X Factor Jennel Garcia and Lyric 145 Blame Mentors for Ouster But They Ain’t Mad

In a conference call yesterday, eliminated X Factor contestants, Jennel Garcia and Lyric 145 shed more light on the disagreements and back stage chaos that was reportedly going on as the finalists prepared for Diva week.

Is it a coincidence that the two eliminated contestants this week performed songs foisted on them by their well-meaning (or not) mentors? Read on.

Lyric 145

On what the group originally had planned to perform, “Our original plan was to take a legendary diva song, which we did and actually write our own original lyrics. It was a mix between a diva and a hip hop track, and arguably was going to be our best performance yet. This is coming from the producers of the show. The night before the live shows we got a call saying that we weren’t able to do the song that we had prepared. Then the night of the show we got a new song. We only had a few hours to perform it. Very spur  of the moment. I’m actually proud of executing the performance the way we did with so little time. I was a little disappointed to hear the judges say what they had to say because that was exactly our plans to do a hip hop song with original lyrics. You have to take the good with the good and the bad with the bad and make the best of the situation.”

Why couldn’t the group perform the first song they rehearsed? Lyric: “It was a few different issues. We did all original lyrics and we did have a really really amazing song that was going to be our best performance and it was the night before we were told that we couldn’t do the song. Then the next day we had to learn a brand new song within a couple of hours. It was down from technical issues, legal issues. We actually got the problems fixed and we was fighting really really hard to convince our mentor to let us do the song that we were comfortable with. But Simon had a gut feeling that the other song was stronger and unfortunately it wasn’t and we just had to roll with the punches. We went out there and executed it the best way we could. We’re really proud of ourselves…overcoming that at all. Still a lot of love and respect for Simon. He’s only human.”

On transitioning to becoming a manufactured group, “Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult for the simple fact that we had chemistry like off the cameras and before we were put into a group. When we were put into a group, actually made everything better. We felt like it was the vibe. I guess it was a transition for me and my brother to have another person in our group and also for Lyric to be in a group because she’s been a solo artist for her whole life. Everything worked well because we felt like we were brothers and sisters and family and the chemistry was so well that everything was put together and everything worked and the performance was great. We feel like it’s divine and we’re going to keep moving towards it and move forward with the group.”

What did Simon Cowell say to them off camera? “Simon actually did come up to me (Lyric). He was just like…he was very apologetic about the situation because he did kinda…we did change it from original lyrics and hip hop and a very very strong performance and we went along with his idea and it kinda backfired on us. He was really apologetic about it. He just gave us some advice that we will probably take with us for the rest of our life. He’s not really worried about us, though. He knows our potential and he knows our drive.”

Did they feel that Simon favored Emblem 3? “As far as our situation with him showing favoritism between us and Emblem3—I don’t really see him showing favoritism. I just think that he has a comfortablility (sic) with them. They are more his lane and what he’s used to and what he feels like he can do the most with, because that’s where his experience is. With us, it’s kinda like he was still learning.  He quoted that out of his own mouth, like he wanted to learn something from us. Simon has never worked with a hip hop group before, so I just respect him for taking on a challenge and still believing in us and seeing so much potential in us. I cannot be mad at him for probably being able to do more with them at the moment because is was such a new, fresh experience for him.”

On not getting the chance to do a “song for survival” ” (Lyric) “I still don’t feel like we should tell the public about what we were going to do (laughs). Just know that if we woulda had to sing for survival, we woulda definitely survived. We…lose our total mind on stage. (one of the brothers) We had something planned…it was going to be outrageous for TV. It was going to be something no one would have expected. We can’t give you that secret. So sorry (chuckles).


Jennel Garcia

On Demi choosing Jennel over Paige in the sing off. Did that cause any awkwardness backstage? “Demi was really upset about the whole thing. The things she said to me were very personal and I’m going to keep confidential. I’m not going to let that ruin my friendship with Paige. It’s not worth is. There’s nothing you can do. She deserves to be there just as much as anybody else. She works really freaking hard. I’m happy for her. Because she wants this bad, just as bad as I do. You can’t help but be happy for the people who are still there.”

