X Factor UK 2010 – Watch the Week 3 Auditions

This week’s X Factor UK auditions ended with a teen-aged girl punching out her friend after an especially horrific version of “That’s My Goal”. Something tells me the duo, calling themselves Ablisa, plotted the whole scene. But maybe reality TV has made me cynical.

A teen-aged duo also started things off. The Parisian Jedward wannabes, Twem sure were cute, but the singing was not so good. Kids, you are no Jedward. At least last year’s Irish duo were hilarious.

The acts in-between were pretty ho-hum. I thought Simon Cowell was pretty rude  when he refused to call the California-by-way-of-Scotland crooner, Storm Lee,  by his legal name.  But  Simon had a point. Dude has a decent voice, but is a total poser.

The judges were peeing themselves over boy toy Liam Payne, a contestant who had been rejected by Simon  in 2008.  I thought his vocals were average, but he’s got that Bieber look, which could carry him far.

Forty-one year old Patti Eleode was really really bad, but not in a very interesting way.

Teenaged pop starlet, Cher Lloyd will no doubt be manufactured within an inch of her life when the X Factor team gets a hold of her, but I have to admit, she’s got charisma.  There’s some raw talent there, for sure.

So, did you watch X Factor tonight? What did you think? Watch the vids after the jump.

Video after the JUMP…

Twem – (Parisian Jedward knock-offs) – “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga

Storm Lee – “Every Breath You Take” by Sting/”Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2

Liam Payne – “Cry Me A River”

Patti Eleode – “For Your Eyes Only” by Sheena Easton

Cher Lloyd – “Turn My Swag On” by Keri Hilson

Ablisa – “That’s My Goal” by Shayne Ward

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  • jammasta

    I admit I was kinda disappointed because I thought the punch would be harder, but that’s my evil side speaking.

    o_O @ Cher Lloyd. I’m a little embarrassed having seen that, but I only saw a little bit of it.

    Where’s Joe McElderry when you need him?

  • druzilla

    For me Liam was the best of the lot. I’d like to hear him sing other styles though, something more modern. Seems like he’s got a better voice than Bieber to me.

    Simon rightly called Storm out for being a poser and I’m afraid he’ll ignore what Simon tried to tell him. I found his voice just average.

    I don’t ‘get’ why people were drooling over Cher, I thought she was a mess. The eyebrows plucked beyond redemption, the ripped up jeans, the wobbling vocals… Maybe someone can mentor her into something less awful since she’s only 16.

    The others were not worth seeing.

  • jammasta

    Actually, Liam Payne is not bad. I like it. He could stand to do more styles, and he DEFINITELY has a better voice than Bieber. He just looks so tentative on stage. And I love Aaron Kelly (who was also quite tentative on stage during his Idol run), so that’s saying something.

    I like that guy’s tone, and he pulls off a variation of Bieber hair that makes him not look like a tool.

    I still can’t get over Cher. But now that nobody’s around, I can watch the whole thing without being totally embarrassed.

    Okay, Cher was a mess. It was kinda pitchy at times, but it was still pretty entertaining. She has a voice underneath that mess. Plus, she’s cute. She kinda reminds me of Siobhan, except Siobhan is probably my future wife and Cher, not so much. She also has charisma. This is gonna sound pretty stupid, but if she gets rid of all that mess, I think she could make it. So work on the pitch and be less embarrassing to watch (And GOD, if you’re gonna choose a Keri Hilson song, that’s…. probably the worst. Even “Turnin’ Me On” would’ve been a lot more entertaining, or “Knock You Down”).

    I miss Shirlena. I’m gonna go watch her.

  • khomphuong

    They all sucked. Simon was rude. Ablisa was entertaining. Cheryl was pretty as usual.

  • S0n0fLucy

    I only watch X-Factor because of Cheryl Cole.

  • iluvai

    I love Simon. Although I hate his look upwards eyes. So fakey cute. Simon you are not cute!

    Don’t sing Sting dude…. gah!

  • tripp_ncwy

    According to this article XFactor UK will be taking a break in 2011 and will resume in 2012. Giving Cowell time to launch XFactor US.


  • Ratna12

    I don’t think Liam Payne is that special and he got a standing ovation from Simon ? Yeah, he will go straight to the final 2 at least. Hopefully he will sing more current song though.

    Cher is really weird. She looks 29 instead of 16.
    Her facial expression is totally weird. But for sure she will make an interesting contestant.

    I personally love all this videos just to see Cheryl.

  • Ratna12

    That’s an interesting article of the X-Factor. Thanks tripp.

    I’m rooting for Cheryl for the American X-Factor.
    If I can’t see Shania in American Idol, I want Cheryl for the X-Factor. They will probably have a subtitle for Cheryl, but I don’t care. And Cheryl, you can do sooo much better than Derek Hough.
    All these reality TV people interacting – what with Julianne and Ryan Seacrest.

