X Factor Top 10 – Recap Roundup!

Did you watch the X factor Top 10 perform “rock” songs (more or less!) last night? Here are what pundits across the web are saying about the show.  Read my recap HERE.

‘The X Factor’ on the scene: Rihanna, audience questions, and… glow sticks? – Yet all of those fantastical creatures were nothing compared to what awaited me inside the Xanadome: an audience that was absolutely bonkers. They were crazy loud, reaching a decibel level comparable to a symphony of jackhammers. They were crazy energetic, sometimes jumping up and down as frequently as this adorable dog. And some of them were simply crazy crazy, like a woman in the audience who, during a commercial break, delivered an incomprehensible speech in support of LeRoy Bell — a speech that, for reasons that’ll be debated for centuries to come, ended with the words “women power!” – EW

‘The X Factor’ recap: Rock Weak – Welcome back to The X Factor, where it was ROCK WEEK! The top 10 “acts” performed songs that either were rock and roll or “in the style of rock and roll.” The only person who legitimately rocked out was Josh Krajcik, though P.K. Marcus Canty did make a valiant effort by sliding through six sleazy dancers’ spread-open legs, just like Janis Joplin used to do. Simon then attempted to steal Rock Week’s thunder because he had just joined Twittah — and the fact of the mattah is, it worked. – EW

‘X Factor’ Top 10 Recap: Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead – This week’s top 10 show on “The X Factor” was originally supposed to be Lady Gaga/Madonna Night. But at the last minute, Simon Cowell changed it to Rock Night. As it turned out, the switch made little difference. Rock Night just didn’t really, well, rock. Of course, with a top 10 cast of mostly R&B, pop, and country singers, it was understandable that few of the contestants were willing, or able, to tap into their (possibly entirely non-existent) inner rock stars. But some of them didn’t even get assigned actual rock songs that would have allowed them to do so, anyway. – Yahoo

‘X Factor’ judges struggle to define ‘rock’ – Wednesday’s “X Factor” marked the start of rock week, which resulted in some solid performances, one excruciating number, and a series of painful arguments between the judges on the definition of “rock song.” For example, Simon Cowell didn’t think Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bob Marley counted, so the Chris Rene tribute didn’t resonate with him. – MSNBC

‘X Factor’: Rock Week, loosely defined – First up, LeRoy Bell, who, at age 60, is the oldest contestant on the show. Little known fact about LeRoy: He’s 60! Or so nobody ever tires of reminding us on “X-F.” LeRoy will sing Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight.” LeRoy is “chill,” his “mentor” Nicole Scherzinger reminds us in the taped lead-in, and his performance is pretty much unmodulated from start to finish. No highs, no lows. “You’re not workin’ like a rock star,” judge/mentor LA Reid complains, accusing poor LeRoy with the ultimate insult on “X”: disrespecting that $5 million that’s at stake. – Washington Post

‘X Factor’ Watch: Not Quite Rocking Out – It was rock night Wednesday on “The X Factor,” but only one real rock star turned up: Josh Krajcik, who owned the evening with his rendition of the Foo Fighters song “The Pretender.” The performance brought all four judges to their feet and solidified Mr. Krajcik’s place as one of the top contenders. Oh, and in other news, Paula Abdul said something intelligent. – NY Times

‘X Factor’ Redux: Josh Krajcik Makes Rock Week While Others Punk Out (Video) – Fox

There were a lot of very good performances on Wednesday’s performance showon Fox’s The X Factor, but very few of them rocked. And I’m not talking in the colloquial way, like “rock” as in “that was really good.” I’m talking about rock as in the raw feel of the genre. If the show is going to name a theme, then shouldn’t the acts actually try to work with it? – Hollywood Reporter

X Factor: Rock(ish) night – Rock night? Did we not learn anything from American Idol and theme weeks? Then again, what that really means is, “Pick any genre you want, really, and we’ll just call it rock in the end.” (Wink.) And let me just say, I wish the judges would SHUT UP AND JUDGE. Maybe having them mentor contestants wasn’t such a good idea. Especially tonight, it created an air of cattiness, bullying and DRAMA. Enough already. – Chron.com

The X Factor – Why see The X Factor live? This is the question I began asking myself as I sat alone in a holding area outside CBS Television City in the late afternoon LA haze, without a phone to tweet snide observations or even check the time with. I mean, there’s the obvious novelty of being in a big loud technicolor room that has Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger in it, but then there’s also the sheer terror of being in a big loud technicolor room that has Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger in it. I could have stayed home and watched this from the comfort of my couch and remained healthily detached from this televised spectacle that has steadily consumed more and more of my brainspace week after week. But no, it was clearly time to dive in and offer up the last remains of my sanity to SyCo Entertainment. – AV Club

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q62SXD4TDHJR6XIJYSTFMESU2Y Susanatfox

    Last night was awful awful on X Factor, except I have to admit that Astro kid is very good and my kids are loving him but I like Josh, the rest were so so , Stacy needs to go bye bye and I cant stand that Marcus, they have created a monster and he annoys me so much

  • Anonymous

    This quote from the Washington Post sums up what’s wrong with the X Factor:

    If there was any doubt in your mind as to whether this is a show about singers or a show about the judges, Too-Tall Steve announces Simon is leading among the judges on Twitter. “Simon, it also seems the meaner you are, the more popular you are,” T-T Steve says, like this is new to him.