On what Demi told her on stage after she was eliminated, “What she told me was very confidential. I don’t really remember what I was saying, but I remember what she was saying and I’m going to take that in. I am really thankful  to have her as a mentor.  Everything she has said has helped me a lot.”

On Simon’s harsh criticisms and the direction Demi was taking her, “The problem was, that Demi understood me so well, and she changed me the way that I wanted to be.  I loved my look so much the first two weeks, but it was just too soon. That was an issue. It was almost like we rushed into it too fast. The only thing I might have changed about my look was all the black clothes. I would have made some more funky outfits. It’s a little bit more me. The dark hair, and the music was me…that’s who I want to be as an artist. This week I went out there and I did something that they wanted me to do. Not even something that I wanted to do. Unfortunately, it was the week that I went home.  You didn’t get to see everything that I could bring to the table. It’s really disappointing but, everything happens for a reason.”

Did Demi’s inexperience as a mentor hurt her chances in the competition?  If she had Simon Cowell or LA Reid would things have turned out differently in the competition? “Yeah. It was her choice to do “Proud Mary” and I was fighting against it. I was completely against it. I had another song prepared and I was really fighting for that one. Unfortunately, she chose “Proud Mary.” She thought that could get me to the top of the voting chart. It went the complete opposite direction. I’m not mad at her for it. She’s human and she’s going to make mistakes. At the end of the day, she chose me, she chose me out of the bottom 2. That’s all I could ask of her. She didn’t know that that would have been a mistake. If she had known that, she would have let me do the song that I wanted to do. I think that a little bit of her choosing that song that I really, really didn’t like affected me in the performance and the results, but everything does happen for a reason. You just got to live with it.”

Is Jennel still close to Jillian Jensen?  Which other contestants is she close to? “I haven’t really talked to Jillian much. She’s doing her own thing. But I did become really really close to Willie Jones and CeCe Frey these past couple weeks.”


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  • http://twitter.com/ItsMyT1me Lori

    I don’t even watch this show and yet, these comments irk me. It just seems like both eliminated artists/groups blame their mentors for their elimination. They wouldn’t even be on the damn show without their mentors. Whatev!

  • SullyD

    “we was fighting really really hard to convince our mentor to let us do
    the song that we were comfortable with. But Simon had a gut feeling that
    the other song was stronger and unfortunately it wasn’t”.


  • Klaine

    This shows everything wrong with the show and the mentors not allowing these contestants to be themselves. I’m not into Lyrics kind of music but could see their talent. Simon knows nothing about country or hip hop. He sees emblem3 as the next boy band he wants to make international stars to legitimize the us xf and huge prize since last years contestants have resulted in duds.
    Also the whole xf concept is the sing for survival..why a double elination so soon. They need to plan better; is this all really the Diamond issue. The show keeps seeming even more manipulative. Honestly between all this, Simons shenanigans with Demi’s vote, Britney’s inability to give.more than a brief amazing sentence in her critiques, LA’s annoying pompous personality, khloe making me wish for Steve Jones , the poor quality of contestants and trying to make the off tune Paige become the next autotune star…..well I could go on and one
    I’m really getting tired of the show & may be another of those viewers who just bale. Its just poorly produced. I’m actually starting to look forward to idol in hopes we’ll have a good season that shows us the huge difference between the show s and at least let the contestants live or die based on their decisions and hope they can find a female with a great voice that can actually succeed in this really though music market.

  • suenigma

    I have the exact opposite reaction. They both come across as total class acts to me. Especially Lyric 145. Their song was changed the night before the show, and then they were criticized for not doing exactly what they had planned and were not allowed to do. But they aren’t even mad. And when the media was trying to get them to talk trash about Simon’s obvious favoring of Emblem 3, they didn’t take the bait. They just said they were so thankful he even took a chance on them, being so outside his wheelhouse. Total class act. How do youvthink they could have handled those obviously leading and shit-stirring questions better?