  • fadetowhite

    I thought Liam was fairly good, but needed to knock off the Michael Buble impersonation: that’s why I was surprised by Simon’s enthusiasm, because he normally criticises that kind of mimicry, even when the singer is good. However, I think he definitely had Bieber dollar signs in his eyes!

    And the young girl had performance confidence and attitude and a decent voice.

    I said this on the news thread, but what stuck me most forcibly watching last night was a) how current quite a few of the music choices were and how much fresher the show felt as a result; and b) how much more entertaining it was than recent years’ AI auition rounds, which I’ve pretty much stopped watching.

    And that’s not necessarily to beat up on AI or raise up X Factor: AI still has a strong central premise; X Factor is equally manipulative and loves it some OTT presentation.

    But it is entertaining, to a huge age range: from all the kids I teach at school, through teens, twenties, my age, my mum’s age, right through to my gran at 94.

    And not only that, but in recent years, it seems to be producing home grown, moulded pop stars, who are extremely successful in the home market. They are successfully pinning that key market of pop buying young people with the show, which, whatever people may think of the reuslts (the music isn’t my thing at all) is what AI has been desparate to do for a good few years now.

    I think 2011, when X Factor US opens, is going to be a very interesting year and next year is going to be a crucial year for AI. It needs to update desperately.

  • S0n0fLucy

    how much more entertaining it was than recent years’ AI auition rounds, which I’ve pretty much stopped watching.

    I think X-Factor’s auditions are the worst. Big stage, standing ovation right from the start ? wth. If AI’s auditions were like that I would stop watching immediately.

  • butte009

    I thought there could be 3 rough gems that didn’t get much air time. There was a segment of a 16 year-old Black girl (I didn’t catch her name), a guy named John and then an Elisha. All three had fairly good voices and seemed normal. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t get much screen time.

    I thought you needed to be a UK citizen or have some sort of tie to the UK to be on the show. So I’m confused with why Twem was even on. Other than to allow the whole Jeward taking over Europe banter.

    It may be too late to fix Storm’s image. It was hilarious when a later contestant called Simon ‘Lightening’. But I must say that even the name ‘Storm’ seems somewhat dull in comparison to some names I’ve seen parents grace their children with. I’m pretty sure there was a US soap opera that had a ‘Storm’ character way back.

    I think the standing O for Liam was more about proving that Simon was right about Liam 2 years ago when he wasn’t chosen to go through. Simon told him he wasn’t ready and to come back in 2 years. It seems that Simon may have done the kid a nice favor. Liam has a better voice than Lloyd and look how far he went last year.

    There have been some rumors that Simon, Cheryl and Dermot will be on the US X-Factor. I’d be thrilled if that were the case. I think Dermot is a fantastic host. Simon is always great AI or X-Factor, and I think Cheryl would draw a lot of young male viewers.

  • http://mjsbigblog.com/luvadamlamberts-american-idol-tour-2009-washington-dc-re-cap.htm luvadamlambert

    They’re OK, I guess.
    Liam has an OK voice, but he’s not that cute, other than his hair. But he’s British. So that kinda cancels out…

  • http://mjsbigblog.com/luvadamlamberts-american-idol-tour-2009-washington-dc-re-cap.htm luvadamlambert

    I like Cher Lloyd

  • fadetowhite

    ‘Storm’ came over as a pretentious twat: giving yourself a weird name is absolutely fine if you are modelling yourself as a pop star straight into the industry:you can get away with the theatre of it, if you’re good enough.

    But on a reality TV show – especially in the UK: it won’t work. People will loathe him.

    But he’s British. So that kinda cancels out…

    Puzzled by that one.???

    As for the auditions in the UK vs the US: they are both staged and both manipulated. IMO at least, the UK one is more enjoyable: but it’s just an opinion.

    I think it’s because they mixed things up last year with the studio audience. I didn’t like that last year; it’s grown on me this year. It certainly gives the auditionees a chance to demonstrate ability on a wider platform than just auditioning for the judges in a room. Some performers only really respond/come alive when a live audience is there to react to.

  • JohnP

    What the show didn’t edit in according to someone in the audience that day was that Simon tried to stop Cher Lloyd singing that song before she started and replace it with something we all know… Hmmm. The other judges persuaded him to let her have her way. The producers seemingly decided not to show that bit and embarrass Simon as the song was done well according to TPTB and others.

    There’s some celebrity buzz on line about Cher with Ciara and Keri Hilson both tweeting about it. Probably tweeted to them by one of the fake Cher accounts, seemingly.


  • OldHag

    Can’t say I like Cher – at all.