X Factor Australia 5 – Live Show 7

Last season I recall judge’s challenge week being the home of many standout performances including Shiane Hawke’s best song of the season, “A Thousand Years” and Bella Ferraro’s equally as solid, “Dreams.” So how did they do when Redfoo and Natalie had 200% more song choices in a night than the significantly more adept Ronan and Dannii. We will see. Let’s dive right in!


Honestly, you think high falsetto male song and “She Will Be Loved” does come to mind. So for Redfoo this was not much of a stretch in picking this song for Omar Dean. That being said. This is the first, and so far only time this season, that I can legitimately place him at number 1 for the week. This is the type of performance that can be a game changer so late in the season. Omar didn’t show us anything that he hasn’t shown us already. He’s shown us falsetto with “Skyscraper,” moxy with “Roxanne,” and swag with “Cry Me A River,” but I felt this was the synergy of all the aspects of Omar in an awesome package. In the four-way battle for third place, if I had to decide today, based on this set of performances I would have to give it to Omar. I truly couldn’t have asked for anything more from him in this. Great stage presence, great commitment and the perfect type of song for his post-X-Factor career. That’s right, I said it, he will have a post-X-Factor career.


Not to pat myself on the back, but “Wake Me Up” was one of my many song suggestions for Taylor Henderson. So I’m glad Dannii Minogue was feeling the logic that I was feeling. Great country-tinged modern electronic dance music track. Could Taylor create brand for himself that is equal parts Mumford and Sons and Avicii. Maybe. He dug into those lower notes with his trade growl and finesse the stage like a professional. If there was ever a moment that Taylor could take away the crown from Dami, it started here. Week 7. Great time for him to peak and her to sink (I’m sure you all be mad about her placement this week). Taylor if this feels right, I say pursue this avenue. It will make you stand out from all of the other White Guys With Guitars out there in this world.


I thought about ranking THIRD D3GREE‘s “Pump It” lower because in some ways it was reminiscent of Adira-Belle’s “Who Run the World (Girls)” (didn’t think I was going to ever bring them up again did ya?). A group doing a fun song with high energy and competent. The main difference between 3D and A-B is that 3D’s vocals still shone through this tepid dance number. Jordan in particular killed the lower notes and delivered with electric energy. Kelebek killed like the prophet Minajesty on her rapping parts and Jacinta vocals shimmered over the track. This was a strong performance, one that reminds me of the amazing Three Wishez (I still love them). I cannot wait to hear their post X-F music it is going to so much fun. Please, please, please universe, before THIRD D3GREE is eliminated, please tell me we will see them doing Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop.” Please. It would be amazing. Please.


My standards for Jai Waetford are a bit on a sliding scale compared to the other competitors. So that could be why I put him at fourth place tonight and above the holier-than-thou Dami. The reason he is here is because he did a good song well without doing anything wrong. “Somewhere Only We Know” is practically a classic to his core fan base and Jai delivered. I don’t think he deserves a spot in the final 3, but I don’t know how is going to be stopped with the momentum he has right now. In my mind it should be, and could be him and Jiordan in the bottom 2, and I hope the judges take this once in a lifetime opportunity to get rid of Jai and give Jiordan another week. Not necessarily because she deserve it, but because Jai isn’t ready for pop stardom right now. Just being honest. He is awesome, he is talented and he could be a worldwide superstar. Not right now. He isn’t ready. Sorry. When he survives again, I hope he takes some risks. I am trying to imagine his voice over the Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight,” and it feels like it could come off as pleasant and by his standards edgy.