  • http://twitter.com/Stooch101 Stooch

    Well if that’s the case it should be clearly stated to the contestants, we as mentors control everything ” we decide how you will be defined as artist, the type of music you will sing, the style of your hair and the type of close you’ll wear, you won’t be able to define yourself as artists, you are Xfactor puppets and we will do with you what we want for ratings”  If they did this than this wouldn’t bother me :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    On the X-Factor US it seems like Simon’s bad decisions are far outweighing his good ones. I’m starting to wonder if he’s just lucky when he makes a good decision. lol

  • Incipit

    suenigma, I have to agree with you. They both conducted themselves with class in a difficult situation. Cowell, the show and the producers still come out smelling to high heaven – but it’s not because either of the acts threw any mud, or took the bait to create a fuss about how they were jerked around. 

    Lyric145 said it was total chaos – I can only imagine.

    But this:

    THR learned that many of the contestants spent very little time working with their actual mentors. Each song is initially selected by producers, and the contestants’ respective mentors enter the process only one or two days before showtime. At that point, it’s worth noting, many mentors (or producers) will hit their contestants with a change in song just one day, or sometimes only hours, before broadcast. Sometimes the swaps are due to licensing problems, other times, creative differences.


    Makes me wonder, who is trying to do damage control now – and who is Really picking the songs – the two stories don’t exactly match up, if the Producers had the (not so) Bright Idea to pick “Proud Mary” in the first place, for instance.

    I will still maintain he contestants ought to be picking the song to live or die with  – they could hardly do worse than these alleged “professionals” have done.

    They ‘were’ jerked around, and with the micro-managing track record of Cowell on XFUS – it could easily have been deliberate. It certainly was blatant. The whole show is giving me an ‘ick’ vibe (technical term. Heh).

    JMO. Of Course.

  • Incipit

    On the X-Factor US it seems like Simon’s bad decisions are far outweighing his good ones. 

    Heh. Remind me, What were his good ones again?

  • sporkle

    “They both come across as total class acts to me. “

    Absolutely. Given how contestants have reacted in similar situations in the past, both acts were very classy and mature in a situation that was obviously manufactured against them. It’s unfortunate that they likely won’t get as much media attention as their more (shall we say) vocal predecessors, but I hope the public remembers them and I wish them both well.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWXRUOY5BTHY5F52JP3ZFJTTVI Mikko

    Do you know the saying: “One judges oneself according to one’s beautiful dreams, but the others according to their actual actions.” Critics are often like that. It is easier to give critics than actually deliver something. In XF1, it was quite a shock to me to see, how bad a mentor Simon really was (Rachel and Drew). I think Paula was quite good at it (although her groups were voted out).

  • http://twitter.com/ItsMyT1me Lori

    “we decide how you will be defined as artist, the type of music you will sing, the style of your hair and the type of close you’ll wear, you won’t be able to define yourself as artists, you are Xfactor puppets and we will do with you what we want for ratings”

    That kinda sums up my opinion of XFactor ;)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWXRUOY5BTHY5F52JP3ZFJTTVI Mikko

    I wonder, if XF is partly such a big, stiff machine, that they have adapted the habit to plan everything weeks ahead, including people’s song selections (I have understood that many of them have been seen in XF UK), in order to give time to prepare all that is going on there?
    So that they really do not have time and space to concentrate to “minor” things, like really having dialogue about the songs or listen, what the actual delivers want, and the contestants who would like that are considered as nuisance and disturbance, “because the show must go on”.
    If so, it is like some big monster without soul or any meaning at all. (And at least the older AI footage with Debra Byrd being like a beloved mother to the contestants feels like so heartfelt and genuine).

  • Incipit

    (And at least the older AI footage with Debra Byrd being like a beloved mother to the contestants feels like so heartfelt and genuine).

    Mikko, you make good points – and the attempt to transport the monster XFUK machine to the US without adapting to the cultural differences, and expecting to top the ratings is not working out very well. 

    Byrd is a great example of the difference between a real mentor, and these Judgementors who seem to be only for show – the problem is, where does that leave the contestants?

    I know where it leaves many Stateside viewers. DISS – appointed with the IckFactor Puppet Show..

    IMO. Of Course.

