X Factor Australia 5 Winner Single – Dami Im – Alive (audio)

Dami has become the fifth winner of the show and the third Over to win. It is funny when an Over category isn’t treated like a joke, they could actually do well. I must admit the song is growing on me. But this post isn’t just about the song being released, I am also excited to report that Taylor Henderson’s “Borrow My Heart” and Jai Waetford’s “Your Eyes” AND THIRD D3GREE’s “Different Kind of Love” will all be released under the Sony Music Australia imprint. Congratulations to the final 4, and catch the top 5 on tour!

I’ll make another post when the other three have an official YouTube channel up!



  • I LOVE Britney

    Omg! Thanks god they will release the top 3’s winner’s singles. I am addicted not only to “Alive”, but also to Taylor’s Borrow My Heart. And so cant wait to listen to Third D3gree’s single!!! Thanks Edward for letting me know!

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    I know right, I can’t wait to hear 3D’s song, hopefully it is awesome! Thanks for reading all season long!

  • I LOVE Britney

    I love your post here!! :)
    I am listening to 3D’s song now!! It’s on Youtube now!! Yay to top 4 X-factor au

  • macfae

    I never followed XF-Australia before this season but started reading your recaps and watching the videos around Top 10. I picked Taylor early as a favorite and am so happy to hear that his single will be released – I like it a lot. I will definitely buy it. It will be available in the US, right ?
    I enjoyed your commentary very much, Edward – you did a great job.

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    Thanks so much! I cannot say for sure, last year’s winner Samantha Jade’s “What You’ve Done to Me” is in the US iTunes store (just double checked), so definitely maybe.

  • hcpoirot

    x factor Australia treat all categories equally. At least the producer did not ask the judges to pick joke contestants for Over 25 and group categories. (like the UK and now the US version)

    Congrats to the top 4 who release their singles.