X Factor Around The World – Melanie Amaro – VIDEO

X Factor Around The World aired on live television in Indonesia today. Alums, including Melanie Amaro from XFactorUS and Jahmene Douglas from UK, performed. Paula Abdul (USA), Anggun (Indonesia), Daniel Bedingfield (New Zealand), Ahmad Dhani (Indonesia) and Louis Walsh (UK) sat on the panel of judges.

Weirdly, despite the judging, the competition was purely a performance showcase. There was no voting and no winner was announced. It was simply a special to celebrate the 24th anniversary of television network, RCTI.

Click for the X Factor Around the World You Tube Channel

Here’s Melanie Amaro performing her single “Long Distance.” Louis told her to move to the UK. Who knows, she may have better luck as a singer across the pond than she did in the US.

Long Distance

Melanie teamed up with X Factor Indonesia winner, Fatin to sing “The Worlds Greatest”

X Factor UK runner-up, Jahmene Douglas, performed “Titanium”

Jahmene sang “Halo” with Novita Dewi, Runner Up X Factor Indonesia

Here is the boyband, The Collective, from X Factor Australia, singing “Surrender”

And the winner of X Factor Australia 4, Samantha Jade, singing “What You’ve Done to Me”

There are more performances, including from Daniel Bedingfield at the You Tube channel I linked above.

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  • MyDailyComment

    She’s alive!

  • lollypop12

    Watching Melanie’s video, it almost seems as if she’s in denial about her situation and pretending to be happy about it. Poor girl.

  • Henrique Mendes

    I’ve never heard of fatin but i loved her voice! And she is gorgeous!

  • Henrique Mendes

    she might not be miserable? I hope she is not! There’s a lot of good things in her life, like the love from her family‚ and she is still young. You though she would go up there and cry about her “situation”?

  • lollypop12

    But she hasn’t got a career and was screwed over. If I were her, then I’d take some sort of legal action citing career damage.

  • Henrique Mendes

    I was making the point that because she is happy it doesn’t mean she is in denial. I am glad that she seems happy

  • wordnerdarchie

    Jahmene & Novita on Halo – They should record some duets. That worked very well.

  • Bluebeat

    My goodness, Ms. MJ. Daniel Bedingfield is from the New Zealand version. Not Australian! Please correct that mistake from the article :-P

  • jdanton2

    Melanie got $5 Million so i guess she would not be able to sue them without giving up the money . she did say after one of the performances she was working on an album so she might still get one.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Her level of screwed-over-ness is not wildly unusual in the music industry — to the point that it was probably openly allowed by her contract.

    Lots of newbie artists release singles that go nowhere, then are dropped by their labels without making an album. We mostly don’t hear about them because their singles flop; I discovered how many there are by looking at FMQB’s archives of CHR add dates.

    Amaro has justifications to be frustrated with the music industry and to want to smack quite a lot of people with shoes (LA Reid being at the top of the list), but she probably has seen some of the $5 million award, which is more than others in her position have gotten.

  • MyDailyComment

    Wait, she is on stage performing. That is not the time to look sad..

  • Bluebeat

    Agreed, but I did watch one of her live stream charts following the rumors and she was crying. I think she’s already gotten over it the situation. SYCO probably signed her to a new label. Don’t worry, she’s still got a manger by her side even if she’s no longer signed. Everything will work out for her eventually :)

  • elliegrll

    She’s doing the same thing that the majority of X Factor, AI and Voice alums are doing. They aren’t making records or selling records, but they do get a lot of gigs that pay well. Their are still some businesses that will give them a nice check just because they were on television.

  • czt

    So great to see Paula again. Wish it were her and not Jlo coming back to idol!

  • Ari

    Glad Melanie is alive… I dont think Long Distance is a bad song. It was never promoted exceptwhen she performed it on XF. I sstill wish she’d get a second chance. For all Fix saying it’s important tonnage a success, The Voice should get her to audition. LOL. (just jokin) she has a nice voice and dont see why she couldn’t be success ful She does seem tohave ggained weight back… She also list the Virgin accent again. Paula said she hopes Melanie is enjoying her career & she responded yes. What career? I thought she was in witness protection and not even doing the bar mitzvah circuit

  • Erlie

    Love watching Fatin Shidqia last year on X Factor Indonesia. She is a talented young singer with a nice personality. Always smiling. Love that about her. More power to her if she win this new contest.