  • vhill

    I agree, Lyric 145 is totally classy and so positive. They’re really nice people, it’s funny how people have the opposite impression of Lyric from one little comment she made to a fan who screamed out while Demi was talking. I personally think that contributed as well, and it’s a shame. I have to question Simon’s intentions- I know he is new at this hip hop thing but it did seem like he favored the other groups especially after seeing their rankings. 

  • http://twitter.com/ronnydias Ronny Dias

    From what I have seen in many interviews with established artists (Pink and Christina Aguilera, for instance), that’s not different from what studios tend to do with upcoming artists.
    They seem to act differently only when (and IF) these artists prove to be successful and stubborn enough to try and do it their own way.

    But now that we have the internet to get to know talented people from around the globe, it seems to be a rather outdated way of running business. That’s why X Factor has this rancid atmosphere all over it. Simon is definitely stuck in the past!

  • Mateja Praznik

    X Factor acts get plenty of mentoring, but not from their official mentors. They have vocal coaches and vocal producers and other people that work with them.

    I do think that sudden song changes shouldn’t happen that often.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    But now that we have the internet to get to know talented people from around the globe, it seems to be a rather outdated way of running business. That’s why X Factor has this rancid atmosphere all over it. Simon is definitely stuck in the past!

    ITA. I’d add that Cowell’s stuckness in the past isn’t just a matter of what development system he’s using — it’s directly related to his ideas about music. (So how did he strike gold with One Direction? Are they so backward-looking to 1990s boy bands that he can grasp their concept?)

    Divas are “out.” Current pop music audiences largely don’t care for the sound when it’s done well (or it’d still be “in”), so there’s no reason anybody would care for it when it’s done badly.

    Give the singers current themes — more similar to what real-life A&R people would actually be trying to herd them into sounding like — and the tension might actually be interesting, as long as the deck wasn’t so totally loaded to the producers that no act ever got what they wanted. There’d be opportunities for acts who are both current-sounding and unique-sounding to stand out. Plus, we’d have some idea what Epic would do with these people after the show, which might raise the fraction of viewers who actually buy the music above “pitifully tiny” (in metric, that quantity is called “Melanie Amaro — who?”).

    Right now, XFUSA is essentially Fear Factor: The Musical —  “we’ll terrify and humiliate you to amuse viewers! And you have to sing while we do it!” That, or it’s Here Comes Simon Boo Boo, in which case somebody really needs to rent a cute little pig.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWXRUOY5BTHY5F52JP3ZFJTTVI Mikko

    Yes, I think Lyric145 are great people.

    I read a couple years ago Eric Clapton’s biography, and there he told, that at some time he became bored, because nobody was not really questioning his quality of music so much anymore, but his “name” just sold. So they did the album Derek And The Dominos: “Layla” without any names, and their politics was: “We will not put out any names, we will not market this normally, but we are convinced, that if we will make a quality album, people will find it because of the quality, and it will eventually sell.”
    Wrong. Maybe it can happen, but not in this case. Eventually, they had to start to market it normally and put there references to Clapton.

    Of course Clapton earned his “name”, but even for the quality musicians it is crucial to have luck to get noticed and get breakthrough to the public consciousness. Although Lyric145 just unfortunately happened to fall into the abyss of indifference of this big monster machine show, on the other hand they were really lucky to get this attention in the show watched by 100 million people worldwide, and I think their grateful attitude is really sincere.

    And during the time they were in the show, they showed real character and just did not fade away, they will be remembered. Now it is more just up to their quality – and that is how it is supposed to be. I am really wishing good luck to them.

  • http://twitter.com/ronnydias Ronny Dias

    That image is going to haunt me for years to come, thanks a lot!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    I think if you watched the show your thoughts would be exactly the opposite. Everything indicates these acts would be waaay better if they had more control. And they’d be the show without their mentors because the producers (including Simon) decide everything.

  • http://twitter.com/ladymctech ladymctech

    The funniest thing to me with XFactor is Simon hating country music and his show’s country act getting the most votes two weeks in a row. Karma is sweet!

