X Factor UK Headlines for 01/20/13

One Direction travel to Ghana and Japan, Olly Murs prepares to take on America.

One Direction to Start Shooting 3D Movie in Tokyo
One Direction will officially begin shooting their previously announced behind-the-scenes 3D film next weekend. The film, which will be released by TriStar Pictures on Aug. 30, 2013, is being directed by Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”), who confirmed at CES last week that production would begin in Tokyo over the weekend. The British boy band is set to perform two shows in Tokyo on Jan. 18 and 19 before bringing their world tour to the U.K., U.S. and Canada.

One Direction are currently rehearsing for the extended tour in London. Band member Niall Horan wrote on Twitter last week, “Rehearsals goin really well for tour! Settin down vocals and harmonies at the moment!” The musicians have refused to reveal which songs they’re currently practicing, though. “Unbelievable rehearsal with @JohnShoneKeys @JoshDevineDrums @SandyBeales and @GuitarManDan today!” Horan added over the weekend. “Sounding big… can’t tell ya which ones.”

Spurlock is producing the yet-untitled film along with Ben Winston, Adam Milano and Simon Cowell, who discovered the band on “X Factor” U.K. in 2010. The film will blend concert footage and the musicians’ behind the scenes tour life, presumably showcasing music from both the group’s debut, “Up All Night,” and their recent effort, “Take Me Home.”
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Konnichiwa! One Direction follow in the footsteps of The Beatles and sport matching red kimonos as they touch down in Tokyo
They may be 50 years behind, but it would seem One Direction are keen to follow in the footsteps of The Beatles.

After stepping off an 11-hour flight from the UK to Japan on Wednesday, the British mimicked the pop legends’ exact moves five decades ago by wearing traditional Japanese dress and being greeted by a mob of hysterical fans.

The quintet were all wearing matching bright red kimonos as they came through arrivals at Narita Airport in Tokyo, and were promptly met by a plethora of screaming women – much like the Fab Four some 50 years ago.
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Gone Direction
Mystery as Zayn quits Japan interview

ZAYN MALIK has come up with a handy motto for 1D – “if the situation gets tricky, pull a sicky”.

The singer did a runner from a painful press conference in Japan yesterday after just 20 minutes.

Officially he had a bit of a sniffle following a long-haul flight and brutal jet lag.

But the previous night the boys had a tear-up in a karaoke bar that would make an interview in front of a wall of cameras seem like torture.
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Telly on Kards for Niall
IT’S only a matter of time before NIALL HORAN pops up on reality television.

He’s splashed £1.5million on an LA pad in the same gated complex as KIM KARDASHIAN’s parents.

And he’s already such good mates with KIM’s teenage half-sisters KENDALL and KYLIE JENNER they are desperate to stick him in their family’s string of TV shows.

A source said: “The guarded community where Niall lives when he’s in LA is a good investment – and it’s packed with celebrity neighbours.

“As well as the Kardashians, other residents include OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE and JENNIFER LOPEZ.

“Niall wanted a permanent place in the States because ONE DIRECTION will be spending a lot more time there this year and he didn’t want to stay in a string of hotels.

“He’s made friends already with his Kardashian neighbours and the younger Kardashian sisters love him and his Irish accent. They’re already talking about getting him on the family’s reality shows and they think he’s sure to say yes because he would find it funny.”

Kim’s mum KRIS would love the ratings boost too.
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Aiming for stardom: White Eskimo – the Cheshire band Harry Styles left behind for One Direction
After joining One Direction Harry Styles has become one of the most famous popstars on the planet. But what about the band he left behind?

White Eskimo are now preparing to blaze their own trail with their brand of punk pop. And they are determined to do it without Harry.

Harry was the lead singer of the Cheshire-based band for seven months before bunking off school to audition for the X Factor. And now the teenage heartthrob is performing to millions of lovestruck fans and jetting around the world.

Former drummer Will Sweeny, 18, who is now the band’s frontman, queued up with Harry at the Old Trafford auditions for moral support, not suspecting that the audition would go on to change his best friend’s life forever.
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Britpop star Olly Murs to perform on ‘90210’ — EXCLUSIVE
Britpop star and former UK X-Factor contestant Olly Murs is heading to 90210.