Let the hate mail and comments commence. On the second half of the song she sounded verging on shrilly and, dare I say it, breathy in spots. This was not Dami Im at her best here on “Clarity.” I’ve heard so many people tackle this song Jessica Sanchez, Michelle Chamuel, Ellona Santiago and despite what you might think. I don’t believe Dami stood up to any of them in terms of individuality. The first part of the song had some awesome moments. The first chorus was truly dynamic. This is (not maybe) this is because I have never felt throughout this entire competition that Dami truly, genuinely connected with a song. She has always just song really really well. Like a music soldier, she trudged through did her job, did some of it amazing, but I never feel her bleed. I never see the pain. Behind her eyes it is always the ticking of got to hit this note at this time, do this move at this place. I am biased. I am. Don’t accuse me of something I readily admit. I want Dami to get lost in the song, not lost in how to make the song tick. Dami is a fantastic vocalist, but I don’t see her as an artist of her own original merits.


While on paper I totally see the appeal of Jiordan Tolli doing Lorde’s recent alternative hit, “Royals.” Quirky young girl doing quirky young girl song. Sounds like a winning combination, but much like when Jiordan took on Lily Allen it failed. Not because it was particularly bad, but mainly because I didn’t believe it and the vocals weren’t strong enough to compensate for my lack of belief. Jiordan has never excelled at doing karaoke versions of songs. Not once, so why does she still insist on doing them that way. Her best stuff “Thiller” and “With or Without You” was a different slow-downed take on the original. If Jiordan wanted to get to that final 3, this was not the way to do it. I’m not saying she is not capable of up-tempo songs. I think she should just be saving them for after the show for when an up-tempo song could be crafted around her limitations, not highlighting them like these. Jiordan is looking at a very probably trip to the bottom 2 tomorrow before she even performance, but after “Royals” it is warranted.

  1. Omar Dean
  2. Taylor Henderson
  4. Jai Waetford
  5. Dami Im
  6. Jiordan Tolli

Bottom two predictions: Jiordan Tolli and Jai Waetford with outside chances of THIRD D3GREE and Omar Dean. I am expecting Jai or Jiordan to be leaving tomorrow regardless of the bottom two outcome.

Thank you so much for reading. Leave comments below. Don’t hate me forever for ranking Dami as fifth, please.

  • I LOVE Britney

    It’s a tough competition now for everyone, and the first 5 people are actually the 5 acts I’m rooting for since the first live show! If Jiordan leaves tomorrow, I will be torn with the top 5!!
    PS: I want Third D3gree to stay!!! Not sure about “We Can’t Stop” choice, but yea, I want to hear them doing that!

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    Thanks for your lovely comments all season long, I Love Britney <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    Respect your taste, but while this was the week where the acts became more even, still think your ranking is sort over the place. For me, Third D3gree stood out in first with Dami and Taylor pretty much even on second (could give Taylor a little edge). Than I find a gap for Omar and than Jiordan (both needed some great performance and gave just good but boring ones, with probably will have they both on the botton 2 tomorrow). And Jai is waaaay bellow, the first half of the song was soo of. But anyway, matter of taste, no hate.

  • Listening

    Oh I’m so glad someone else noticed Dami sounded off on the second half of the song. I began to think I was crazy when everywhere I looked every one raved and nobody commented on it. At the beginning I was like she sounds amazing this is great it’s going straight to number one but then she hit the second half of the song and umm she struggled she was trying to hit the runs and she just wasn’t getting it.

    I was never big on Dami at the start of the show her vocal performances felt dated and repetitive I couldn’t understand how she’d constantly be high on itunes it seemed like everyone else loved her. But in the last few weeks she’s grown on me and I’ve actually liked her performances this was a step back.

    Oh and what in the world was that thing on her head? LOL

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    Jiordan didn’t perform to her potential, where as I think this is the best that we’ve seen from Omar to date, I keep everything and everyone on a sliding scale. I mean Jordin Sparks did win over superior voices Melinda and Lakisha because of story arc/momentum, so that has to be kept in account. Also thanks so much for reading all season long!

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    Despite the judges standing ovation. I didn’t think Dami was particularly worthy of it this week. Thanks for reading!

