talent, particularly towards the competition final stages. When it’s not, the casual audience isn’t interested, and votes for reasons other than talent make a larger proportion of the total.
    Union J are cute guys, Chris gets Liverpool , Jahmene is the grandson needing protection, and Rylan gets votes from anyone who is bored with the others and wants some fun.


  • Valentin432

    Women watch these shows, they vote in large majority for the male contestants, it’s been weel documented by now, if you want to believe male contestants win because of talent because you like or have liked them in the past, free to you.

    Funny thing, in every one of these shows you see condescending remarks towards the female contestants or judges, some may even call them catty, and you don’t have to search very far to see them.

  • springboard2

    It’s not what I said.
    I know that women vote more than men, and they are more likely to vote for  male contestants, but not because they hate other women, just because of attraction for the other sex.
    From what I can gather, men are more interested in female contestants, the problem is that they don’t vote!
    And I also think that a larger proportion of the audience vote and vote for talent when the season is successful. When people don’t care, even if they keep watching, they won’t pick up the phone and vote.
    It is clear that this season has become a joke, and I am assuming that the overall vote tally is very low.

  • Valentin432

    Doesn’t matter wheter the season is successfull or not.
    The saussage fest is something that goes accross series and seasons wheter the show is successfull or not.
    The Voice US has had a few successfull seasons, all with an almost unprecendent male contestant bias, same goes with season 6 and 7 of the X Factor UK that were ratings wise the biggest seasons and had saussages fest almost all the way through.
    THe same way some of the least popular season can be some of the only ones with lots of female going far, for instance season 3 of AI or season 3 of australian Idol.

    And yes, some of the votes is based on sex appeal but some of the voting bias is also based on the tendency of women resenting women easier than men.
    This is a very big voting bias that has multiple explainable factors

  • springboard2

    The show producers have been aiming for winners of different sex every season.
    Season 1 got Steve winning because at the time, Simon wanted his category to win (he realized the mistake since), season 2 had a male winner, season 3 female, season 4 male, 5 female, 6 male, 7 was supposed to be a boyband, last year was female, this year is a fail on all accounts, so who knows.  I just think that in general people don’t care and don’t vote, except for those who have an extra incentive of some sort not necessarily based on talent. In any case, the most pimped is Jahmene, who is male, and Ella got mixed comments.
    Chris is still in the competition for the same reason as Mary Byrne who reached the semi-final. 
    Rylan is the entertainer, and James didn’t deserve to be bottom 2 more than Ella.
    There are many reasons why the top 5 is what it is that have nothing to do with the sausage fest factor.

  • Valentin432

    Now you want to rationalize this?

    The saussage fest factor is not about special circonstances, it’s a general rule, the audience votes more for men. It’s funny to see people trying to justify for each particular season year after year if not week after week.

    I won’t even go into specifics for this season, way too easy to find answers for every different case, for every justification.

    The fact is X Factor UK has had 5 male winners will have 6 soon, if you take that only it’s a small sample, but truth is that’s exactly in line with every singing show in every country out there, men wins twice more than women, they go further in these competitions by the same rate.

    Those are not opinions, those are facts.
    Now if you want to believe men are in general more talented than women, you can, that’s one explanation.

  • Incipit

     some of the voting bias is also based on the tendency of women resenting women easier than men.

    This is a very big voting bias that has multiple explainable factors

    I know that’s Just Your Opinion, Valentin432, and if you chose to believe it, “free to you”. Still I find that a tired, divisive, patronizing and unproven meme…women are jealous, women are catty, women can’t get along or work together, women resent other women, women hating on women, the multiple generalizations alone, with nary a qualifier in sight,  are enough to discredit it in the face of facts to the contrary… got links to the research?

    Absolutely there are multiple explanation factors for any Reality Show vote – some of which will be proprietary information for the show’s staff of Bean Counters.  Some of which is directly relatable to various show’s manipulations. 

