X Factor Australia 4 – Week 9

It’s the semi-finals, and someone. Will. Win. A new Nissan Dualis and a bunch of other stuff, including a pretty nice contract, but a free car, that’s always a good thing.  Even if your music career doesn’t exactly blow up.



Jason Owen is the only contestant to make it to the final four without once being in the bottom two.  This should bode well for both him and Mel.  Mel is clearly trying to set Jason up for country/rock/pop crossover success with both of these song selections.  Jason tackled the songs competently, nothing amazing, nothing out of this world, but it delivered both of them with the consistency of a seasoned performer.  There was a time that I thought Jason would just be in the top 3 with no real shot of winning, but now that we are here.  I definitely feel like he has what it takes to take home that Nissan.  He is by far the most consistent performer.  I wish he would stretch himself a bit more, but for the type of music that I see him making there is little need for him to do that, so just stay in your lane Jason!



Heartless was the performance that changed the game.  Scream and UFO were awesome, but Heartless took Samantha Jade from bottom 2 contestant back in the top 12 to a real freaking contender to take home that Dualis.  She delivered that Heartless with all the swag and presence of a real artist.  Like it was freaking written for her.  Where Have You Been is good, but I feel like the song kind of stayed pretty flat, but that being said, Heartless was Samantha’s equivalent of I (Who Have Nothing).  The shocking thing for me is that Samantha has a real chance to win.  She just didn’t fall into the finals, she really could win.



Bella Ferraro tries to foray into something a bit more ‘fun’ with Bulletproof this week.  This was probably Bella at her most commercial.  She sounded good, but this song melodically doesn’t really go anywhere.  She ‘danced’ just fine and with way more commitment than she ever brought to Big Yellow Taxi.  As Mel B said in the judging panel Bella’s voice is just better than that.  When it comes to Last Day On Earth, it was interesting and made me look up the original, but Bella’s take didn’t move me, not the way her Skinny Love did or even the way her Sweet Disposition did.  I know it was a long shot, but I really did want Bella to win for whatever reason.  I bet her recorded would truly be heaven, with a little help from post production of course.  I look forward to whatever she does in the future.



From the top to the bottom two twice in a row.  What happened to The Collective?  They were so awesome, but for the past three or four weeks, they just haven’t delivered like they did in the beginning.  I guess the magic is starting to fade.  They sound good, their harmonies are strong, but it just doesn’t feel special.  They clearly get along off stage, but maybe it is a lack of onstage chemistry that isn’t allowing for them to truly connect with us at home.  The fun just seems so forced even on Yeah 3x.  They body gyrations and energy just feel so inauthentic and I guess that is really where the disconnect is with me.  If they are bored of their shtick already how are they expecting to win this competition or make a career out of this for real?  I wish them luck, hope they can pull out an underdog(?) victory.

Bottom Two




I am glad the judge’s went to deadlock and allowed the public to make the decision.  At this stage of the competition it is really the only fair thing to do.  That being said I wasn’t surprised by either of the bottom two, Samantha killed everybody and Jason was better than Bella or The Collective.  So this is how it was gonna go down.  At this point I hope Samantha Jade wins, she would the first contestant that I know that was in the bottom two week 1 and went to go win the whole thing.  Both Samantha and Jason showed so much growth on this show, but The Collective changed but it reverse.  It feels like they are bored themselves.  So what do you expect from the audience?  Thanks so much for reading!  Next week someone.  Will.  Win.

  • kirble

    I never thought I’d say it, but I’m rooting for Samantha Jade. At the beginning, I didn’t get her, but she has really worked hard throughout the competition and has been pretty impeccable. Once the Kylie comparisons were made, I understood where she fits in pop-wise. With some decent songwriting and good production, she could be pretty successful (within an Australian, perhaps UK market).

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Samantha Jade’s Heartless is one of the best i have seen across ALL singing competitions. EVER!

  • Lovesyesha

    Samantha is truly amazing. She is polished, effortless, seasoned, professional performer who can perform and sing anything. Heartless was STUNNING! The best version of that song I have ever heard (sorry Kris and Dia fans, but neither of them sang their interesting arrangements pitch perfect and Samantha did). I believe she does have commercial appeal, and if put on an awards show such as VMA’s or Grammy’s she, unlike the other two acts left, would make people take notice. So happy she is finally getting recognized late in the game. She is LIGHT YEARS ahead of anyone of X factor USA or UK, and she truly deserves to win.

    On the others, I wished Bella had made the final, because she had a gorgeous tone and while she didn’t quite know how to use her voice yet, had amazing potential. Jason is simply average (if he wins it would be a downer), and the Collective are an average boyband (although the do sing much better than 1D, I’ll give them that. Anyways, Sami for the win!

  • sjames08

    LOVE Samantha Jade. I looked more of her videos up and her Run To You by Whitney Houston is exactly what we needed in DIVAS week. She’s just of different caliber from the US contestants.

  • girlygirltoo

    I liked Samantha Jade but I thought she lost her pitch a bit when she went into her upper register near the end of Heartless. And I still prefer Kris’ performance of this song, but that’s just personal preference. :)

    Jason is very meh. He sings ok and isn’t bad looking, but there’s nothing interesting or unique about him.

  • girlygirltoo

    I liked Samantha Jade but I thought she lost her pitch a bit when she went into her upper register near the end of Heartless. And I still prefer Kris’ performance of this song, but that’s just personal preference. :)

    Jason is very meh. He sings ok and isn’t bad looking, but there’s nothing interesting or unique about him.

  • hcpoirot

    Samantha will not win even if she can sing circle around Jason. Jason had not been in bottom 2 even once. Meanwhile Samantha and The Collective had been there few times.

    Unless his fans forget to votes for him in the finale, he will win  and X factor will had their third male winners in a row.

  • http://MJO judes

    Jason is getting the country vote -not because he is the best but simply because he’s a homegrown boy from a town of 12. I like his personality but his voice is very ordinary. 
    I thought Samantha & The Collective won the performances hands down on Monday. I am sure Guy got inspiration from seeing Kris do Heartless on Idol which was a game changer & this seems to have been for Sam now as well. 
    Bella was by far the worst on Monday & she’s got where she wanted to so everyone’s happy.
    To me it should be between The Collective & Sam but I fear the country vote will push Jason to win which after such a strong season of X factor ,would be a disappointment.
    I’m looking forward to seeing The Fourtunate & Nathaniel etc on the Finale.