    Even the part about “people liking Simon when he’s mean” is a problem, because it ensures that Simon will just continue to say things because they make good tv, and not because they are true..  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EWL6ST5LCORPWFMJBSAYPKGO7M Lilibeth

    Maybe I’m just too big a fan of the Foos and Dave Grohl, but I thought Josh’s The Pretender was weak.  It was different from the others because it was actually Rock, but he seemed a bit hesitant on a song that Dave just totally wails on and sings with Dem Crazy Eyes (you know what I’m talkin ’bout!).  Heh.

  • V Jemmy

    You’re not alone, Lilibeth.  I actually thought that Josh was the second worst performance of the night… but in the end I chalked it up to that I just listen to too much rock (if there is such a thing) and that I’ve heard the song too many times.  For me, his performance didn’t live up to the song, it was just a mess.

  • Sara McDonald

    I was underwhelmed with all of the performances last night. I do think Astro is talented and he and Josh gave the best performances IMHO. I think Simon was totally off base with selecting Satisfaction for Rachel. WTF? I am not on the Drew bandwagon, though I think she is talented. Her vocal style is too exaggerated now for me, and I find her kinda boring. Based on attitude alone, I would send Stacey home. 

  • callmecrazy

    Too tall Steve….LOL!!!

  • http://twitter.com/mathPhD mPhD

    Lilibeth said: Maybe I’m just too big a fan of the Foos and Dave Grohl, but I thought Josh’s The Pretender was weak.  It was different from the others because it was actually Rock, but he seemed a bit hesitant on a song that Dave just totally wails on and sings with Dem Crazy Eyes (you know what I’m talkin ’bout!).  Heh.

    I wasn’t going to watch any of the videos for rock night because I was scared.  I finally watched The Pretender video because I read it was the favorite performance of the night.  This puzzles me because I, like you, didn’t think it was very good.  The vocal was not as strong as Dave’s (the obvious comparison), it sounded like he was imitating Dave especially the beginning and chorus–so pretty sound-alike (although I’ve never heard Josh sing anything else), and no stage presence.  He would also get out of breath at the end of verse phrases and let them drop. What am I missing?

  • breakdown

    One hot mess and fighting judges. Gawd.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding Josh and the Foo Fighters comparison.  It’s pretty hard to get as intense as the original, when you don’t even have 2 minutes to get the feeling of the song across.  I think Josh did a respectable job, and since permission was granted, I’m willing to bet that he didn’t disappoint the band …. at least I’ll assume that, cuz I do like the guy.  I would like to see Drew do something similar to her audition….a little more uptempo.  I wonder if Simon will hold true to his promise/threat to go ahead and take on a hip.hop.week???  If so, Drew will totally surprise folks I think (hope).

  • Anonymous

    Is there ONE contestant NOT doing the same thing every week? I’d say they are all doing the same thing they are comfortable doing… belting, rapping, crooning etc. No one has shocked me with any big change up so far.

    And no one is going out of their comfort zone either…

  • Anonymous

    I watched again while getting ready for work, so I will re-watch again when I have a chance.

    I thought Josh was swallowed by the music, so I fast forwarded, don’t know what he really sounded like.

    I didn’t like Marcus Canty that much either.

    Melanie, Stacy, Drew, LeRoy – ALL VERY BORING!!!

    Rachel and Astro have more star quality than all the others put together.

    Chris Rene – I’m sorry, but I can’t get past his very, very, very, weak vocals to watch a whole performance.

    Lakoda Rain – not feeling them either, but I am sure they will stick around for another week just so Paula won’t look like a loser (which she is not).

    The should have kept Jazzlyne Little, she has as much vocal talent as any of those that they moved forward, she was just nervous…

    I can’t wait for AI, hopefully they won’t “f” with too much of the format that made them good, even though last season saw them showing us way to much of what goes on in producing those 90 second snippets of songs.  I hated that, and I hope they don’t do it this season.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ACMLXLYSSX73RNYQOUZWSO2I4U Enough already!

    Recaps all much alike, that the show lacked any momentum let alone any rock.  The most interesting thing about the show last night was the judges trashing each other.   Simon usually wins in this arena, but Reid gave a good accounting of a banty rooster trying to grab the spotlight for his stable of Hip Hoppers. Funniest moment of the night Rachel singing Satisfaction!    btw, what’s with the political statement?