X Factor Australia 5 – Results Week 7

The four way battle for third place became a three way battle after last night’s results. In a week where Dami faltered ever so slightly, Jiordan didn’t really bring her “A” game or even “B” game for that matter, and Jai has just stayed the course of slightly better than average for seemingly the seventh week in a row. The bottom two this week could be interesting. But then it really wasn’t, but it could’ve been.



What I think is really funny about Jiordan Tolli taking on Rihanna’s “Stay” is that throughout this entire competition. I’ve been seeing the similarities between Jiordan and the winner of X Factor New Zealand Jackie Thomas. Jackie had some solid moments including her take on “Stay” so of course Jiordan doing that song seems like a match that fit perfectly. Although Jiordan obviously and concretely outperformed Omar Dean on the sing-off. I am very glad the judges had the clarity to send it to dead lock. Omar has had all season to think of his one save me song and unfortunately “You Found Me” wasn’t that solid of a choice for him. But if you were looking at the previous nights work, Omar outshone Jiordan in the battle of “She Will Be Loved” versus “Royals.” So ultimately sending it to deadlock was the correct decision. Jiordan is in a very tough spot going forward. She is entering the top 5 being the obvious fifth place finisher, not in terms of talent or likability, but in terms of the fan-base. Jai should be the one leaving next week and it could happen. He just needs to be in the bottom 2 and the judges will send him packing regardless who is next to him, but if Jai escapes the bottom 2. Then it will probably be a showdown between THIRD D3GREE and Jiordan. In that scenario, the answer is clear: Jiordan should go. Jiordan needs to pull something great out of the bag if she wants to survive. Hint: LDR’s “Summertime Sadness” or Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors.”


  • steve2013

    I hate to say it but i think it will be Jiordan Vs Third Degree but dont agree it should be a straight Jiordan out. It would go down to the sing of for me as IMO Neither have really shown there early promise

  • Iav123

    omg omar what an awful sing off.. Fair result! interesting to see what happens next, i dont think Jiordan can leapfrog another contestant in the votes, so it should be either Jai or 3d joining her, but i cant see her making the semi-final, not at this point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    Like somebody else mentioned on idolforums, how good was to see judges deciding for deadlock and Omar getting the lowest number of votes right after Ronan say to Omar that ´´´if they decide to send you home, its not australia choice, its the judges choice“ assuming that the only way he could go home would be if he got three votes from the judges . Like, I´m sorry for Omar, but the results were perfect to shut up Ronan.
    And what makes me worried about Jai, is that despiste hes being the Shiane of this year, the judges seems to really support him. So I still can see the judges wasting the time to get rid of him if he ends up on the botton with Jiordan.

  • MusiCat

    The problem with Jiordan is she’s currently lacking connection with the public with her song choices. She’s just performing to entertain, not to ‘reach out’ unlike Dami and Taylor. Also, the fact that Dami and the remaining Boys are getting so much commercial coverage in Channel 7 has really taken its toll on the Girls’ category this year. At this stage, I don’t see another Girl winning this show from the Girls’ category yet again. They really need to stop screwing up the Girls’ category each year…..

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    Riv and Georgina were the right choices, not Ellie and Joelle

  • MusiCat

    Well next week is Aussie music week, so it will definitely be her make it-or-break-it moment. On a light note, Jiordan’s performance has been charting in the iTunes every week so we definitely shouldn’t rule her off just yet.

  • bostonred

    Instead of worrying when Jai or Jordan leaves, how about we just vote Redfoo off the judges panel. His comments are repetitive and inane, and those are the good ones. His song choices for his singers have been awful. He needs to go.

  • I LOVE Britney

    Jiordan’s “Stay” is actually the performance I like from her, after “Thriller”!

  • Jason Gorny

    Watching the X-Factor Australia show in general is really enjoyable. This is how I wish the US version would have been like! The production is good, talent is good, and the judges (excluding Foo lol) is good.

  • Jason Gorny

    I know right? Actually they were lucky to be eliminated cuz Foo is a bad mentor/judge lol. Hope they both come back next year! Maybe they will get a better judge if they can get rid of Foo.

  • Iav123

    the problem with Jiordan is her idiotic mentor