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    Lyric145!!! damnit I so wanted to see what they had planned! well… there goes my hopes of Emblem3 doing an original…. 

  • http://twitter.com/MissGolightly22 No Thanks

     I’ve always gotten the impression that with Simon – if you’re kind of wishy washy on what kind of artist you are or what you want to do – he’ll steam roll right over you and do what HE wants.

    BUT – if you come in with a strong vision for yourself, strong ideas and strong opinions – he’ll listen and do what he can to facilitate that vision.

  • http://twitter.com/KariannHart Kariann Hart

    How many times did Simon pull this act on an Idol contestant?  Seems Simon is up to his old tricks again.  I am happy when the contestants let the cat out of the bag.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PVEFG2TOUIXSROKUSO2O2DOWWE Taylor

    Doesn’t Simon always say he doesn’t understand it? He always supported Carrie on Idol, so he is probably fine with another country artist.

  • Incipit

    How many times did Simon pull this act on an Idol contestant? 

    Kariann Hart, there have been plenty of Tales of Shenanigans on Idol – from Clay pulling “Vincent” out of a hat (a song the producers had been pushing him to do, unsuccessfully) when every slip of paper said “Vincent” on his “Random Choice”, and then the band changing a part ‘during’ the performance… to Iovine handing 1984’s “Hello” to Stefano (a song he didn’t know; didn’t know DC had owned it three seasons before, either, and nobody told him?) in a week of Classic Motown Songs ranging from 1959-1972…after his choice ‘failed to clear’ at the last minute.

    Plenty of other stories abound, about song clearance and other tricks, although the Idolsphere tended to dismiss them individually – and IDK of anyone who has looked for a pattern. The point is – those were not Simon.

    That was Clive, Nigel, or the other Idol Producers – Simon wasn’t in the Cat Bird Seat then as he is now. He worked for Idol, and he messed w/the contestants to follow Idol’s agenda.  And on Idol, his manipulations were confined to the judges table – (with the notable exception of “Hallelujah, under special circumstances) and those were effective enough. 

    On XFUS, he has no such restrictions, he often said he wanted to be allowed to pick the contestant’s songs on Idol when he was frustrated w/their choices, but the show gave Lip Service to the idea that the hamsters did the choosing – – The rule used to be, per David C, that no one connected with the show could pick the songs. Of course there was the average amount of cluelessness, pandering, and lack of self-awareness – but it was on the contestant’s part…where it belongs, IMO.  I’m aware that didn’t discount “influence” from the Producers – but it was, by and large, the contestant’s choice…even though that’s gone now.

    But XFUS doesn’t even have to pretend – Cowell has what he wanted – past the auditions, the contestants are puppets, for good or ill. I can’t see Cowell giving up the Producers’ power to chose the songs on his own show – even though the audience can see, he doesn’t do it very well at all. But he likes having that ‘trick’ too much. Heh.

    IMO. Of Course.

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    Who knows CeCe and Arin could actually be great next week and still go home… … no sympathy votes. What’s really really frustrating is that most of these contestants I feel we’ve already seen a glimpse at their potential… and its going nowhere in these live shows…. and alot of them could be leaving really soon. CeCe and Arin’s auditions were so good. That original song Arin did for his audition I actually want to buy it. 

  • http://twitter.com/AwesomeWillis Willis White

    Lyric145 and Jennel were both class acts. I think I’ve now read conflicting stories as to who chose Jennel’s song. Was it Demi or the Producers? It’s almost surprising how Lyric145 reacted to being eliminated. They did not seem shocked at all.

    With Paige and CeCe being the last of Demi’s team, it almost feels like a fitting end to their storyline.  If Paige and CeCe ever have to do a final sing off I will swear up and down this show is rigged from the beginning.

    And what’s the deal with Beatrice doing voice work on Disney movies? She even has an IMDB page. Hope her mom’s are getting some kickback from that work.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRZ4ZGB4QBWUETLKEZH4TFHWXY Sigh…

     Did you actually read the article or stop at the headline? They were actually very gracious and classy. Even the viewers can tell what was and wasn’t someone’s call. Nothing they said was very surprising.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YRZ4ZGB4QBWUETLKEZH4TFHWXY Sigh…

     Yeah, losing the themes would also help distance them from AI.

