X Factor – Lyric 145 New Song – “I Get It” – (AUDIO)

Check out the new song from LYRIC 145 titled “I Get It” produced by V12 Da Hitman. I still think Simon Cowell backed the wrong group on X Factor. As if he knew what to do with this talented trio, anyway.

Despite Simon mishandling the talented trio, it’s cool to see Lyric Da Queen and brothers Julien and Jemele Joseph still attempting to make a go of it. Don’t forget, it was Simon who put them together as a group. At least he did one thing right.

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  • stargazed


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Li-Wright/100001622678180 Li Wright

    I will be glad when Rap, like ragtime, dies.  I don’t understand a doggone thing these groups say.  It’s like code and I can’t decode it. Sorry, but it all sounds the same to me. But I will say the girl is very good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1638805698 Jason Scott

    AHHHHH. I love them, and I love this. Simon was so clueless with how to handle this group.

  • Jordana33

    Someone really needs to sign this group. 

  • Listening

    This is good this is more of what I expected from them after seeing some youtube vids of their earlier works, something a little harder. But I will say if they mix this style with their little quirkier style we saw in their Supercalifragilistichibialadious performance you’ll have something truly interesting and different. I’m totally already in love w/ the 3 rappers together concept and they mesh so well together, this can totally work. I mean it’s already working some record producer/label just need to catch a clue.  If it were me I’d of signed them like yesterday they have it all talent,  personality, exposure, fan base, looks. I mean what are labels looking for half the job is already done here snatch them up.

    I hope they stick it out, they’re awesome together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenny.williams.391 Jenny Williams

     your loss

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5HGXDY5SA4QJRME7OQJXRJYE4M James M.

    I hardly even like rap anymore. X Factor has done a good job of bringing me back into it with Astro and Lyric 145, even if they went nowhere while on the show.

    The guys are awesome. Lyric, on the other hand, is a f*cking superstar. Her verse, her delivery just shuts up anyone who says “I hate rap because it’s so easy, anyone can talk and sing”. Which is a pretty stupid thing to say anyway, IMO.  

    I’m also semi-interested in the fact that she said she’s written rock and country songs. What?

  • http://twitter.com/tinawinabina Tinawina

    I like this. It’s decent.

    That said, she’s so much better than the guys it almost hurts. The group has good chemistry though. Shades of Fugees with that dynamic.

  • girlygirltoo

    I love Lyric145. Although she’s fantastic, the 2 guys are really good as well and they have great chemistry. I’m surprised no one has signed them yet, because I think they have a real chance of being successful, especially if they incorporate their quirkiness like they did on The Mary Poppins song (I’m not even going to try and spell that word. lol).

  • willis88

    As someone else said this is the kind of stuff I thought they would do on the show. I really hope they get signed, there’s no one like them out, a rap group with 2 guys and a girl, they’re marketable, they have the right formula just need someone to get behind them.

  • http://twitter.com/HighTensions Jake W.

    They need to be signed. I want more!

  • sue

    I love it!  They were one of my favs this last season. Simon needs to sign these guys too. HE has tons of money, come on Simon! Get with the program, lols. 

  • Jae

    Rap won’t die. They said that like 30’years ago. It’s pop now. I wish Lyric 145 the best. Loved them on Xfactor.