In the episode, slated to air in April, Murs pops up to help Liam and Navid woo a pro-surfer. The singer will perform two songs — “Troublemaker,” his song featuring Flo Rida and “Right Place Right Time.”
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Olly Murs is coming to America! He will perform “Troublemaker” on Kelly and Michael’s show on Wednesday.

Exclusive: Little Mix: ‘New music video showcases our personalities’
Little Mix have revealed details about their new music exclusively to Digital Spy.

Singer Jade Thirlwall said that the visual for their latest track ‘Change Your Life’ will showcase the group’s individual personalities.
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‘We wear the trousers’: Little Mix insist they’re in charge when it comes to their relationships as they open up in first ever US magazine interview
Funky and feisty, Little Mix are a girlband with attitude.

Their natural good looks and sassy style have secured them a blooming fanbase with more than 50million YouTube hits worldwide.

And it seems that the X Factor winners are set to big as bit a hit Stateside as this side of the pond, as they have just completed their first US magazine interview with Seventeen.
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Who’s that guy? X Factor winner James Arthur arrives at rehearsals looking like a bona fide music star
When he first arrived at last year’s X Factor audition, he had little more than his guitar and the clothes on his back.

James Arthur’s journey from bed-sit lodger to X Factor superstar is well documented.

Having been crowned the winner of the ninth series of the show, the 24-year-old has been propelled far and above his humble origins in Middlesborough.
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How much work has he had done? Rylan dyes his ginger beard black as he shows his vain side in Celebrity Big Brother
Rylan Clark might just be the vainest person ever to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

The former X Factor contestant spent a long time trying to hide his ginger roots by dying his beard on Friday afternoon.

Rylan’s desire to change his looks and appear more youthful than he is have led him to use many different techniques.
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I’ve got the new ‘Adella’: Simon Cowell wins fight to sign X Factor’s Ella Henderson
Music mogul aims to earn the singer millions and make her as successful as Adele

Simon Cowell has won the fight to sign X Factor’s Ella Henderson and aims to make her as successful as superstar Adele.

The music mogul will personally oversee the teen sensation’s career after landing her at Syco, the Sunday People has revealed.

He has vowed to make Ella, 17, a global star and millionaire before 2014 and give Someone Like You singer Adele, 24, a run for her money.
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Si won’t return to X Factor
SIMON Cowell last night told fans he would NOT be returning to the X Factor.

Viewers wanted Simon, 53, to stage a comeback after last year’s lacklustre run.

But last night he revealed he had not found a way to juggle the show with being a judge on the US version.

At Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Cardiff, Simon was asked if he would be on the X Factor.

A source said: “Simon shook his head. People weren’t happy.”

Simon plans to change the judges’ panel with Tulisa Contostavlos set to go and Sharon Osbourne to return.
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Irish Charts
1 Will.I.Am – Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears)
2 James Arthur – Impossible
7 One Direction – Kiss You
18 Olly Murs – Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
21 One Direction – Little Things
41 One Direction – Live While We’re Young
53 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
57 Little Mix – Wings
63 Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight
93 Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time

1 Villagers – Awayland
6 One Direction – Take Me Home
16 One Direction – Up All Night
20 Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time
32 Kelly Clarkson – GH – Chapter 1
47 Little Mix – DNA
73 Olly Murs – In Case You Didn’t Know
87 Susan Boyle – Standing Ovation

_ _ _

The Official Charts
1 Will.I.Am – Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears)
7 James Arthur – Impossible
9 One Direction – Kiss You
13 Olly Murs – Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
36 One Direction – Little Things
53 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
68 One Direction – Live While We’re Young
85 Little Mix – DNA
90 Little Mix – Wings
99 One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

1 Les Miserables – Motion Picture Cast Recording
11 One Direction – Take Me Home
17 Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time
33 One Direction – Up All Night
46 Kelly Clarkson – GH – Chapter One
48 Olly Murs – In Case You Didn’t Know
52 Little Mix – DNA
95 Rebecca Ferguson – Heaven

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tammyluebrecht Tammy Luebrecht

    Sharon Osbourne returning to X Factor UK? Yes!! I loved her. I think she’s great. Now, if Simon would quit being an ass and make friends with Cheryl Cole again, I really want her to get another chance on X Factor US. I think people here in the US would really love her.