    But why jump to that old chestnut when there are logical reasons staring one in the face? By and large, people are more attracted to members of the opposite sex, males and females both. More women watch these shows = more women vote on the shows – and the interest level is proportionate to the aggregate of talent on the show in any given season.

    Without a reasonable talent level – other factors predominate, and that could come down to something as simple as geography – where the contestant is from, and the size of the voting pool there. (Liverpool?)

    Isn’t logic more appealing than unbased and biased assumptions as a starting point to build a theory about the reasons? Or Maybe Not.

    JMO. Of Course.

  • springboard2

    Now if you want to believe men are in general more talented than women, you can, that’s one explanation.

    I have never said that men are more talented than women, because I don’t believe that it is the case.
    I don’t have such a high regard for these shows that I believe that they a good measure of talent.

  • Valentin432

    Why do I jump on that?

    Because I’ve checked the numbers, I followed more of these reality shows than I care for to count. I’ve read tons and tons of comments, etc.

    Of course there are several explanations to the bias, but geography isn’t one, race isn’t one, etc. Those are other factors that explain differences between different women or men.

    The difference between men and women is well documented and not only by me, wheter a contestant is from Liverpool or London, from Ohio or Texas, it will be better if he’s a boy and not a girl.

    As far as difference because of low/high viewership for a season, again that doesn’t explain anything because there are multiple exemples of the contrary.
    You could just as well justify that a season is not popular because it’s dominated by women which the majority of viewers don’t care for.

    What I find funny is that a few years ago not even the sex appeal argument was admited here or elsewhere because the fans of the boys contestants (always in majority on the boards) couldn’t believe their own precious snowflake won because there were lots and lots of young girls or cougars watching and voting maniacally and not because he was the best most special contestant that year.

    Now it seems that you and others can admit that reason, maybee in a few years, the fact that women have a hard time rooting for other women would be seen as common knowledge as the sex appeal factor.
    Because this is IMO as easily seen in the real world as the sex appeal attraction.

  • http://twitter.com/HighTensions Jake Williams

    lol they just need to scrape this entire season. Last year was the best season ever in the history of x factor IMO. I nearly loved, not just liked,loved every act. All of their songs that came out so far have been stellar. I just listened to Little Mix’s new album and theirs is really good too.

  • Incipit

    Now it seems that you and others can admit that reason, maybee in a few years, the fact that women have a hard time rooting for other women would be seen as common knowledge as the sex appeal factor. 

    Oh Pshaww. Conflating some sex appeal argument with an ‘opinion’ of women is just as illogical as the original opinion, or throwing in the red herring about who is thought to be more talented as a gender. Irrelevant to your statement.  Show me the current research.

    So this is all based on your observations. Gotcha. Women don’t support other women. Heh. Tell that to Taylor Swift, or Adele.

  • Valentin432

     I disagree, it’s very representative of the population as a whole, wheter you want to see the voting results for political offices, or the numbers of women who end up as high level executives in corporations, the numbers of popular male players in sports compared to the women, same goes for the movie industry, etc.
    Of course some of those subjects are way more important than gender disparity in reality shows.

    Altough I wouldn’t minimize the impact of these hugely popular shows crowning men after me while the women fall by the wayside faster and faster. It has a symbolic meaning IMO.

  • Valentin432

     Yup, just throw in Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc.
    Then make the same for male performers, we can end up here for the next 12 years.

    Never said women are never going to support other women, women do win these shows from time to time, I said that they have a harder time doing so and that explains in part the voting discrepency.

    If you don’t think that it exists then it’s up to you, just like people were refuting those same sex appeal arguments you’re now making as irefutable arguments.

  • Incipit

    If you don’t think that it exists then it’s up to you, just like people were refuting those same sex appeal arguments 

    Sorry, Valentin432. Whatever “People” you observed in whatever numbers, where ever that was, it can’t be replicated for the sake of proof…and I don’t buy that you have supported your argument logically with those generalities…no matter how many times you move the goal posts. Also, I’m fact driven, and I don’t deal in absolutes.

    Well, except for maybe this one: “Correlation does not imply causation.”