  • lukien

    Honestly how far all of you think Lyric 145 could go? If they survived this week, they would be eliminated next week anyway. They seemed to be classy in the interview, but the problem is not really the song choice, but they didnt connect with the voting viewers. With Tate, Carly and Vino dominating the votes, Jeffrey Gutt should be kicking hard that he was eliminating so early. Besides, i found Lyric 145 a bit annoying, and when da Queen was ignoring Demi when she gave her critics, i found it a lil bit rude. Simon is right, they will do just fine after this, they got the exposure they wanted.
    As for Jennel, she could last a lil longer, i even predicted her to be top 5! The problem i think wasnt really the song choice. Proud Mary is still a beloved song by Tina Turner. The problem was her dress! What the heck she was wearing? Performed first + that awful awful dress = no casual votes. She didnt have that a big of fans anyway, that’s the lacking of casual votes hurt her. She got screwed by Cece who performed last and how the prods tried that hard to show her vulnerabilty. Anyway Cece will be eliminating next week for sure.
    Now my concern is for Bea. I know she is still young, but she comes across very whiny, insecure and ermmm childish. She really needs to soldier on to connect with voting viewers, otherwise Carly train will go on and on and she cant catch it. Bea, Arin and Paige are next to go, after Cece of course.

  • Incipit

    Honestly how far all of you think Lyric 145 could go? 

    Honestly, lukien? i don’t think that’s the point. I don’t expect there is anyone who expected a Rap group to win – especially after Cowell showed the world with his Rankings Ploy that he doesn’t have a different audience than Idol – just a smaller one. *snerk*

    The eliminations are an expected part of these shows – right to the Highlander Ending. Heh.

    What it comes to is – they are all going to go – except one – but meanwhile, in return for making Ad $$ for Cowell and for FOX, they get this extremely large PR Platform to show the public who they are and what they can do – maybe build some interest, maybe not. 

    So, let them, damn it. Stop jerking the acts around in the name of ‘Good TV’ – and let them actually show who they are as artists – what they would do with the theme challenges, what music they would chose from the approved list, how they would sing and present themselves. 

    Because this Judgementory BS isn’t doing that job – the show has acquired a mean-spirited vibe, and Self-satisfied Cowell isn’t racking up the viewers. A touch of autonomy for the acts, and let the public decide – this could hardly be worse than what the “Professionals” have come up with so far – with all their Puppetry and Pretense.

    That’s the point.

    IMO. Of Course.

  • blackberryharvest

    Yeah but she was more pop country. Didn’t he also want her to go completely pop? I thought I read that somewhere.

  • lukien

    Why there should be a point? Why cant i say what i think without someone says it’s not the point? You are doing SIMON, forcing your beloved point to me.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PVEFG2TOUIXSROKUSO2O2DOWWE Taylor

    No, he didn’t. The record label wanted her to lean more pop and she wouldn’t do it.
    Carrie wasn’t pop country. She had to sing pop songs on AI because she had to stick with the theme weeks during season four. Carrie had weeks like Classic Broadway Week and Dance Music Week. Yikes! lol

  • Incipit

    Why there should be a point?

    Oh Please, lukien– If you have something to say – you have a point. Do you think no one would comment on your post?

    If you have something to say that disagrees with a previous post, you have a point…and so did the person who wrote the post…just not the SAME point.

    You can certainly say what you think – but so can another poster – Do you call polite disagreement someone trying to force a point? Then, what point were you trying to force?

    See, the whole thing can get ridiculous very quickly.  

    You were stating an opinion – i was disagreeing with it. How about we agree to disagree?