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    Oh great. Change it from someone terribly annoying, to downright bothersome. I seriously cannot stand Sharon Osbourne, especially after that mess with Lady Gaga. Why can’t there ever be a “cool” judge, like a Bruno Mars, or a Pharrell? Why are these shows fishing out has beens for judges like Britney and Sharon for God sake?

  • forwarddad

    So agree. Can’t stand Sharon.

  • durbesque

    Oh, no, not Tulisa.
    Oh, no, not Sharon.
    The good part is…the clips usually don’t include the judges.

  • Axxxel

    Poor white eskimos…

  • Incipit

    So, XFUK is heading into its 10th season, and it has pretty much the same headaches as AI going into its 12th season, falling ratings and such…and both shows still have the highest ratings in their countries, if I have that right, even though XFactor’s style did not translate well to the US and XFUS probably ought to go….and yet people-pretending-to-be-journalists will still be writing articles conjecturing doom for both the original shows…with no actual facts?

    OKay. Good to have all that straight, so I know what nonsense to ignore.

    XFUK wasn’t even on my radar when I started watching Idol in 2008 – but mj’s has this coverage, so it’s hard to miss what’s happening. Then, when you see random mentions on the web – there’s a frame of reference, at least.

    Still, when I saw this youtube of a guy,Daniel Evans, doing a rearrangement of DC’s “We Believe”, I didn’t know that he was from 2008 XFUK, the same year that DC won Idol, until I looked into it a little further. He didn’t win or place that season – the winner was Alexandra Burke, who did the Hennessy Viet Nam gig and the RitD duet with DC in 2011 , but he has a well-reviewed  Indie album out, and he credits being on XFUK with enabling him to make a living playing music. 

    He took the rock track “We Believe” played here at last year’s Race for Hope, that DC said was inspired by “Idol Gives Back” and his trip to Ethiopia, and arranged it as a ballad. Interesting. And not bad, minus some of the melisma and the too careful pronunciation…if you like inspirational ballads. 

    I much prefer the rock track..but it was interesting to see that a well written song could have such a switch, in the hands of someone who knows how. He also did a version of “Come Back to Me” in 2011, and both are available in the UK, online and on Soundcloud.

    I don’t often follow what happens to the UK contestants after their season, because the nature of that show is we don’t really get to know them and their music – only what the producers want us to see of both…but this was intriguing, involving two contestants from 2008, and caught my attention. As always, it isn’t just the Top 2 who have had being in the competition make a difference in their lives, in the UK or the US.


  • http://twitter.com/facenfield David Facenfield

    Sharon Osborne returning… really… that’s the solution to the current problems with the judging line up… ugh!?!!

    putting aside whether you like her or hate her (people don’t tend to have a neutral opinion of her)…  she isn’t really the right type of judge for the show anymore… that is assuming they still want to be seen as creating relevant pop stars…

    at best she was good at was mentoring the older acts that wanted nothing more than to sing soft rock and AC hits of yester-year on national TV… 

    at worst she was an overly dramatic and caustic diva who stole attention away from the contestants by making it all about her & the judges … not to mention she seemed to pick contestants who had sob stories or were ‘likeable’ over those with talent…

  • Mateja Praznik

    Well, I agree that Sharon isn’t really the definition of relevant, but I just love this:


    Just imagine a judge, on the final performance night, give that kind of critique to one of the finalists. Well, Steve went on to win the show and become a total joke.

  • Oldhag

    Well, I agree that Sharon isn’t really the definition of relevant, but I just love this:
    Just imagine a judge, on the final performance night, give that kind of critique to one of the finalists. Well, Steve went on to win the show and become a total joke.

    Well they sure could have used that this year for Chris.  Simon was probably having deja vu this season.