  • springboard2

    Sorry, but I don’t agree with likening every aspect of society with a reality TV show.
    But I’ll leave it here, otherwise the discussion may last all day.

  • Valentin432

    Again, the same thing could be said about sex apeal.
    Not that women are generally attracted to men is arguable but that it has an impact on the voting of these shows.

    A few years (months or week depending on the person), people would revolt just like you’re doing about the “hormonal” argument, and they were as dismissive as you are about cattiness and women not supporting other women.

    As far as your last sentence, I think you’ve understood that I’ve separated what is unarguable and what is, but I guess it’s better to shut down the whole argument.

  • springboard2

     ah ah.. just a quick word.
    Considering your stereotypes about women, I am wondering why you think that these catty and hormonal creatures deserve to be treated any better than you think they are.

  • Valentin432

    I think there’s a misunderstanding here.
    You are assuming that when I say “this is another exemple of women hating on women” or when I say that cattiness exists, that I imply that all women are catty and jaleous creatures. I think both statements are quite different and I don’t recognize the second one at all.

    Just like I said previously, women are capable to support each other just like a woman can win a popularity contest which is majoritarly voted on by women.
    I say that jaleousy among women exists just like women voting based on hormones exist and that contributes to the voting descrepency seen on these shows.

    If there are 100 women voting and 10 are voting because of shallow reasons, it’s enough to make the votes go majoritarly in favor of male contestants.

    I do think that women hating on other women on these shows is a factor that explains the voting bias. Not the same as saying that all women hate other women.

  • Incipit

    Considering your stereotypes about women,

    Oh, OUCH! springboard2. Yes, the 1950’s called, and they would like their assumptions back, but Valentin432 is just trying to make sense out of the situation, using the tools they have available.

    Better tools are available, though – have you ever heard of a website called WhatNotToSing? – Their editorials are full of documented facts about one of the shows, American Idol…and they cover the voting patterns in depth. Don’t feel bad, though, Valentine432, even with actual facts instead of assumptions, they don’t have all the answers, and they say so.

    No one disputes there is a gender bias, and guess what? It’s growing. What is in dispute is your theory on causation (see previous quote), and your reliance on stereotypes, anecdotal observations and assumptions to base an unqualified statement on. 

    That link is to their latest findings, and they cover gender, age, race, geography, exposure, pimp spots, promo, etc. Although Nowhere in the text is their an inter-gender rivalry factor, laying the discrepancy among women contestants at the feet of other women’s jealousy – which keeps them credible. And it still comes down to the KISS Principle:

    How to correct for this?   it’s widely assumed that the Idol voting electorate is made up predominately of females of all ages.  If they happen to prefer male singers to female ones, it’s difficult to tell them to stop.  Encouraging more male voters may or may not help the situation.

    If you want the skinny about the stats, that’s the place to get it – and they don’t sugar coat, and they don’t let TPTB off the hook, either.

    Countless women music artists through the years will tell you how much more difficult it was for them to make it in this business than for their male counterparts.  No matter what the reasons for it, what we’re seeing onAmerican Idol might be nothing more than a vivid, painful, weekly reminder to the rest of us of what they’ve known all along.

    Best I can offer you , if you have an affinity for facts, logic, and and thorough research, you may enjoy it.

  • Oldhag

    Now if you want to believe men are in general more talented than women, you can, that’s one explanation.

    It’s not that I think men are more talented, it’s that I like the sound of a male’s voice better.  I don’t dislike most female singers, I just prefer male singers’ voices.  Last year my favorite was Little Mix and and in season 4 of AI I liked Carrie Underwood, but yeah, generally I prefer male singers. It isn’t all about talent.

  • Valentin432

    Incipit giving me the link to that WNTS article.

    The best part is, the mistake that they made in the first article that underestimated the gender bias?
    I was the one to point it out by mail but hey write to Nick from WNTS ask him about a Valentin 432, I’m curious to see his answer.

    Secondly, yes they did a reboot of the age, race, etc. bias studies, and I was pointing to that fact before, but again if you can’t understand that gender bias is independent from those, I can’t help you.