  • Listening

    Oh wow I have steadily been falling out of love w/ Taylor. He started off as one of my favorites. My top 3 contender that I would of been upset w/ if Jai knocked out yet week after that devotion would slip but this week it was rejuvenated. I loved this performance It did sound like Mumford and Sons meet dance hall music but it worked. His vocal was nearly perfect only at the very end did it slip a little only because he didn’t hit the big end note as I felt the performance deserved instead I feel like he chickened out and hit a weakish end not. Can we take a moment and mention how cool he looked when the music kicked in and he threw his arms out to the side leaned his head back and struck a pose like a boss. I rewatched that moment over and over again like I thought i’d get a prize. And then he’d do this neat sideways moonwalk move only problem was they’d either switch to Roan geeking out/getting excited or do a wide shot of the stage/crowd. I’m like umm we’re missing some coolness here go back go back.

    Oh and finally let’s not forget to mention how good he looked in those pants, b/c the boy looked darn good.

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    Taylor did look particularly attractive this week.

  • Listening

    Your welcome. I think that week they just decided to give everyone a standing O. Just because.

  • Blirel

    hey got any plans for the next 4 days lets talk on the voice and the x factor usa plz

  • Blirel

    dami was bad this week and taylor was fantastic and so was third degree and jiordan

  • Blirel

    i think we can’t stop would be fantastic

  • Listening

    Finally Third Degree what a great comeback from last week. I loved it. I’ve been rewatching constantly like anytime I sit down at the computer. LOL But then they’re my favorite and i’ve done that w/ almost all of their performances b/c I thought they were great. The only one’s I don’t rewatch b/c they make me cringe are I Love The Way You Lie and Smooth Criminal. Those are the only time I feel they’ve messed up. I’m

    so happy by their redemption this time. I’d like to think that a great performance plus their fans desperation not to let them slip into the bottom again will keep them out.

  • Listening

    I’ll try. Some of this stuff I record and watch later. And sometimes i’m just so bored w/ a contestant I don’t even comment. Oh and it’s possible I might be going out of town so i’ll miss everything, not sure.

  • Listening

    I really don’t know who’ll be in the bottom 2. I believe everyone’s level was raised this week. I think Jai is the worst of the bunch but he seems to
    be beloved by the public. Joirdan didn’t do anything wrong vocally did
    feel a bit forced though, believe me pleeeeaaaaasssseeee i’m having so
    much fun. Omar could be in the bottom though he’s always struck me as middle of the pack and I think his time has run out. I’ll throw out Third Degree as a possibility too even though I thought they were in the top 2 this week. I only say that b/c they wound up in the bottom last week. Fingers crossed they’re not though.

  • Blirel

    same here i record and watch later also i have a question do u watch ai

  • Blirel

    where did u get that cool pic

  • Listening

    I like watch every singing competition. It’s like a sicknes,LOL. American Idol is my favorite in regards to talent. I followed a lot of past idols post idol journeys. Not so much for the last 2 seasons though. I’m just vaguely aware of what Phillip Phillips has done. Though he was one of my favorites. I know he’s been very successful though, so good for him.

  • steve2013

    even though he deserves to be there id be amazed if Jai is B2 & person you ranked 1st in Omar is the most likely boy to be B2 if there is a boy in there IMO

  • Listening

    I have a pic? Is it that sideways G. I’m like barely functional on the computer I barely managed to register,LOL. I haven’t done anything w/ the settings so I guess that must be the default pic.

  • Shae

    I pretty much agree with you on everything this week. I thought this was by far Dami’s worst performance, it was just shaky and screechy all the way through (and she has given some amazing performances, so nothing against her in particular). Third D3gree did very well with that song, but I don’t think it let them to be as good as they can be. Jai is a problem for me. I think he’s great for a 14 year old, but I don’t know that a CD with his voice on it is what the world needs just about now. Jiordan makes me miss Bella, Omar is great but I thought the song wasn’t very challenging for him, it was exactly in his comfort zone, while I really enjoyed Taylor because in theory it should have been quite outside his comfort zone, and he did such a great job with it. I still think Dami is going to win this, and I can’t say she doesn’t deserve to, BUT: while I can imagine how the records of Third D3gree, Taylor and Omar will sound like, I have no clue what her CD will be like…

