The X-Factor 3- Top 10 Power List

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Clearly I have no idea what the public is voting on, as three acts I thought were doing really well (Khaya Cohen, Sweet Suspense, and Rachel Potter) were the bottom, with two of them going home. For all we know, Tim Olstad is leading the votes. If he wins, there will be no X-Factor 4. You can bet on that.

1) Alex and Sierra
I’m sticking to my guns with this duo. I think they’re the only act that has clearly defined who they are as artists, and even rearranges songs so we’re not getting the same old schtick week in and week out. Even if they aren’t your thing, you still have to appreciate that they’re attacking this from a different angle than all the other competitors. They’re not here to sing karaoke, they’re here to define themselves for the recording industry.

2) Josh Levi
Straight Up turned out to be a brilliant performance. Honestly, he’s been in my Top 3 every time since he’s returned from elimination. Initially, I didn’t think any of the boys could be in the finale. I’m starting to see Josh Levi as a real contender.

3) Tim Olstad
WAIT WHAT? No, wait, here me out. The thing about Tim is that he has the “kicked puppy” effect, where everyone feels like he’s about to go home, and they see his sad face, and they vote for him. How else do you explain Sarah Hyland in the audience, who was visibly angry at the comments being thrown Tim’s way? He survived Against All Odds, with a bizarre writhing dancer on the floor. He didn’t just survive… he wasn’t even in the bottom 3. As long as Tim continues to be the whipping boy, people will continue to pity vote him to safety. The week he finally does well, and breaks through, will be the week he goes home.

4) Ellona Santiago
If Khaya hit the bottom, you have to assume Ellona is the strongest female in terms of votes. I mean… it can’t possibly be Rion, can it? Who is voting for her? Anyway, Ellona packs some strong vocals, and apparently is hitting it off with America.

TIE: 5/6) Carlito Olivero and Restless Road
I think girls are voting for them. I think that’s why they continue to outlast their mediocre vocals. I bet if we saw a leaderboard, both would be midpack though. Because, Josh Levi is cute, and he’s doing the right songs. Alex is cute, and can sing. So… why vote for the acts that can’t choose appropriate material and can’t sing?

7) Lillie McCloud
Yes, she can sing her face off. Truth. She has a heck of an uphill battle ahead of her. Look back on each season of every singing competition ever. It’s not always the technically best singer that wins. It’s usually the one with the most unique sound, or stage presence, or most commercially viable. Jennifer Hudson didn’t win her season. On The Voice, Danielle Bradbury defeated a slew of vocalists way more talented than her, because she’s commerically viable and they weren’t. Lillie has to prove that she’s commercially viable… fast… or she’s toast.

8) Khaya Cohen
I want to rank her higher, but as the lone survivor of the bottom 3, I have to say she’s clearly not connecting like she should be. I can’t see a world where Khaya is bottom 3 again this week. There was so much outrage at that bottom 3, that Khaya’s fans should pull her to safety.

9) Jeff Gutt
They just did 80′s week, and he just sang at the end of the show. He’ll sing first, and it’ll likely be a theme that doesn’t suit him as well. I’m predicting problems this week for Jeff. I also don’t think he’s a viable current recording artist. I don’t think there’s anyway he can prove that either, because he’d probably be better off with a band.

10) Rion Paige
Inexplicably survived last week. The difference between her and Tim Olstad is that the judges aren’t giving her negative feedback, so when she turns in a sub-par performance, she gets what I would call “luke warm” feedback. “Not your best” type stuff. No one will ever run this child over the coals, so to speak. Which could be a problem, because her fanbase will never trigger “SAVE HER!” like Tim’s fanbase is being prompted to do every night of their life. Tim and Rion are the weakest left, but Rion’s problem is that the judges don’t treat her like an act in a singing competition. They treat her like a courageous child who dares to dream. And for that, she might be going home.

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  • guest

    Boys boys boys are rooting for ellona. I saw one interview they asked some boys and all they have to say is ellona is their favorite and there reasons are she’s pretty and can both sing nd dance and ellona has a huge fanbase so no i doubt about it.

  • vd88

    I agree wholeheartedly with these rankings. It kills me that Tim is that high, he’s so incredibly boring, he’s so non X Factor which means he’s going to win this show.

  • Garrett Clayman

    do any boys watch this show?