  • lukien

    I do not need to agree or diagree with you. My first post wasnt directed to anyone. I referred to the the topic of this thread. Both Lyric 145 and Jennel seemed to blame their eliminations to song choices, choices they said were forced on them. I dont think it’s really the song choice that was the problem, hence my post, you can re-read it again. That’s my entire point. I found it a lil irritating that you dismissed my post by saying it wasnt according to your point. Do you really get what i meant? Your rant about the mistreatment from the x factor etc etc, that’s your opinion and i respect that coz it could be for the betterment of the show and the welfare of the contestants. It’s just not the same topic with what originally i posted. We are talking about two separate things. Anywho, it’s sunday and we shouldnt be arguing, right? Honestly tho, how far do you think Lyric 145 can go? I am curious hehehe. Hip-hop/rap artists can definetely connect with the voting viewers, if they are connecting with them. Rapping a beloved anthem of Aretha with original lyrics would
    not anyway, they would be eliminated regardless. But if they do for example some Whitney or Beyonce hits like My Love Is Your Love or Halo / Sweet Dreams with original lyrics and they slow it down so it doesnt too in your face, they will definetely connect to the viewers and win some casual votes.

  • Incipit

    Honestly tho, how far do you think Lyric 145 can go?

    But I answered that question, lukien…not all that far, and certainly not to win. The XFUS audience is not so different from the Idol audience, although Cowell and some of the viewers may have thought it was…until he saw the Ranking order of votes that were posted.

    I don’t know if they would have gone for a few more weeks by being able to chose how they were presented, and I don’t know how the Aretha song would have done with the audience – they never got a chance to try. The “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” song last week was their idea, and it was a novelty that caught attention. 

    Whatever they had planned to follow it up may, or may not have bought them another week or two. We’ll never know. But the Cowell/Producer’s choice definitely did not. That, we can know. Both acts who had their songs choices switched, Lyric 145 at the last minute, were eliminated. If you don’t see a connection, that’s cool – 

    But the effects of that high-handed manipulation on how people are regarding the show has pretty much been the subject of the majority of the posts…and it was not clear to me that you had taken a left turn to discuss something else…

    it seems you were saying the manipulation has no effect, or the manipulation does not matter, since they would not win anyway. One of the two…when I was saying I know they would not win, but it could lead to others being interested – so give them a semi-honest chance to use the platform of XFUS as themselves, and not as puppets.

    If one of those two is not what you were saying, then we are indeed discussing two separate things. But simply discussing…I don’t consider that arguing.


  • WestiesRule

    Lot’s of great comments until the discussion went a bit downhill. My take: Cowell was off thinking XFUK could translate well over here. We have a decidedly different taste in music than the UK. Some performers will always make it on both sides of the Atlantic, but IMHO, this is not always the case. I recommend that anyone who can watch it streaming. Not just the short clips MJ graciously posts for us, but the whole enchilada and you will see the difference. The 3,000+ miles of the USA present very diverse music tastes with concentrated pockets within the whole country (most large cities do the urban/hip hop scene well). Simon is totally out of touch with this country as evidenced by his inability to connect to what large pockets of the country listen to: country, rap, hip hop…. shame on him. For someone who spends so much time here and owns homes here he should be more in touch with the music tastes of our wonderfully diverse country. If I had to describe my preferred music taste it runs the alt-indie to singer songwriter but if you look at my music library there is everything and then some in it because I enjoy all types of “good” (to my ear) music. This show is a BIG flop because of Cowell.  I won’t even touch the hosting. I actually think Khloe K is a very sharp business woman but she is not translating well on screen. Thank goodness to Mario but even he can only pick up the pieces so much…. I am looking forward to seeing where Lyric 145 goes as I have watching and listening to Astro’s mix tapes. (I’ll get off my soap box).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=579290324 Michael Bishop

    I think both acts handled their respective eliminations well.  Jennel’s response about Demi’s choice of Proud Mary bugs me a bit.  Whether she wanted to sing the song or not, she still needed to deliver as good performance and she didn’t.  That was one of the roughest versions of Proud Mary I’ve ever heard, and her sing off performance was no better.  I believe that Demi voted for Paige for the sole reason of not casting the 3rd vote to send Jennel home.  She thought either a. Simon would vote for Jennel to go to end it, or b. Simon would force the tie and have America’s vote decide. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol Good point! I was struggling to try to think of his “good” decisions, and failed miserably at coming up with any.