    Those gender biases are all other things being equal meaning the exact same human being with the same social origins and the same level of performances but as a woman will do worse than a man on these singing shows.

    What is true is that they can’t isolate a cause and that’s what’s up for interpretation.
    What’s cool is that they control for the level of performances so if you belive in their ratings the explanation using the level of talent of the dudes being much better is just not true.

    After that, they just say what is the starting point of all this, women have it tougher than men, be it on these shows or in other venues of life.
    The explanations themselves they don’t say a word, just that’s mighty difficult to change and the reaon why is IMO the nature of the voting public.

    But hey, thanks for the link and the condescending tone, I’m sure it makes you feel more confortable to dismiss other peoples without fully grasping what’s going on.

  • Incipit

     ….gender biases are all other things being equal meaning the exact same human being with the same social origins and the same level of performances but as a woman will do worse than a man on these singing shows… The explanations themselves they don’t say a word, just that’s mighty difficult to change and the reaon why is IMO the nature of the voting public.

    Valentin432, if my tone seemed condescending to you – you misread my exasperation….but now you’ve been condescending right back, “without fully grasping what’s going on” – explaining Gender Bias to a person who has experienced it all her life, including in the field of music and entertainment – so we’re even in that regard. *snerk*

    So you know the site, you know the facts, you know that degree of exposure has a higher ratio to retention than ANY other factor – and yet you think that Gender Bias is independent from every other factor – as a special circumstance of Reality Shows and Inter-Gender jealousy? No, you can’t help me – you are correct – because I won’t be believing in that one. It has no moving parts.

    Perhaps statistics is the wrong place to look for answers, but the sociology of groups or the psychology of individuals or a culture’s effects on human behavior as they relate to Reality Show voting doesn’t have a reputable study anyone has done, AFAIK – so it’s wide open to opinions. I know this is likely true, because I have twice asked you for the links you based your unqualified statement on…and Nada.

    And since you seem completely married to your meme that “3 new ways to show how singing shows are biased towards male performers, women hating on women, nothing new” – – or the retrenched statement – “the tendency of women resenting women easier than men.” with no supporting facts – just a stereotyped assumption, based on anecdotal observation – Well, I can’t help ‘you’ either. I think the examples you offer are selective and self-confirming – and I won’t be condescending and explain Confirmation Bias. *wink*

    Actual people can tell you differently – have already done so in this thread – but I won’t confuse you with the facts when your mind is made up…and that’s not condescension – that’s snark.

    We will definitely have to disagree – Like varying takes on The Kiss Principle,  I suppose Occam’s Razor can look differently from different points of view as well…perhaps Hickam’s Dictum applies better. And perhaps it’s just as well that this thread has now scrolled off the front page.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002033520082 Brian Thurman

    Wow it is sad she went home over this guy. He is way over rated. I just dont get the hype. Ella has the best vocals I have heard from any singing talent show and she is only 16.

  • Valentin432

    I wrote a long reply that was eaten by the system, so I’m going to try to keep it short.

    The gist of it:
    Sorry if you were offended by my comment, I didn’t mean that you weren’t able to grasp gender bias because you didn’t experience it in yor life but that you didn’t fully understood what that particular analysis entailerd.
    About the exposure thing.
    The principal point is: it does matter but if a guy and girl gets the same level of exposure the guy will go further and have a better shot to win.
    The level of exposure for contestants is almost the same for the girls and guys as a group accross seasons and series, that’s what explains the actual gender bias.
    What WNTS is advocating for is that the producers heavily tip the balance towards women in the pre live show pimping just to try to rebalance the votes, IMO that’s not a good solution because you can’t force feed your audience women contestants if their not receiptive to it (see AI season 9)

    In conclusion, the level of exposure doesn’t explain the gender bias in these shows so other explanations are required, you can not accept my explanations, you’re right that there aren’t any studies on the subject that I know of, just like there aren’t any studies about the influence of “hormonal’ voting in this bias, so free to you to disagree.