  • Bizmu

    As an Indonesian, almost throughout the show I was cringing. I could understand Ahmad Dhani not knowing how to speak English well, but Anggun surprised me with her not so fluent English, especially since there was so much buzz about her going international, years ago when she was still relevant. I couldn’t watch the show without suffering from second-hand embarrassment. I know I would have been a nervous wreck if I were to be one of the judges, but I’m not a professional and they are. Maybe that’s how you guys living in UK, US, etc feel about your respective shows?

  • Ari

    That duet with Melanie and the Indonesian winner wasnt great , and Mel’s dress wasnt flattering. I love Jahmene but wish they would have let him release an album with originals. Doing a first album of covers is al et down although I hear it sold well in the UK

  • Ari

    Well if she really is getting the $1 million a year for 5 years then she could be happy. Maybe shes got something going on that we dont’ know. I just was glad to see she was living and breathing. I still think she has a nice voice and dont understand what happened. Since shes out there, I want someone to interview her unless shes under a gag from XF. I like the Long Distance song. It just seems strange to me that the winner of XFactor wouldnt release an album. IT seems there was a lot of mismanagement and then not releasing an album quickly and then someone just gave up

  • Ari

    it does make you miss Paula.

  • catlover84

    I have to say, Melanie has a really great voice, but I didn’t hear a lot of comments about her. After watching this show, many Indonesians immediately fell in love with Jahmene (including me) and also Samantha Jade, even The Collective (duh, boybands like 1D are popular here), but few people even mentioned Melanie. Maybe there’s something about her that just doesn’t connect with the people here?

  • catlover84

    For me, Anggun’s English was fine, it’s quite good actually. She does live and have a career in France. I don’t think she uses a lot of English there. Also, she’s STILL relevant, especially after The X Factor. Her album is still one of the best selling albums I think.

  • Face

    IMO he can’t be described as selling well… compared to other X Factor winners and runners up who have released albums I believe he is amongst the lowest sellers…
    his debut week sales at 18k but him at 39th on the 1st week sales of UK X factor album sales… below albums considered flops like Marcus Collins debut and Shayne Wards 2010 release… and he has subsequently sold only 33k in total…
    although he did get to number 1… but he did have the lowest selling No 1 album in the UK in last year…

  • Axxxel

    why not having a translator for Ahmad Dhani ? Or don’t they want to hear his harsh comments ?

  • Five Skies

    The most humiliating show I’ve ever seen.

    A parade of dropped artists being subjected to the judgement of fired or unsuccessful judges. For no reason.

  • Axxxel

    Not everything has to be a competition… some people just want to come together and party… and I think dropped artists and judges will be gentler on the budget of the organizers of this local TV network’s birthday bash… And the artists and judges can still chase their bittersweet taste away with a visit to “nearby” Bali. LOL…

  • jennyl2

    My mouth fell open on Titanium too! If Jehmane has an album. I’m buying it now. I need to check iTunes now. Lol! Its’s great to see Melanie. I hope she’s doesn’t give up and continue to look for opportunities in this industry.

  • Johnny

    ITA. Most of these people can support themselves by being a musician for the rest of their life just by playing gigs. There’s always a cocktail bar, casino, cruise boats, fair that will book them

  • Bizmu

    Is she? I don’t really follow the Indonesian music scene, I have never heard her songs got played on the radio here, so I just assumed.

    Anyway, her enunciation might be fine but she seems to struggle to find the right words to say, which is not the case when she’s commenting in Indonesian.

  • Bizmu

    I’m not really sure, maybe the producers offered a translator to him but he declined to have one.

    I’ve heard people say that Dhani is pretty arrogant. If the producer offered one to Dhani then they must have offered one to Anggun too, and without a doubt Anggun would have declined. And there’s no way Dhani would want to be seen as the only Indonesian judge to have a translator translating words for him. Which turns out worse for him.

  • http://aquayers.blogspot.com aquayers

    I cringed way too much last night. Although I must say,I think Anggun’s English is very good. I think her English is better than all of Indonesia’s artist that I know,and she held her own amidst all the international judges around her. Ahmad Dhani on the other hand looks like a clown.

  • hcpoirot

    This is a nice concept. Gathering together X Factor alumni for a celebration of RCTI station. Nobody win or lose.

    That cannot be said to Idol World Stars so many years ago where Kelly Clarkson lost to Norwegian Idol winner. Based on all over the world viewers votes. Yikes!

    At that time Kelly already had super successful first album out and sell like crazy. But her perfomance not her best at that time.

    At least Melanie and others didnot had to suffer that lost.