  • Alex Sivixay

    I think the results will be like this:

    1.Dami Im
    2.Taylor Henderson
    3.Jai Waetford
    5.Jiordan Tolli
    6.Omar Dean

  • Iav123

    Omar and either Jiordan or Jai will be the B2 this week..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    For me, the second part that you guys are saying that was off, was actually my favorite part, cause thats where she infused Dami on the song, and as far my knowledge on music goes, she killed those notes, specially that falsetto. Maybe it wasnt as clean as you guys like, but she wasnt off. Same goes with Taylor, really like when he goes for the growl. Dont want pretty singing on this song, I want edge.

  • chili1000

    Great show this week. I literally enjoyed every performance. I think this top six is evenly matched with respect to talent so it really does come down to personal preference. My personal favorites this week were 3rd D3gree and Jiordan Tolli.

  • bostonred

    I agree with your bottom 2. I wrote last week that Dami sang a great song well, and that it was a bit boring. Tonight she tried not to be boring. The results were not very good.
    I would have Taylor number one.
    Thanks for this terrific blog. Unfortunately, I am from the states and are subjected to Simon’s ego factor, where we take people with emotional background stories, that can readily manipulate viewers and hope they hit an occasional note.
    Keep up the good work!


  • Atz

    Just reading your post it appears that you’ve already made up your mind about Dami even before she has sung. I think you greatly underestimate what Dami has done. Her performances have been brilliant, consistent and mesmerising IMO. If social media is any indication Dami has won X factor already. Dami has gigantic support not just because of her singing but because she connects with the audience (obviously not with you). Dami sings better than any of her competitors (light years ahead) and connects better with the audience (social media indicates a country mile) than any other competitor, that to me indicates that Dami is a true artist that can sell records.

  • crackinthewall

    It looks like you were right. Jiordan and Omar were in the bottom two with Omar saying bye bye.

  • crackinthewall

    Hopefully the Top 3 will be Dami, Jiordan and 3D. I’m just so sad Jiordan got Redfoo as a mentor because she has so much more to give. She’s this year’s Bella Ferraro and I can see her doing well after the X Factor. It seems like even Nat would have been a better mentor than Foo.

  • Shae

    Well, to be fair, none of those shows – The Voice included, is just about the voice. Even in The Voice, once the blind auditions are over, all the other elements kick into place, about image, charisma, star quality, and of course stories and connection with the audience. I am always surprised that people seem to be expecting the best voice to win. Of course I enjoy great singers, but to actually succeed in the music business it’s a combination of many things and it’s not just about being vocally great (and there are great great artists out there who are not the best vocalists anyway). Of course, not every one who wins an Idol show can be a music star – the things that make people pick up the phone and vote are not the same things that make people buy someone’s track once the show is over. So for me – and you’ve done it as well – it’s really about trying to imagine what would the contestants do in their career once the show is over and will I buy it… if you gave Jordin as an example, it wasn’t just because of story arc/momentum, she just came across as more of a star than the other two.

    Back to the topic: I LOVE Jiordan’s voice, but it has been my problem all season long – it seems like she never performs to her potential. It always feels like she can do much better. I suspect that if she gets to do her own material it will be exactly what will happen.

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    it’s sad to think that even Natalie is a better mentor than Redfoo, but it is true

  • http://twitter.com/edwardgiordano edwardgiordano

    I admit I have biases for 100% sure. I wish Dami resonated with me outside the territory of a very competent, pretty vocalist. I never feel any pain, I never sense any struggle in her performances. She is as fantastic as vocalist as can be. But in mind it isn’t about being perfect all the time. There are times to be on key, and times to let the emotion shine through. And for me, just me, not saying you, I never feel like they ever really do. I can be wrong, obviously. When she wins, I hope she has a long career, truly. Anyone who wins deserves the support of the fans that got them there.

  • crackinthewall

    She did ask Bella to sing Dreams last year. Maybe she’s just there to sabotage her own acts. :p