  • carola99

    Man.. I understand your ratings but I really really hope Tim doesn´t last all the way to top 3. I mean really? Do we have to endure the boring and dull performances for so long? Pls no..

  • guest

    Just saw one of the interviews from the audience after the show..

  • catlover84

    I agree with the list (except I hope Tim will not last that long). I thought Restless Road was gonna be the one. I kinda like the idea of putting them together. It’s different, it’s new. But they turned out to be mediocre, performance-wise, and Simon still can’t pick the right song for them.

    My other pick was Alex & Sierra because they are also different and rare in the industry. The difference is, they know who they are musically, and already have a distinctive style. They’re also pretty good singers. They’ve proved it by giving solid performances every week so far. They’re likable too, although the lovey-dovey acts can annoy some people, but teens love seeing them in love. So yeah, they’re the strongest contender right now.

    Then again, I still don’t get X-Factor voters too. Last season I would’ve never guessed that Tate and Carly Rose were the top 2 if they hadn’t showed the ranking. I thought Tate was gonna be near the bottom lol.

  • ellen8

    I agree with most of the predictions but I would move Rion to #2. Rion is the female “Tim” (if he gets votes for the whipped puppy image), Rion will gain votes for a different but similar reason.

    (I can’t remember Josh Levi !! Off to look him up !!)

  • damo

    I thought that this will be the last season of this show. It is really getting great ratings (not).

    Since they did not show the order of the vote last week, It is obvious that the worst singers are leading the vote. I would not be surprised if Carlito, Tim, and Rion are the top 3.

  • Guest

    Rion and Jeff won’t be going home. Rion’s got the Mom vote and Jeff’s got the older guy/Dads vote. Khaya has no demographic voting for her. She’s from Manhattan, NY where no one cares that she’s there unlike the contestants from smaller towns, and all the young girls her age are voting for Restless Road or A&S. Carlito has the hispanic vote, Ellona filipino, etc. etc… My money is on Khaya going home as well as Tim who will split the votes with Rion (the Mom’s vote who feel bad) and go home.

  • Guest

    Also the theme doesn’t suit Jeff well?? The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? Black Sabbath? So many British rock bands

  • chili1000

    Poor Tim gets no love. I actually don’t think he’s that bad. If I voted, I wouldn’t vote for him (probably Alex and Sierra or Khaya), but I can see why a lot of people would vote for him. He’s a nice guy, he’s a good singer, and he has the “balladeer” niche all to himself. Some might see him as a nice alternative to the chaos that takes place on stage for other performances.

  • Rand

    Haha I was about to ask the same thing. I know gay boys watch for sure, maybe they like her because she’s fierce.

  • Guest

    He belongs on American Idol or The Voice. Why he chose The X Factor is beyond me. He is the exact opposite of the X factor.

  • Guest

    I would LMAO so hard though if he wins. It would be Simon’s total worst nigthmare.

  • Eric Ascher

    I watch, and I like her not because she’s fierce but because I think she is one of the most talented.

  • Eric Ascher

    My list is as follows
    1) Alex & Sierra
    2) Restless Road
    3) Josh Levi
    4) Ellona Santiago
    5) Lillie McCloud
    6) Rion Page
    7) Carlito Olivero
    8) Khaya Cohen
    9) Jeff Gutt
    10) Tim Olstad

    I tried to be as realistic as possible. I can’t see a finale without Restless Road and I can’t see one with Tim Olstad either.

  • Eric Ascher

    I honestly don’t think he will win. Maybe that’s just me trying to be optimistic though.

  • macfae

    I would like to see Alex and Sierra win. And I think they just might do it.

    I hope 3 bow out earlier than you predict…….
    they range from mediocre ( Carlito ) to boring ( Tim ) to bad. ( RR )
    I’m not surprised that Rion has lasted this long but I think she should have gone home last week, or before.

  • janeeyre

    I’d switch Jeff Gutt with Tim. Wouldn’t underestimate the power of a WGWG. Also, isn’t it British invasion week? If he sings “Let it Be” Gutt will kill it (a video of him singing it is on youtube).

  • tomr

    Wasn’t going to watch tonight but changed my mind once I saw that some of Simon’s “annoited ones” were eliminated:) Actually, Alex and Sierra, Tim, and Jeff are the only ones that I like. Perhaps if Tim came out with blue hair Demi would think that he would have the “X Factor.” This is the worst judges/coaches/mentors panel ever! Looking forward to the return of AGT since those judges will all be back.